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What is "Civil War"? (Originally written January 25th, 1996)

      You are holding in your hand Book One of the saga that is known as “Civil War”, although the war doesn’t actually start until Book Two...

Fiction - Anglo-Force/Valkyrie Chronicles Crossovers

This is the page where you'll find the stories that span the centuries as it were, the Anglo-Force/Valkyrie Chronicles crossover page. Sometimes they meet, sometimes they don't!

Just before the fall of Skynet the Machines try to send two T1000 droids back in time to kill James Watt. Skynet's destruction sends one back forty years, and one forward over three hundred years.
(This story takes place between the Anglo-Force stories "The Formation & the Return of Saruman" and "Enter Gandalf's Guardians", and the Valkyrie Chronicles stories "The Jurassic Incident" and "The Search for Magus".)

Imperial forces under the command of Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin make an incursion into the Alpha Quadrant through the Bajoran wormhole. Having taken control of station Deep Space Nine they attempt to bring their most powerful weapon across the galaxy. (Author's note: this is a MASSIVE crossover that includes characters from Star Wars, Star Trek: The Next Generation & Deep Space Nine, Space Ghost, Judge Dredd, Spider-Man, Batman and Doctor Who, as well a from Anglo-Force and The Valkyrie Chronicles.)
(The story takes place between the Anglo-Force stories "The Cowboy" and "The Alien", and the Valkyrie Chronicles stories "The Prisoner" and "The Lycanthrope".)

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