Monday, 31 December 1990

Termination Chapter 1

It is the 21st century. The war is almost over. The machines, which had been dominant over mankind for decades were retreating to their headquarters, a large space station, orbiting Earth, known as Skynet.
    The machines were retreating as fast as they could. They knew that defeat was near. Soon, they were all aboard the space station. Their number was greatly depleted.
    Not far behind them was a small attack aircraft that belonged to the resistance movement. They flew as high as they could, but they could not leave the Earth’s atmosphere. Then, a small hatch on the side of the aircraft opened, and a man flew out. A small glow could then be seen from inside the aircraft.
    The flying figure was soon near the Skynet station. With relative ease, he ripped open the airlock, and was soon inside. He then left the airlock. He soon saw a familiar face.
    “It would have been far easier for me to transport you in, James. It would have caused much less damage.”
    “We haven’t time for this Magus. Where is the transportation room?”
    “At the far end of the station.”
    “It’s obvious what they are about to do. We must hurry.”
    Watt took off at super speed, while Magus teleported. They arrived at the room at the same time. Magus looked in through the window on the door. He saw two androids.
    “The machine pod is empty.” he said. “They haven’t done it yet.”
    They stood at the door for a moment, then they heard a sound behind them. They turned round, to see two androids standing in front of them.
    “Terminators!” said Watt. “You go in there and stop them, Magus. I’ll deal with these two. I have before!”
    Magus transported into the room, while the Terminators attacked Watt. One grabbed him round his neck from behind. The other started hitting him in his ribs. These blows had no effect on him. He quickly grabbed the one behind him, and threw it into the one in front of him. The two droids fell to the ground. Before they could get up to attack Watt, their heads were crushed like walnuts.
    Watt quickly entered the transportation room. He saw Magus standing at the control panel.
    “I was lucky.” he said. “T1000’s would have taken twice as long to defeat.”
    “This is strange.” said Magus. “These instruments show two T1000’s entering the chamber. I only remember you being attacked by one.”
    “Can we stop them?”
    “It’s too late. They are near maximum power.”
    Then, a radio message came through.
    “Commander Connor here. We’ve secured the station’s reactor, but it’s showing a huge power surge. This station could blow at any minute, and with it, all the machines will bow.”
    “We must leave now, James.” said Magus. “We must go!”
    “We’ve got to stop the time travel! If we do, we might save lives!”
    “We can’t! We must go!”
    Magus raised his hands, and all the members of the resistance began to transport to the Earth’s surface. Then, they all watched as the Skynet space station exploded. At the same time as the explosion, the time machine reached maximum power. Two T1000 droids were about to enter the time paradox. As they entered the paradox, there was a huge power surge from Skynet’s exploding nuclear reactor. Neither were damaged, but only one would make it to the 20th century.

    The 20th century, some forty years earlier. It was midnight in London. An old tramp was sorting through the rubbish of one of London’s most exclusive restaurants. He soon found the left-over’s he was looking for. As he sat down to start on his “meal”, something frightened him. It seemed as if a large electrical storm was happening. What seemed like lightening bolts began to criss-cross the alley. The power of the bolts got greater and greater. The old tramp began to cower. Then, there was a huge flash of light. When the light died down, a crouched, naked man was all that could be seen. The old tramp was now confused. The naked man gazed at the tramp. The tramp ran away in sheer fright. The naked man stood up. He gazed around.
    “London.” he said. “I have arrived.”

    Anglo-Force’s mansion, situated two miles outside London, had just been completed. Lewis Anderson, the Chameleon, sat in the main control room, on monitor duty. He was monitoring the weather activities around London and the surrounding area. He had picked up the strange electrical activates.
    “Strange.” he mused. “Not your average storm, no rain, nothing!”
    Chameleon punched a few digits into the computer, instructing it to keep an eye on the electrical readings. He then returned to normal monitoring duty.

    It was some eight hours later that the T1000 droid approached Whitehall in London, where the Home Office was situated. The droid knew that the information he sought would be here, and that the man he was looking for would be here also.
    He entered the building, and walked into the reception area. The woman behind the desk looked slightly uneasy.
    “Can I help you sir?”
    “I understand Chief Inspector Jeavons is going to be here this morning.”
    “He’s here now, but he’s in a meeting with Sir Angus Campbell-Bannerman.”
    “Could you tell them that I would like to see the Inspector?”
    “They left orders not to be disturbed.”
    The droned leaned over the desk. He pointed his finger at the woman’s head, his finger turned into a spike, and the spike pierced her head. He then walked around to the other side of the desk, and found a computer console. He soon found what room the meeting was taking place in.
    The droid walked down the corridor, until he came to the office of the Home Secretary, Sir Angus Campbell-Bannerman. He opened the door. Inspector Jeavons was the only one in the room.
    “This is a private office, young man.”
    “You must be Jeavons. You can help me. I’m looking for James Watt. Do you know where I could get in touch with him?”
    “Captain Watt is on leave. His current whereabouts are top secret.”
    “I really need to know, Inspector.”
    “You’ll get the same answer from everyone in this building.”
    “Most regrettable.”
    The droid closed the door. A few minutes later, Inspector Jeavons left the room. As he did, Sir Angus came down the corridor.
    “Are you forgetting our meeting, Inspector?”
    Jeavons continued to walk down the corridor. Sir Angus opened the door to his office. He was startled to find a body on his floor. It was Jeavons’ body. He was dead. Sir Angus quickly went over to his desk, and pressed the alarm.
    “Security! Seal the building! Let nobody in our out!”

