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Some of you may have heard there's a new film about professional wrestling out at the moment. "Fighting With My Family", produced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and written and directed by Stephen Merchant tells the story of WWE Superstar Paige and her family, the Knight Dynasty.

From December 2001 until November 2005 I worked for Paddy Bevis and Julia Hamer, aka "Rowdy" Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya, helping them promote their company, the World Association of Wrestling, online. This was way, way before social media was the in-thing, and by running their website and promoting their work via my syndicated Two Sheds Review column I was able to get the company and it's wrestlers attention worldwide.

This was the first time WAW had recieved any real attention online. There had been a couple of websites kicking around, but nothing that really grabbed the attention. Although they had drawn a crowd of 2000 fans for their first Fightmare show in April 2001 the growing Internet Wrestling Community paid very little attention to them.

That all changed after I came on board, At the time my reviews and articles were syndicated to over twenty online outlets. I conducted some research around 2002-03 and found out that my combined monthly readership from all of these outlets added up to over half a million views per month, which meant that WAW and it's wrestlers were getting so much exposure via my reviews that interest in the company was spreading all the time, and although Ricky never actually told me himself he often confided in others in the wrestling business, telling them how WAW's profile had risen dramatically after I came on board.

I left the company in November 2005, mainly because I wanted a full-time job, and working for WAW didn't even cover my travelling expenses at times. I reviewed a few more DVDs after I left, but my increasingly-poor relationship with the company meant that in 2011, shortly before my 40th birthday, I decided to remove almost all of the WAW-related content from my blog. (You can read why I did this by clicking here.)

A few weeks ago, almost eight years after I made that decision, I thought f**k it, why not jump on the bandwagon? You see, after I removed all of those articles off my blog I sent most of them to Ricky, saying that he could use them on his site if he wanted to. Ricky did absolutely nothing with them, and having looked through my archive I realised just how much material was proverbially gathering dust on my memory stick, just sitting there doing nothing. After re-reading some of the pieces for the first time in years I realised just how good some of this work was, even though a lot of it was nearly twenty years old, and it was a shame that it wasn't seeing the light of day anymore.

Over the past few weeks I've been re-posting some of the pieces here on my blog, and now I've decided to give them their own page, which will hopefully make them easier to find.

The Rowdy Man and his family will never publicly acknowledge what I did for them and WAW, which I think is a great shame. I bear no ill will towards them anymore, in fact I wish them well, despite everything that's happened. WAW and the British wrestling business was a big piece of my past, a past that I openly embrace, and who knows, maybe that past will be embraced by a few others as well.

So if you're interested, scroll through the links below, and if you like something you see why not leave a little feedback.

Live Show Reviews
February 2002 - Watton/Clacton
March 2002 - Ipswich (The Wrestling Alliance)
April 2002 - Norwich
April 2002 - Hingham
May 2002 - Thetford/Lowestoft
May 2002 - Sheringham (DAM Promotions)
June 2002 - Fakenham
June 2002 - Carpe Diem (Frontier Wrestling Alliance)
June 2002 - Stowmarket (Ultimate Wrestling Alliance)
September 2002 - Holt (DAM Promotions)
October 2002 - King of the Ring Tournaments, Fakenham/Canvey Island
October 2002 - October Outrage IV 
October 2002 - Attleborough/Watton 
November 2002 - Clacton
February 2003 - Clacton 
March 2003 - Chelmsford
March 2003 - Croydon (All-Star Wrestling) 
May 2003 - Holt (DAM Promotions)  
November 2003 - Lowestoft
November 2003 - Holt (DAM Promotions)
February 2004 - Valentine Day's Massacre II
March 2004 - Hunstanton
May 2004 - Hunstanton
May 2004 - Worthing (Premier Promotions)
May 2004 - Night of Champions (DAM Promotions)
August 2004 - Great Yarmouth Weeks 1-3 
August 2004 - Great Yarmouth Weeks 4-6
August 2004 - Weybourne (DAM Promotions) 
August 2004 - Hunstanton
September 2004 - War of 2004
October 2004 - Deliverance (Future Championship Wrestling)
November 2004 - Battle of the Champions
March 2005 - Canvey Island
March 2005 - Who Dares Wins II
April 2005 - Hunstanton 
August 2005 - Great Yarmouth Week 2 
August 2005 - Great Yarmouth Week 5
October 2005 - October Outrage VII  

Documentary Reviews
Cover Story: Muscles & Mascara
Justin Lee Collins: The Wrestler

Shoot Interviews
Ricky Knight: Shut It! 
The Sour Touch from the Sweet Saraya
UK Pitbulls - FWA Academy Shoot Interview
Zebra Kid - Stiff as F**k

Other DVD Reviews Featuring WAW Talent
BRAWL Collision at Coalville
DAM Promotions Spring Showdown
FSF Queens of Chaos 
HEW The Devil's Temptation
HEW Shows 2 & 3 
HEW Forever Joe
LDN Wrestling The Showdown II 
Premier Promotions: The Best of Burchill
Premier Promotions: The Best of
Showstealer Promotions King of Europe Cup 2007 
UWA Volume 1
The Wrestling Channel: UK Round-Up

The Future of British Wrestling
The UK Pitbulls Quit WAW
Please Bring Wrestling To My Area!
WAW Diary Part 1
WAW Diary Part 2 
WAW Diary Part 3
WAW Diary Part 4
WAW Diary Part 5
WAW Diary Part 6
How Sweet is Saraya?
Canvey Island & Fakenham Show Previews 
Aspects of Professional Wrestling Part 1: The Carnival
Aspects of Professional Wrestling Part 2: The Holiday Camp
Detroit: Farewell to a Friend
What Makes a Villain? 
Wrestling & the Internet 
Sweet Saraya & the Chicken Phenomenon
WAW's Top 10 Matches of 2002 
WAW's Top 10 Wrestlers of 2002
Close Only Counts in Horse Shoes & Hand Grenades 
My Top 5 Zebra Kid Moments
Ricky Knight & Jimmy Ocean: Best Friends, Better Enemies 
From Writer to Commentator
WAW Monthly Report November 2003 
Tip for the Top: The Kraft 
WAW vs FWA: The Feud Everyone Wants to See 
The Trials & Tribulations of Getting to a Wrestling Show  
Alex Shane - The Showstealer Has Arrived
Remembering Flash Barker
Ricky Knight vs the Zebra Kid: The Road to Vendetta
WAW's Class of 2002: Where Are They Now?
All Good Things, a look at WAW's Summer Season 
WAW Past, Present & Future 
War of 2004 Preview
WAW Year in Review 2004
Top 10 Wrestlers of 2004
Top 10 Matches of 2004
Come Home Julia 
The Importance of the Internet to Professional Wrestling 

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