Monday, 31 December 1990

Termination Chapter 3

The 24th century. It was almost midnight on the planet Risa. The holiday resort was known for it’s wonderful weather, but on this night, the weather did not seem so wonderful. Electrical storms were not known affect Risa, so this was studied very carefully.
    On the planet’s surface, the electrical storm seemed to be very close to the ground. The satellite sensors were confused when the electrical part of the storm lasted only a few seconds, and there was no rain. In the end it was put down to adverse atmospheric conditions. What the sensors did not pick up with that Risa had a new inhabitant, a T1000.
    The next morning, the T1000, now clothed, entered the main hotel resort on Risa. He walked over to the reception area, and pressed a button on the control panel.
    “Welcome to Risa. We hope you enjoy your stay on our wonderful planet. We have many….”
    “Where is James Watt?”
    “Captain James Watt of the U.S.S. Valkyrie is due to arrive in twenty seven hours, for a two week holiday.”
    The droid switched off the panel. His memory circuits were going haywire. He was very confused. This was not the planet Earth, or the year 1999. And he had no information of James Watt commanding a U.S.S. Valkyrie. Another thing that confused him was that he was alone. The other T1000 was not with him.

    Captain James Watt walked through the corridors of the U.S.S. Valkyrie with his first officer, Commander Arthur Pendragon.
    “I’m quite looking forward to this little holiday, number one!”
    “I hear Risa is quite nice this time of year. And you certainly could use a break.”
    Then, a call came through from the bridge.
    “Amarus to Watt. We are arriving at Risa, sir.”
    “Standard orbit, Lieutenant.”
    Minutes later, Watt and Pendragon entered the transporter room. Magus and Trospheo were waiting for him. Watt turned to Pendragon.
    “The ship is yours, Commander. Guard her well.”
    “I hope you have a pleasant trip, Captain.” said Magus.
    Watt stepped onto the transporter pad.
    “I do, too, Ambassador. Energize.”
    Seconds later, Watt was on the planet’s surface. Afterwards, Pendragon, Trospheo and Magus returned to the bridge. Pendragon took the captain’s chair.
    “Take us out of orbit, Mr. Tompkins.” Pendragon ordered. “Ahead on a setting four-two-three point-four, warp factor three.”
    “Commander, I’m sensing something wrong on the planet.” said Trospheo. “As if someone is in great danger.”
    “I feel nothing.” said Magus.
    “Perhaps you’re just feeling a little tense, Counsellor.” said Pendragon. “Continue with your orders, Mr. Tompkins. We have a date with the Tamarians.”

    Watt was not on the planet’s surface. He checked into his hotel. When he was at the reception area, he did not notice the strange droid watching him.

    A few hours later, on board the Valkyrie, Magus sat in his quarter when Trospheo entered.
    “I would like to speak to you, Ambassador.”
    “I’m afraid I have not got much time, Counsellor. I’m still trying to prepare for this meeting with the Tamarians.”
    “This won’t take long. It’s just that I still feel uneasy about Captain Watt beaming down to Risa. It’s as if he’s walking into something very dangerous, very life threatening. I thought that you, if anybody, would have been able to sense something.”
    “I’ve been very pre-occupied with these talk. I’ve been trying to focus all of my energy on learning the Tamarian language.”
    “Then maybe it’s just me. Maybe Commander Pendragon was right.”
    Magus got up from his seat, and placed his hand on Trospheo’s shoulder.
    “I am almost finished here. We have seven hours before we rendezvous with the Tamarian ship. I will see what I can do.”

    Watt had enjoyed a peaceful night. For once, he did not have to worry about helping to run a massive starship. After eating a light breakfast, Watt returned to his room, and packed a small bag. He remembered that his old friend, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, had told him about the site where the ToxUtat ad been found. The ToxUtat was a device of great power that had been sent back through time from the 27th century. Watt was eager to see the site for himself.
    After Watt had left the hotel, an incident occurred. The body of a Ferengi diplomat had been found. He had been stabbed through the heard. Many of the guests at the hotel had spoken of the strange man who had arrived, but not checked into the hotel a few days earlier. The security forces looked for him. He was nowhere to be found. Outside the hotel, what seemed to be the same Ferengi diplomat stood looking into the distance. In fact, this was not a Ferengi at all. The T1000 had claimed it’s first victim.

