Friday, 14 September 2007

IPWA Wrestlenovella on TWC - TV Review

Once again The Two Sheds Review steps into pastures new as, with the help of The Wrestling Channel, we travel to Tel-Aviv to look at the Israeli Pro Wrestling Association, and their recent Wrestlnovella show.
We begin with Chris Korvinn against Oded Rosenberg. Korvinn is very much in the Raven mould, even down to his ring attire and gestures as he arrives in the arena. Despite being the hometown boy, the crowd is definitely against Rosenberg. Not a bad way to open the show here, with Korvinn getting the win by applying the Korvinn Cloverleaf as Rosenberg tapped out.

Then it’s on to our second bout of the evening with Omri Ilan against the Red Executioner, a battle of speed against power. Despite using some good high-flying moves, he simply couldn’t take down his larger opponent, and eventually the Executioner finished Ilan off with his choke-bomb finisher.

The third bout saw “Mr. Israeli Pro Wrestling” Gery Roif take on “Assassin” Noam Amit. Amit has an Undertaker vibe about him, while Roif looks like he took a few fashion tips from my old buddy Kirk Innes. Some good wrestling, and a few sloppy moves, in a bout which seemed to go just a little too long, and after what seemed like an eternity, Roif got the win after using a chair on Amit while the referee was taking a nap. He then finished Amit off with a leg drop for the winning pin, but afterwards Amit got his revenge by choke slamming Roif in the ring.

Next up, a number one contenders match with “Bad S” Sharon Palty taking on Hawaii Allen. Two evenly matched wrestlers, and a good bout between the two with some very sound wrestling, which, unlike the previous bout, didn’t seem to drag along, thanks in part to the fast-paced action throughout. A great match here with Allen getting the win after a second super kick. The best bout of the show so far.

Then it’s on to the last man standing match between Yossi the Bull and Joey “The Moalm” Tylec. A match with something of a sloppy start soon changed into a bout with some great drama as the Bull and Tylec literally beat the crap out of each other, and it was only after the interference of Yossi’s brother Uzi that he was able to get the win, Tylec staying down for the ten count.

Main event time next, as “Russian Sickle” Evengeny Lyder challenge for Omri Balely’s IPWA title. A good bout here, although it couldn’t match the drama of the previous two bouts, with Lyder winning the bout with a backslide, even though Balely’s legs were on the ropes. However, Commissioner Oded Sele came out and re-started the bout, with Balely winning the match and retaining the title after a swan dive head butt from the top rope.

In conclusion - for a first taste of IPWA action, not bad. While a couple of the matches weren’t exactly up to par, the final three bouts more than made up for that. Production wise, while not exactly in the top league, it wasn’t too bad, and Mayaan Productions did a good job here, as did commentators Avraham Geva and Boris Malenkovich, especially Boris with his great one-liners. Well done TWC for bringing IPWA to British television, and I look forward to more IPWA action soon.

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