Saturday, 11 July 2020

The Two Sheds Mix Tape #11: 2001 - The Year I Turned 30

The 11th part of my Mix Tape series sees us getting a bit more modern, if you can call the year 2001 modern that is.

2001 was the year I celebrated my 30th birthday, and it was also the year that I began to take an active interest in music again. I’d spent the latter part of the 1990’s not really paying attention to what was going on in the UK charts, and I only really listened to artists who’d been around the block a while. New music just didn’t interest me that much.

Then something called NuMetal crept up on me. Artists such as Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach and Slipknot began to appear on my horizon, some of them helped by appearances on WWE’s television shows, and some of them helped by almost constant appearances on Kerrang’s TV channel.

Friday, 10 July 2020

The Two Sheds Review Podcast Episode 11: Walk This Way!

Julian's back after his recent chest infection, and in this episode he checks out what the new normal is like in Cromer. He also wonders what will happen to the British wrestling business now that the U.K. Parliament has taken an interest in it.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

The Two Sheds Mix Tape #10: More Music From the Year I Was Born - Soundalike Style!

With the Mix Tape series having reached number ten it seems fitting that we once again take a look at music from the year I was born, 1971. But this time around there’s a slight difference.

You see, when the Top of the Pops television series was launched way back in 1964 the powers that be at the mighty BBC made one big mistake - they didn’t actually copyright the name. This meant that four years later Pickwick Records, on their Hallmark label, were able to launch a series of albums under the Top of the Pops names containing the hits of the day, selling them at a budget price.

Friday, 26 June 2020

It's The Twentieth Anniversary, But I Don't Feel Like Celebrating #Coronavirus #SpeakingOut

On June 19th 2000 The Two Sheds Review debuted online. This year marked it’s twentieth anniversary, but at the moment I really don’t feel like celebrating.

I could go on about everything I did from that day until I stopped reviewing wrestling shows a few years ago. There’s a lot I could mention, but going on about past achievements in this day and age just doesn’t seem right, especially with everything that’s gone on in the past few days.

#SpeakingOut hasn’t brought the professional wrestling business to it’s knees, but it’s certainly left it with life-changing injuries from which it may never recover. Men and women have spoken about being sexually, physically and emotionally abused by those in the business. Names are being thrown about left right and centre, and some of those volleys have been lobbied to some of those I used to work with, people that I myself have spoken out about in the past.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

The Two Sheds Mix Tape #9: Sport's Coming Home

Life is slowly returning to normal. Shops are re-opening, people are going back to work, and they’re even over-crowding our beaches, even though the government’s science bods have told them not to.

Sport has also returned. Golfers are doing their thing, international cricket is coming back soon, and football is on our screens every day until they’ve caught up and finished the season. So what better time is there to sit back and listen to a Mix Tape consisting of sporting-related songs?

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Football Manager 2005: The Badgers Made It to League One. Then Disaster Struck!

Some of you may remember when the coronavirus lockdown began I started playing old versions of Championship Manager, taking control of Norwich City (to mixed results) in various games before moving on to Football Manager 2005 and cheating a little, changing the game so I could manage to Soccer AM Badgers, giving them an unlimited budget and putting them in the Conference South division.

Well, my superstar big budget line-up made it from that division through to League One in consecutive seasons, winning each division by massive margins and winning a few lower division knockout trophies on the way.

Monday, 22 June 2020

#SpeakingOut Again....About The Knight Family

In 2011 I wrote a piece about the verbal and emotional abuse I went through at the hands of the Knight Family after I left WAW in 2005. The UK Fan Forum had a field day with me back then. Now there's a big thread about #SpeakingOut. Here's my reply.

You know, I wasn't going to say anything here, but screw it, I've got nothing to lose.

A few years ago I wrote about the verbal and emotional abuse I had recieved from the Knight family and their associates after I left WAW, about all of the lies and the rumours that were floating around about me back then. Nobody believed a word I said. Nobody in the business, none of the so-called friends I'd made supported me when I left and when I wrote that piece. All I got was even more abuse.

Saturday, 20 June 2020

The Two Sheds Review Podcast Episode 10: #SpeakingOut, Coronavirus & Football's Return

In this episode Julian gives his thoughts on the men and women who are #SpeakingOut against abuse in the professional wrestling business, as well as looking at how the easing of the lockdown restrictions has affected his hometown of Cromer, and the return of professional football.

The Two Sheds Mix Tape #8: Deep Purple: The Coverdale/Hughes Years

It’s the third part of the series looking back at the work of rock’s greatest ever group, and this time around we’re looking back at the period from 1974 until the band’s demise in 1976.

By 1974 singer Ian Gillan and bass player Roger Glover had left the band, to be replaced by the somewhat-unknown David Coverdale and Trapeze’s Glenn Hughes. The addition of Hughes meant that the band had two outstanding vocalists for the first time.

Speaking Out Again

I've been watching the growing #SpeakingOut movement for the past day or so. It's now reached the point where it contains both women and men, with people not just speaking about the sexual abuse they've gone through but also the physical, emotional and verbal abuse they've had to take from those in the wrestling business.

I did consider adding my own experiences to this list, but I said my piece a few years ago, and even though there were some things I could have added I think it's best to shine the light on the brave men and women who have shown the courage to speak out against their abusers.

The fact is that there are many practices in the professional wrestling business that date back decades, and while some may think it's okay to continue with these they forget that times have changed and that we've moved you. If the Black Lives Matter movement has taught us anything recently is that you can't continue to put people in the business down, no matter what job they do. It doesn't matter if it's someone coming into the business for the first time or if it's someone whose been in the business for decades, everyone should be treated with the respect they deserve.

To the people who have spoken out, once again I applaud you. Stay strong, and as the old saying goes don't let the b*****ds grind you down.