    Several miles away from the hotel, Watt was making good progress. He thought that he would probably arrive at the site in mid-afternoon. As he walked along, deep in thought, he had this strange feeling. It was as if he was being followed. He turned around, but could see nothing. He continued. He then got the feeling again. He turned around, but again, he could see nothing. He then thought no more of it, putting it down to the stresses of his command. He continued on his journey, not realising that he was being followed.

    Several thousand light years away, the Valkyrie was near it’s rendezvous point with the Tamarian vessel.
    “The Tamarian vessel is twenty thousand kilometres away.” reported Ensign Greenleaf.
    “Ambassador Magus, report to the bridge.” said Pendragon.
    A few minutes later, Magus was on the bridge. Pendragon took his chair.
    “Mr. Amarus.” said Magus. “Please open hailing frequencies.”
    “Open, Ambassador.”
    An image of the Tamarian bridge appeared on the screen. A man, who appeared to be the captain of the ship, smiled broadly.
    “Ah, Magus! His eyes uncovered!”
    “Magus shows gifts. Magus offers hand of friendship.”
    “Hand is taken. Friendship received.”
    Magus held his hand open, and a book was beamed from the Tamarian vessel onto his hand. The Tamarian captain spoke.
    “Magus and Damok on Judai. Judai on the ocean.”
    Magus smiled. Then, he began to feel something. He placed his hand on his temple. He then began to feel dizzy. Pendragon got to his feet.
    “What is it, Ambassador?”
    “You were right, Counsellor. Commander, we must return to Risa at once. Captain Watt is in extreme danger.”
    “But the Tamarians…?”
    Magus placed his hand on his head. A telepathic message was sent to the Tamarian captain. The captain looked solemn. He knew something was wrong. Hailing frequencies were closed.
    “What is this all about?” asked Pendragon.
    “It is something I have not felt for over four hundred years. All I can say is that Captain Watt is in great peril on Risa. We must return at once.”
    “Set a course, for Risa, Mr. Greenleaf, ahead warp factor nine!”

    On Risa, Watt had arrived at the site. He took his bag off his shoulder, and sat on It. He then wiped the sweat from his brow. It had been a long journey, and he decided to rest for a few minutes. As he sat, he looked around the large cave. He had heard much about this tie, and now was his chance to explore it. Then, as he got to his feet, he heard a noise outside. He turned around. He saw the shadow of someone entering the cave, then, he was someone. It was a Ferengi.”
    “Jean-Luc told me that a Ferengi was involved in the discovery of the ToxUtat. Are you him?”
    Watt was then surprised. The Ferengi began to change form. The orange skin turned silver, then, it turned into human form. Watt was confused.
    “James Watt. You destroyed the Skynet station. For that, I will kill you. Then, Skynet will never be destroyed!”
    “Skynet was destroyed over three hundred years ago, and by my great-great grandfather, whose name I was given!”
    “Impossible. I was sent back here to 1999 to kill you. You are just trying to confuse me.”
    This is not 1999, this is the 24th century!”
    The T1000 put his hand on his head. He staggered slightly. It appeared as if he was about to self-destruct. He then regained his footing, and looked straight at Watt.
    “You are James Watt. You destroyed Skynet! You will now be terminated!”

    Magus walked into the engineering section of the Valkyrie. He walked over to the warp engine, and looked up.
    “It’s a pit we can’t divert to the Time.” he mused. “This will have to do.”
    A slight glow appeared around Magus’ hand, and then he put it into the warp engine, through the shielding and the casing. Lom rushed over when he saw this.
    “What are you doing? That izz dangerouzz!”
    “We do not have time to divert to the Time of Legends, therefore, I must transport him here, and to do so, I need more power.”
    The light dimmed slightly all over the ship. A call came in from the bridge.
    “We are losing power all over the ship, Mr. Lom.” said Pendragon. “What’s going on down there?”
    “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you!”
    Seconds later, there was a blinding flash of light. Then, when the light cleared, Ambassador James Watt stood next to Magus. Lom could not believe his eyes.
    “Next time you need to get in touch with me, Magus, why not just call me?” said the Ambassador.
    “No time. Your grandson is in great danger.”

