Monday, 17 October 2011

Why You'll Never See Another WAW Review Here Again *Updated 5/2/2016*

Those of you who have been reading my articles and reviews over the past few years will know that in December 2001 I achieved what I thought was my dream when I began to work for the Norwich-based World Association of Wrestling.

For four years I worked tirelessly to promote the company and it’s wrestlers, online and elsewhere, to the detriment of my physical and mental health.

When I quit the company, for a variety of reasons, in 2005 it was my hope that I could, on occasion, continue to attend their shows, shaking hands with a few old friends while remembering old times. The sad thing is that I learned within a few days of my resignation that this would not be the case.

Since 2005 I’ve had to put up with a ton of abuse from some of those connected with WAW, and in particular the Knight family. At one point I would hear stories on an almost weekly basis of my supposed attempts to bring down WAW, Ricky Knight and his family.

This isn’t the only thing I’ve had to put up with though. As well as these frankly ludicrous lies I’ve had to put up with threats of violence and attempts at intimidation, including a member of the Knight family hurling abuse at me while I walked through a local shopping centre. All of this despite the fact that, until now, I have not written about all of the things the Knight family and their associates have done to me over the past few years in my Two Sheds Review column.

But now, just a few weeks before my 40th birthday I’ve decided to take the following action.

As of now the majority of WAW-related material has been deleted from my website. These include my live show reviews, DVD reviews, interviews as well as various articles written to promote their live shows.

I have also deleted reviews from the defunct DAM Promotions, the company owned by Mike and Dave Waters, and from Herts & Essex Wrestling, the promotion owned by Sam Knee. I have left reviews where WAW talent appears on other shows though out of respect to those promoters.

I have done this for one simple reason, and it’s something I should have done years ago. I don’t see why I should continue to give exposure to companies and people who continue to treat me in such a disrespectful manner. After nearly six years it’s getting beyond a joke, and as I said in a recent Facebook update it’s like having a girlfriend you dumped years ago unable to accept the fact that they were dumped.

So in future I will no longer review any WAW-related material, and if I’m asked to review a DVD or show where a member of the Knight family performs I will not review that particular match.

In closing I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and The Two Sheds Review since it’s online debut in the summer of 2000, and I hope that you will continue to enjoy reading my reviews. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: 5th February, 2016
I've now removed all WAW-related material, including articles and reviews of their appearances on other shows, from this blog. Only one very personal piece from 2002 now remains.  I've done this in light of comments that I've heard recently. It's something that I should have done years ago, and given the rather toxic nature of those comments and the individuals who made them I've decided that this blog can no longer promote these people, even if it means removing content that is favourable to others in the British wrestling business.

Once again, thank you for your continued support. 


  1. Bloody hell mate, feeling for you. Just found this site and am shocked at what's happened. I've had similar problems on the Dance Scene - I don't even write reviews any more for certain people but they just keep wanting to attack, attack, attack. It's a crying shame.

  2. An example of some of the lies I've had to put up with, recent comments from Julia Hamer's (aka Saraya Knight) Facebook account. One of them anyway.

    Julia Hamer
    Ok, why do you keep posting stuff if you want to be left alone, I don't understand it, you are not popular enough for people to take any notice of you, you sound like a whining imp with a.d.h.d, make up your stories and blather on about being hard done by, by all means, just don't involve fuck off!

    Sam Knee Dare i ask? You ok?

    Julia Hamer I'm fine just sick of certain little wank stains that we have no way or want to contact posting shit about us every now and again out of the blue, it's as if he wants the negative attention. He must sit there after tossing himself off wondering how he can annoy the world, he shpould get laid really!!

    Ricky Knight scrawny little prick needs to get a life, his next shag will be his first.

    Luke Tench Jennings i did email zak and give him the heads about it, i saw it this mothing and was livid

    Ricky Knight the guy is a 22 carat div luke

    Luke Tench Jennings u know it mate, i expressed my fury on ukff, no doubt he will read it and get on his high horse

    Julia Hamer tbh, we don't talk to him, contact him, I saw him in the mall in August and walked straight passed him, no conversation at all. I have tried so many times to apologise for some stuff I actually did do or say and all I get is a tirade of abuse. He e-mails the kids and abuses them verbally, Saraya not so long back got one because he was reviewing a match she was in. I give up I wish he would just leave well alone and get on with his life....I'm bored now!

    Luke Tench Jennings so u didnt throw abuse his way, lol. Why shud u have to apologise he is the one who thought he was better then u guys and bigger then waw and the one who has slated u guys and made u look silly

    Julia Hamer Well we were in the gutter, drawing 4 people a show with no talent or wrestlers before he came onboard..................................not!

    Julia Hamer I apologised to him because his brother helped me out once when I was stuck, but he often misread signals!

    Ricky Knight bottom line he met us at a waw show which drew 2000 before we ever new him, god how did we do it, he made money on a book about WAW i never claimed copyright, maybe if he sits down and thinks, he might realise he is the one with the problem.

  3. Here's another example of how they treat me. I recently posted on my Facebook page about not attending their upcoming show at the Cromer Carnival. Ricky Knight posted this:
    "WAW are at the carnival and will be doing an amazing job as usual. Julian you need to have a look at yourself WAW is a completely different out fit from the one you knew and most of our talent you would not even know now. your grievance is with the owners not the company and you have been offered an olive branch many times, you are just a little twisted man who needs to get a life mate as we all moved on years ago to better things i might add. In finishing WAW is now a major player in the UK surprise we did it without you bud."

    Meanwhile, the lovely Julia "Sweet Saraya" Hamer posted this on her Facebook page. (Replies from her friends included):
    Wish twosheds would get a life, what happened 8 years ago is really not a big deal any-more, and there WAS fault on both sides, after trying to apologise and make amends on numerous occasions I officially gave up years ago trying to placate the fool. I still hold Paul his brother in high regard as he lent me money to get on my feet and I will never forget that. As far as I am aware I still owe him but cannot touch base to pay anything back because his idiot brother won't get his head out the past and move on, so we can sort things out. I will not keep feeling bad for 2005 as I have moved on, but if that's where you want to stay Julian you can, and good luck to you cause I remember nothing but darkness that year and if you want to be there, so be it. One day I'll see Paul and hopefully we can sort something out, but until then please just leave us alone! Because right now I love life Roll on Bellatrix 6 and Epic 5

    Chris Bullard you joking that he still holds a grudge after all these years, the guy needs to stop living in the past and get on with life like everyone else has done

    Julia Hamer I know mate, I even passed him one year when I was Saraya just before she left for US, he didn't even acknowledge her, she did nothing wrong, its just stupid tbh.

    Chris Bullard sorry but i cant help laughing, i mean we have all come so far since the wrestlers arms and those days and you just know hes still sitting there with his little internet page believing hes something special, to be honest i wouldnt give him the time of day, if he cant move on with life then let him have his little grudges

    Ricky Knight the guy is a knicker sniffing prick.

    Brett King The guy clearly has very little excitement in his life that he has to dwell on the past..small fish in a big pond!

    Sam Knee Is he really still harping on??? Wants shooting!

    Chris Bullard wouldnt work Sam, the bullet would bounce off his ego lol

    Luke Flash Jennings dont get me started on that douchebag,

    Carl Ford Oh Christ on a bike, not him again. Still remember him bragging that he'd updated Nick Aldis' wiki page to say how he'd banned Julian from going to his shows....he thought this would show everyone what an arse, Nick was. Meanwhile no one else gave two sheds what he was on about.

    Definately agree about Paul though. I got on well with him and had a lot of interesting conversations with him."