Saturday, 15 September 2007

SAS Wrestling The 3rd Show Anniversary Supershow

It’s time to take a look at another new British promotion in The Two Sheds Review, as this time we catch up with SAS Wrestling and their latest DVD release, The 3rd Show Anniversary Supershow, courtesy of Figure Four Films and recorded this past February.
Disc one begins with “Charming” Don Charles, last seen as an announcer on The Wrestling Channel’s UK Round-Up show, cuts a promo with his fellow Team Charming members Martin Stone, Dave Moralez and Jack Storm, telling us how great they are.

We’re then introduced to our host for the evening, “Hardcore” John Atkins, as Spud comes to the ring, annoyed that his partner and best friend Jack Storm turned on him at the last show. This brings out Don Charles and Martin Stone. Charles denies Spud the chance to face Storm, telling him he’ll have to face Stone instead. Spud plays the plucky underdog to Stone’s hard man, and it makes for a great opener as Spud’s never-say-die attitude doesn’t allow him to quit. Indeed, it’s only when Jack Storm appears on the stage and distracts Spud that Stone is able to put him away with his London Bridge DDT. Afterwards, the Team Charming members attack Spud, until Future Elite champion Jake makes the save.

As is the way with a Figure Four release, we then get an ad, this one for the previous SAS DVD releases.

Back to the show, as Rob Hunter takes on Matt Damien, as Don Charles joins the hardcore one at the commentary table. Charles and Atkins go to great pains to point out that Damien has never won a match. Hunter takes Damien to school, but the rookie scores an upset, pinning Hunter with a roll-up as the Sensation of the Nation argued with the ref.

We then visit The Kartel in their gaff. Hyping their upcoming six-man tag match, they warn partner Tex Benedict to carry his weight. These two look like they’d make the Mitchell brothers run for cover.

Don Charles then deserts the announcers table again as his man Dave Moralez takes on Phil Bedwell, the Playboy bearing an uncanny resemblance to Curve of the New Breed tag-team. Another enjoyable bout here, with Bedwell’s skill and speed countered well by Moralez’s power, a good back and forth match which saw the Human Hate Machine take the win after a spinning discuss clothesline.

Time for another advert, this time for SAS Wrestling’s Bring Your Jeans DVD.

On to tag-team action of the six man variety as Tex Benedict and The Kartel take on Bubblegum and Double D. A load of stalling at the beginning, including tons of dissention between Benedict and The Kartel, which eventually leads to an entertaining bout with tons of action from all six men, with Dave Sharpe getting the win for his team after taking Benedict out with his version of the Razor’s Edge. Angry at their loss, the Kartel tell Benedict where he can go.

We then move on to disc two, as “Better Than You” Ashton Brown takes on Luke “Dragon” Phoenix. A great bout here between two youngsters who are a perfect match for each other. Both Brown and Phoenix pulled out all the stops with some great spots throughout, tons of action which saw Phoenix get the win after a frog splash from the top rope.

Time to shill again, this time for the SAS website.

Back to the action, and Saul Adams, who brings along his rather attractive manager Stacy Stanford, takes on Mexican sensation El Ligero. It’s a battle of power against speed here, as Adams centres his power attack on the masked man’s back in an attempt to keep him grounded, while Ligero uses some good high-flying stuff to fight back, before Adams gets the win with his Blue Thunder variation of the power bomb.

On to the main event, as Team Charming’s Jack Storm takes on American star and Future Elite champion Jake. Before the match begins, Jake reveals that the match contract actually bans Don Charles from ringside, and reluctantly, the Charming One leaves. Then, after a hall-wide brawl, Storm and Jake put on a great match, with Storm really impressing, and gaining the victory after clobbering Jake with a cane provided by Dave Moralez, followed up by a piledriver. Then, as Moralez and Storm are doubling up on Jake, Luke Phoenix comes to the rescue and cleans house, before announcing that the bookers have booked a match for the next show, six man tag action with Team Charming taking on Phoenix, Spud and Jake.

DVD extras, on disc two of this collection, come in the form of music videos from the two previous shows, Elite TV Episode 3, which is normally available via the SAS website, and a match from 4FW featuring Bubblegum, Ashton Brown and Luke Phoenix.

In conclusion - it’s pretty unusual for me to find a DVD where I enjoy each and every match, but I’ve found one here with The 3rd Anniversary Supershow. I really enjoyed this release, with every match impressing me a great deal. Production wise, my only critique is that the main camera went out of focus a few times, but this didn’t really spoil my enjoyment. As far as commentary goes, John Atkins and Don Charles have improved a great deal since their stint on TWC’s UK Round-Up, and they did a great job here. This show is extremely well put together from top to bottom, and is well worth seeing.

With thanks to all at SAS Wrestling for supplying a copy of this release. Log onto for all the information you could need about the promotion, including details on how to order their DVDs and information about their upcoming shows.

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