Sunday, 16 September 2007

NWF Powerslam II - DVD Review

Another first for The Two Sheds Review, as this time we take a trip to Norway, for a look at the Norwegian Wrestling Federation’s Powerslam II DVD, recorded last November.

First up, Daniel Sebastien goes up against Emil Sitoci. Like the majority of wrestlers on this DVD, two guys I know next to nothing about. This was a great opener, with Sitoci particularly impressive. The end came with Sitoci was about to go for a moonsault, but Sebastien caught him and took him down for the three count. Good stuff here.

We then move on to tag-team action, as the team of Fremtiden, Isak and Victor, take on Olsenklanen, Falk and Storm Olsen. Readers of The Two Sheds Review may remember that I recently interviewed Isak prior to his British tour a few weeks ago. This was another highly impressive bout, the sort of tag-team wrestling we hardly see these days, with both
teams putting on a great showing. Fremtiden picked up the win, pinning one of the Olsens after a wheelbarrow slam/bulldog combination.

Then, another familiar face, as Britain’s own Robbie Brookside goes up against Grogmuten. A first for me, as the Wildcat is in full heel mode here, which includes insulting the locals and their heritage, while Grogmuten seems to dress like some kind of farmer. Fought at a much slower pace than the previous bouts, Brookside stalled for time as he seemed to argue with the fans quite a bit. Things picked up a little after Grogmuten went on the offensive, but Brookside was able to get the win, pinning him after his finishing move (sorry, I can’t remember it’s name!) Brookside then moaned that he wasn’t in the European title match later in the evening.

More singles action follows as Geist takes on Max Paparazzi. For some reason Paparazzi reminds me of Daren Burridge. Geist, meanwhile, is a masked man of mystery. As the match begins, we get a promo from Garm Stoylen on the big screen, apparently challenging Geist. A somewhat short bout with plenty of action, which saw Geist picking up the win after knocking out Paparazzi with a shining wizard.

More tag action, as Big Ones, Bog John and Talentful Thomas, take on Grizzly Olsen and Bjorn Sen Olsen. Before the bout, we get a short video package, documenting this feud. However, before the action starts, the referee appoints a special guest referee - Garm Stoylen. It’s a match of size v speed, with both teams showing some good double team moves. The end comes with Bjorn Sen Olsen turns on his partner, so the Big Ones can pick up the win after an ace crusher.

Then it’s time for our main event as Erik Isaksen takes on Bernard Vandamme, with the European title on the line. Yet another good bout here, slow paced at times, which led to some good action later on. Isaksen emerged as the winner from this bout, pinning Vandamme with a roll-up to win the title. The Belgian then put on a good show of sportsmanship by putting the title on his Norwegian counterpart.

In conclusion - my first taste of NWF action, and I was impressed. With six good matches, it’s hard to pick out one particular bout for match of the night.

I was also impressed with the way the Norwegian fans handled themselves. They showed a great deal of respect to all the wrestlers, to both heel and face alike.

In all, a highly enjoyable show, and I recommend seeing some NWF action if you’re ever in that part of the world, or trying to get hold of some of their DVDs.

With thanks to Erik Isaksen and the NWF for supplying a copy of this DVD. For more information on the Norwegian Wrestling Federation, log onto their official website at

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