Wrestling Reviews #1: By Promotion

DVD and Show Reviews (By Promotion)

1 Pro Wrestling (Great Britain)

All Japan Pro Wrestling (Japan)

American Wrestling Association (USA)

American Wrestling Association UK (Great Britain)

Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (Mexico)
The Best of AAA 2007 Volume 1
Ballpark Brawl (USA)
III: Canadian Carnage
Chikara (USA)

Combat Zone Wrestling (USA)
An Afternoon of Main Events

Dangerous Women of Wrestling (USA)

Extreme Championship Wrestling (USA)
Barely Legal '97
Force Francophone Du Catch (France)
Controverse Dans La Ville Rose

Frontier Wrestling Alliance (Great Britain)
@ London MCM Expo

Frontier Wrestling Alliance Academy (Great Britain)
Honor Academy

Fusion (USA)
GAEA (Japan)
GAEA Girls

Garage Pro Wrestling/Grand Pro Wrestling (Great Britain)

Global Wrestling Federation (USA)

Heroes of Wrestling (USA)

IGeneration Wrestling (Australia)

Insane Championship Wrestling (Great Britain)
Insane Fight Club 
Insane Fight Club II

International Pro Wrestling UK (Great Britain)

International Wrestling Association Japan (Japan)

International Wrestling Association Mid South (USA)
Irish Whip Wrestling (Ireland)

Israeli Pro Wrestling Association (Israel)

Juggalo Championship Wrestling (USA)

LDN Wrestling (Great Britain)

Major League Wrestling (USA)

Melbourne City Wrestling (Australia)
Ballroom Brawl 2015

Mid-South Wrestling/Universal Wrestling Federation (USA)
Legends of Mid-South Wrestling

Midlands Pro Wrestling (Great Britain)

National Championship Wrestling (Great Britain)

National Wrestling Alliance No Limits (USA)

National Wrestling Federation (USA)

New England Championship Wrestling (USA)
New Generation Wrestling (Great Britain)
Eternal Glory 2012
Ultimate Showdown

New Japan Pro Wrestling (Japan)
Norwegian Wrestling Federation (Norway)

Power Trip Wrestling (Great Britain)
Premier British Wrestling (Great Britain)
Breaking Limits 8

Pro Pain Pro Wrestling (USA)

Pro Wrestling NOAH (Japan)

SAS Wrestling (Great Britain)

Shimmer (USA)

Showstealer Promotions (Great Britain)
Spotland Scrappers (Great Britain)

Swiss Championship Wrestling (Switzerland)

Terry Funk's Wrestlefest (USA)

Total Brutality Wrestling (Great Britain)
Total Non-Stop Action (USA)

United States Wrestling Association (USA)

Valhalla Pro Wrestling (Finland)

Women Superstars Uncensored (USA)

World of Sport (Great Britain)

World Women's Wrestling (USA)

World Wrestling Entertainment (USA)
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