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The Two Sheds Review Podcast Page

EPISODE 1: Trump, Coronavirus & WWE - April 25th 2020
In this first ever episode, Julian reveals why Adolf Hitler is responsible for him being here, takes a look at Donald Trump's latest daft comments, and wonders just why World Wrestling Entertainment is continuing to operate in the midst of a global pandemic.

EPISODE 2: It's Not Garry Shandling's Show, It's Julian's! - April 30th 2020
Society has been put on hold, and we're still in lockdown mode because of the coronavirus. So isn't this the perfect time to watch a bunch of dystopian-themed films? Julian Radbourne puts forward some ideas for films to watch while we wait for the end of civilisation.

EPISODE 3: It's Not From Norwich, & It's Not The Quiz of the Week! - May 6th 2020
Julian wonders what the Star Wars Kid and the Numa Numa Guy are doing during the lockdown, as well as wondering how far we can go with our humour during the Coronavirus pandemic.

EPISODE 4: Cromer During The Coronavirus Lockdown - May 9th 2020
In his first "outside broadcast", Julian takes his weekly trip into Cromer to see how the town is getting on during lockdown, seeing how it's doing compared to "Lockdown Day", and to see if people think social distancing is a requirement or a suggestion.

EPISODE 5: Lockdown Changes & Trump's Hissy Fit - May 14th 2020

Julian looks at the easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK, Trump's latest hissy fit, and the imminent return of professional sport. 

EPISODE 6: Another Trip Into Cromer - May 21st 2020
Julian takes another trip into Cromer to see how his home town is doing after some of the lockdown restrictions were eased. Let's just say that there were some things that he wasn't too impressed with. 

EPISODE 7: Comings & Goings - May 30th 2020
Julian takes a look back at the latest events surrounding the coronavirus lockdown in the UK and wonders if it's worth reporting people for breaking the rules. He also looks at the impending return of top flight football, and considers his own job prospects now that the lockdown restrictions are being eased. 

EPISODE 8: More Trump, More Coronavirus, and a Little Bit About Music
Julian's made it to episode eight of his podcast, and this time around he takes a look at Donald Trump's latest behaviour, at the easing of lockdown restrictions in the U.K., and wonders of the coronavirus pandemic has changed his taste in music. 

EPISODE 9: Are We Easily Offended?
With statues being toppled and films and television show being deleted in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests Julian wonders if we're now easily offended, and if we couldn't learn from our past instead of trying to erase it.
(Please note that this podcast was being recorded before UKTV announced that they were restoring the offending Fawlty Towers episode to their streaming service.)

EPISODE 10: #SpeakingOut, Coronavirus & Football's Return
In this episode Julian gives his thoughts on the men and women who are #SpeakingOut against abuse in the professional wrestling business, as well as looking at how the easing of the lockdown restrictions has affected his hometown of Cromer, and the return of professional football.

EPISODE 11: Walk This Way!
Julian's back after his recent chest infection, and in this episode he checks out what the new normal is like in Cromer. He also wonders what will happen to the British wrestling business now that the U.K. Parliament has taken an interest in it.

EPISODE 12: Where Have All The Sensible People Gone?
In this edition Julian continues to make his way through this coronavirus-affected world as he wonders what's happened to all of the sensible people. Are we incapable of following a few helpful and possibly life-saving suggestions?

 *Contains strong language which some people may find offensive.*

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