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Saturday, 15 September 2007

The Best of ITV Wrestling A-Z: DVD Review

Following the continued success of the World of Sport re-runs on The Wrestling Channel, Granada Ventures have once again dipped into the archives themselves with their second DVD release, The Best of ITV Wrestling A-Z.

Once again hosted by the legendary Dickie Davies, this release follows a slightly different format from last year’s release. Instead of showing highlight segments dedicated to certain stars, this DVD takes a much broader look at some of the stars from the halcyon days of British wrestling, as the title suggests, in an A to Z format. Again, as with last year’s release, there are only match highlights here, and the chapters are as follows;

A - Actors - Leon Arras, aka Brian Glover v Ray Steele (1970).
B - Blue Eyes - Alan Dennison v Johnny England (1981).
C - Catweazle - v Chris Bailey (1978).
D - Dropkick.
E - Easy, Easy, Easy - looking back at Big Daddy’s famous chant, now immortalised again on Soccer AM.
F - Dave “Fit” Finlay (current Smackdown star) - v Johnny Saint (1988).
G - Giant Haystacks (aka former WCW star Loch Ness) - v The Wilson Brothers (1985).
H - Heels - Mick McManus v Kung Fu (1976).
I - Indian, Native American - Billy Two Rivers v Johnny Yearsley (1973).
J - Jackie Pallo Jr - v Dick Conlon (1974).
K - Kellet, Les - v Mel Stuart (1977).
L - Logan, Steve - v Romany Riley (1975).
M - Man IN The Mask - Kendo Nagasaki v Bronco Wells (1976).
N - Nicknames.
O - Outside - Big Daddy & Jackie Turpin v Black Jack Mulligan & “The Bulk” Fatty Thomas (1979).
P - Pinfalls.
Q - Quinn, Mighty John - v Lee Bronson (1979).
R - Rollerball Rocco - v Marty Jones (1978).
S - Splash - montage of Big Daddy splashes.
T - Tally Ho Kaye - v Johnny Kidd (1986).
U - Uproar - battle royal from 1988.
V - Vic Faulkner - v Jim Breaks (1977).
W - Wilson Brothers - v The Martial Arts Fighters (1982).
X - Xtravagance - montage of brightly dressed wrestlers.
Y - Young David (aka Davey Boy Smith) - v Jim Breaks (1979).
Z - Zimba, Honey Boy - v Steve Tenegen (1982).

The DVD extras are;
Clash of the Titans - highlights from Pat Roach v Pete Roberts (1979), Big Daddy v Masked Marauder (1983), Mick McManus v Catweazle (1979), Giant Haystacks v Steve McHoy (1983).

Forgotten Heroes - highlights from Alan Kilby v King Ben (1981), Johnny Saint v Steve Grey (1982), Adrian Street v Mick McMichael (1973).

Tag Mania - highlights from Kendo Nagasaki & Psycho Stevens v Rollerball Rocco & Wayne Bridges (1988), The Royal Brothers & Dynamite Kid v Tally Ho Kaye, Black Jack Mulligan & Kenny Hogan (1976), Crusher Brannigan & Banger Walsh v Big Daddy & Kwick Kick Lee (1988).

In conclusion - it’s another great trip down memory lane here, and although some will be put off by the lack of full matches, they shouldn’t be, because this is a highly entertaining DVD, and a good buy, especially for those who don’t have access to The Wrestling Channel, and while I admit I would have liked to see more full matches, this is still a great release, and one that the old school British fans will enjoy.

With thanks to Granada Ventures for supplying a copy of this DVD. The Best of ITV Wrestling A-Z is released in May 15th, and is available from all good DVD stores.

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