    On Risa, a brawl had started. The T1000 attacked Watt. They both flew against a wall, and both hit it hard. Rocks began to fall everywhere. Three times, the droid hit Watt on the head. Twice more in the stomach. Watt had no idea what was going on. He tried to fight back. He hit the droid on the arms and in the stomach. These blows had some effect. The droid was sent reeling slightly. He backed off a little. But he soon attacked Watt again. Watt had recovered somewhat, and the battle continued.

    The Valkyrie crew was now ten minutes away from Risa.
    “We have to beam to the planet now.” said Magus. “Captain Watt may be dead now for all we know.”
    “We’re too far out of range.” said Pendragon. “And we’ll have to come out of warp soon.”
    “Blast it!” cursed Ambassador Watt, almost punching a hole in the wall.
    The minutes passed. They were now within range. Magus and Ambassador Watt stood on the transporter pad.
    “We’ve located Captain Watt.” said Amarus. “He’s in some old caves in the northern sector. I’m beaming you straight there.”
    “Energize, Mr. Amarus.”
    Seconds later, they were inside the cave. The first thing they saw was the T1000 holding Captain Watt by his collar, about to deliver the final, killing blow. When the droid saw Magus and Ambassador Watt, he stopped his attack. He scanned the two new arrivals. He scanned the DNA of  the Ambassador, then he again scanned the DNA of Captain Watt. He then dropped Captain Watt, and lunged toward the Ambassador. The droid was no longer confused. He had found his true target.
    While the droid and Ambassador Watt battled throughout the cave, Magus ran over to Captain Watt. He began to tend his injuries.
    “What is that thing?” Watt gasped.
    “A T1000, from the 21st century. Your grandfather and I were attacking the Skynet station nearly three hundred years ago, when two T1000 were put into their time machine. They were both meant to be sent back to the 20th century, to kill your grandfather, but only one arrived. The power surge from Skynet’s explosion must have caused a surge in the time paradox, sending the other one forward instead of back. It obviously thought you were it’s intended victim.”
    The battle continued. Blow was met by devastating blow. A battle like this had not been seen since the Ambassador had been battling the other droid some four hundred years previously. Neither seemed to be gaining an edge. Neither were giving any quarter. Neither were losing, yet, neither were winning.
    Magus had finished treating Captain Watt, and helped him to his feet. They then walked into one of the adjoining caves. They saw the battle.
    “It is as it was four hundred years ago.” said Magus. “Neither can destroy each other. I must intervene.”
    “Magus, wait!” screamed Captain Watt.
    Before he could do anything, Magus had took to the air. He neared the battle. At this moment, the droid seemed to be gaining the upper hand. He threw Watt against the cave wall. Watt lay motionless, as the T1000 moved in for the kill. Just as he was about to deliver the final blow, Magus put himself in between the droid and the Ambassador. There was a huge flash of light, the lights of never having been seen in these old caves. Both Watts shielded their eyes. The light was almost too much for them. When the light faded, all that was left of the T1000 was a pile of molten metal. It had been totally destroyed. But something else was wrong. Magus lay next to the metal, motionless, almost all of his energy drained. Captain Watt rushed over to Magus, while his grandfather tried to regain his senses. He then activated his communicator.
    “Watt to Valkyrie. Medical emergency! Get a team down here now!”
    Soon Singh was bent low over Magus.
    “I can find no life signs.” he said grimly.
    “Look!” cried Ambassador Watt.
    Magus’ hand was moving slightly. His eyes opened.
    “Singh, you cannot help me.” he murmured. “Take what I give you.”
    A puzzled look crossed Singh’s face. A glow enveloped Magus’ hand as he laid it upon Singh’s arm. Then he was still.
    “It is over.” said Singh solemnly.

    Magus was laid to rest from Craigmillar Island, at the request of Thomas Leacock. It was a traditional funeral, Magus’ body was laid in a long boat, with four burning torches at prow and stern. Ambassador Watt moved to place his cane upon the corpse. Leacock stopped him.
    “Keep it.” he said. “You may never know when it will become useful.”
    The Sorcerer Supreme turned away from the gathering, and walked up to the castle, followed by Magus’ companions. Admiral Lethbridge-Stewart watched them go.
    “Well I must be gone too. I have business to conclude with the Tamarians.”
    As he stood alone, watching the boat drifting onwards toward the horizon, Watt turned to Singh.
    “It’s not going to be the same without the old man.” he smiled sadly.
    “Of course not, dear boy.” replied Singh.

    The End.

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