Saturday 20 April 2024

I've Finally Heard Back From The Hospital

Week 36, and as I'd heard nothing from the hospital for weeks I decided to give them a call, but every time I called all I got was the dreaded recorded message.

I tried again every day for a few days hoping that I'd finally speak to a person, but after continually getting the message I left a message of my own, politely commenting that the message said CT scans took five weeks to come in and that I had been waiting nearly eight weeks for mine.

Friday 19 April 2024

Six Years Without Snowy

Six years ago today the wee hairy beastie Snowy was reunited with his best friend Dexter when he passed away at the ripe old age of 17.

If it wasn't for those two I wouldn't be here today. Their unconditional love helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life.

His last few years were a fine example of the mind being willing but the body being unable, but he was helped along by a young pup called Monty and his tabby cat sister Frodo.

Thursday 4 April 2024

When Dad Played For Cromer Town

A little story for you.

Way back before I was born my Dad William Radbourne played for Cromer Town after he moved here from Solihull in the Midlands after the war. He didn't talk much about his time there, so I have no idea what position he played, or if there are any records of his exploits.

Thursday 14 March 2024

Bye Bye Morphine

This is an example of how bad things are for me.

There were times when I really needed some of this stuff when I was in hospital, mainly after the first chest drain and after the operation. Paracetamol alone just wasn't enough.

They gave me this when I was discharged. It's been sitting on the shelf since then. I haven't needed it, and even if I did I'd probably never take it.

Monday 11 March 2024

Bye Bye Morrisons


You probably saw that I was at Morrisons this morning for a capability meeting. This was to determine if and when I could return to work.

Given my ongoing health problems, and with no end in sight at the moment, the decision was made to terminate my contract and end my employment.

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Week 28


I'm now in week 28 of the current situation I find myself in. Over six months consisting of procedures, operations, countless needles, loads of drugs, partially-collapsed lungs, heart problems and much, much more. 

And as the situation continues perhaps the most painful thing is that I still haven't heard from certain people asking how I am.

I guess they really can't put any differences to one side.

Rest in Peace Alan

Tomorrow morning at 11am the funeral of my neighbour Alan Shaw will take place at the Cromer Crematorium.

Alan was one of those people who I knew for as long as I can remember. He worked with my Dad on the bins, and I worked with him for a short time at the newsagents on Mill Road before it closed down.

He may have been an annoying so and so at times, but he always asked me how I was whenever I walked past his house. He also always asked my brother Paul how I was when I was in hospital a few months ago, at a time that his own health was failing him.

Sadly my CT scan at the hospital tomorrow morning means that I won't be able to attend his funeral. It's the third funeral I haven't been able to attend because of my health problems.

Rest in peace Alan.

Friday 26 January 2024

All the Best, Herr Klopp

I'm not a Liverpool fan, but I freely admit I'm saddened by the news that J├╝rgen Klopp is leaving at the end of the season.

I'm going to miss seeing him on my television every week. He always comes across as a nice and genuine guy, and in a sport filled with overinflated egos that's great to see.

So from the heart of a football fan, all the best Mr. Klopp. The English game will be poorer without you.

Sunday 31 December 2023

My Last Post of the Year

My final post of the year sees the new year spirit evading me as much as the Christmas spirit did.

The pain and scars on my right-hand side and the feeling of numbness on the right-hand side of my chest are a constant reminder of how seriously ill I was and how I still have a long way to go.

The support of friends, family and co-workers has been invaluable, and once again I thank each and every one of you for taking the time out of your lives to reply to my posts or to message me directly.

Happy New Year!

Maybe I Should Tell a Few Old Wrestling Stories

Seeing that a former friend has posted some of my old photos on their page reminded me that it was 18 years ago today that I officially quit the wrestling business.

After I quit I wrote a manuscript documenting my time there. There were a few people in the business interested in seeing what unsavoury things I'd written about, but in the end I deleted it and it never saw the light of day.