    The Captain, James Watt, sat in the study at Craigmillar Castle. He had been left in charge of the Warriors while Magus was away on his travels in the 24th century. The castle had been empty for a week or so now, because Magus’ young charges were away taking their various exams. Magus’ butler, Toombs, was on holiday. Watt was the only person in the castle. Watt switched on the computer console. Magus hardly used this console. He checked the police computers from all over the country. Nothing was happening, apart from the usual petty crimes. He switched the console off. If he had kept it on for a few seconds later, he would have seen the news of Jeavons’ murder.

    Some two hours had passed. Whitehall had been sealed off. There were police everywhere. The murder of Chief Inspector Jeavons was taken very seriously. Soon, the Anglo-Force helicopter landed at the scene of the crime. When they landed, they were greeted by Inspector Paul Solo, who was placed in charge of the investigation. He was slightly surprised when they left the helicopter.
    “Where’s Mr. X?”
    “He’s been laid low by that damn flu bug.” Chameleon replied. “What with Jim away on leave, we’re very short staffed at the moment.”
    “Any clues?” asked White Knight.
    “Not a sniff.” Solo replied. “The murderer killed the receptionist, then killed Inspector Jeavons with some sort of large knife, possibly a machete.”
    “Where’s the body?” asked Chameleon.
    A few minutes later, they were in the office of Sir Angus Campbell-Bannerman. White Knight bent down over the body.
    “The M.O. us unfamiliar to me. No one I know would kill like this.”
    Chameleon noticed that Sir Angus’ computer console had been left on.
    “Did he use this today?” he asked.
    “The first thing in his diary this morning was the meeting with the Inspector.” Solo replied. “Apparently, Sir Angus was running a few minutes late.”
    Chameleon sat himself at the desk. After typing in a few things, he saw what he was looking for.
    “The intruder was after the secret files, the Anglo-Force files. And one file in particular.”
    Chameleon turned the screen around, so it faced the others.
    “It’s Jim’s file!” said Woodwose. “We know where he could be heading!”

    At that moment, a car pulled up at the gateway to Anglo-Force’s mansion. The driver was the T1000, now back to his normal appearance, but now dressed in clothes similar to those of Jeavons. The droid didn’t even bother top open the gate, he just phased through them.
    He made his way up the driveway, and came to the front door. Soon, he was inside the building. No one inside the building knew he was there, because the droid’s circuitry was blocking all the sensor scans. He soon found the computer room. It was then he made a mistake. The sensors around the computer room were hyper-sensitive. When someone stood in the doorway, the sensors scanned the genetic code of the person, before it let them in. The system was only programmed to let in the members of Anglo-Force, Dr. Magus, Inspector Jeavons and Inspector Solo. The droid walked up to the door, and phased through it. He then sat down at the massive console.
    While all this was going on, Mr. X was walking into the kitchen, looking for something to relieve his aches and pains. It was then that the alarm went off. The alarm could not be heard in the computer room.
    “Unauthorised access to the computer room.” boomed a large voice.
    Mr. X walked over to the small computer panel in the kitchen, and pressed the button.
    “Authorisation code X-1. Verify intrusion.”
    “Unauthorised access verified. Intruder in computer room.”
    “Damn! Today of all days!”
    The T1000 had gained access to the computer files. These were more varied than those at the Home Office. He searched through the files of the known super-powered criminals, then the super-heroes, then, the Anglo-Force personnel files. He found the files of the Captain, James Watt. All the data was there, his RAF service record, in the Gulf and Eugenics War, the medical data, his powers, his limitations. All of it was here in his file. The droid had found what he was looking for.
    Mr. X raced down to the computer room. The system allowed him in straight away. The door slid open. The T1000 was surprised to see Mr. X standing at the doorway.
    “I don’t know who the hell you are, but get away from that console.”
    The droid got to his feet.
    “Up against the wall!”
    Mr. X let out a huge cough. He was clearly sicker than his team-mates thought. It was then that the droid took his chance. He rushed Mr. X, grabbing him around the throat. He held him high in the air. He then threw him against the wall. The impact would have affected any normal, fit man, but it affected Mr. X even more because of his weakened state. The droid then picked him up again, and smashed his head repeatedly against the wall. Mr. X was now unconscious. He was not moving. The droid then raised his hand, and it began to form itself into a large, and very sharp blade. But before he could plant it into Mr. X’s body, it was grabbed by a large, hairy arm.
    “We have our man.” said Woodwose.
    The droid grabbed the arm, and threw Woodwose through the wall. He had no idea what had hit him.
    “My work here is done. I must not jeopardize my mission.”
    And with that, the droid phased through the wall. Just as he did, Chameleon and White Knight ran through the corridor. When they entered the computer room, they saw Woodwose just getting to his feet in the next room, and Mr. X lying on the floor in a pool of blood.
    “My God!” cried Chameleon. “Simon! Arthur, call for an ambulance! Woodwose, you and me are going to get that bastard!
    But it was too late. As soon as they were outside, they could see that the droid was gone.
    “Blast it!” cursed Chameleon.

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