Sunday, 16 September 2007

WWE Unforgiven 2006 on Sky Sports - TV Review

Tables, ladders, chairs, Hell in a Cell and a final farewell is what we’ll be taking a look at with a review of WWE’s Unforgiven, show here in Britain on Sky Sports, with our usual hosts for the evening, Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

We begin things with Johnny Nitro, accompanied by the ever-shrieking Melina, defending the Intercontinental title against the returning Jeff Hardy. A great way to open the show. This was a back-and-forth encounter with Hardy working over Nitro’s arm, and Nitro returning the compliment with an extended period of punishment on Hardy’s left peg. No matter what these guys did, they couldn’t put each other away, and it was only after Melina clobbered Hardy with her boot that Nitro got the win.

After a look at John Cena’s new movie The Marine, we see Smackdown general manager Teddy Long in a private box. Backstage, Jeff meets up with brother Matt, before the ever obnoxious Lita has a bit of fun at the Hardy’s expense.

Next, Umaga faces Kane in the battle of the monsters. It’s your typical big man battle, entertaining in it’s own way, as they both unload on each other with a barrage of heavy shots that the ring can’t contain, as both men are counted out while brawling through the crowd.

Backstage, the McMahons re-live the events of the most recent edition of Raw, before they discuss their game plan for the match with D-Generation X.

Then it’s time for the second title match of the evening, as Mikey and Kenny of the Spirit Squad defend the tag-team titles against the Highlanders. It’s a great shame that WWE doesn’t put much faith in this division at the moment, because this was a great match, a great exampled of tag-team wrestling. Both teams put on a great showing here, highly impressive, with the Squad retaining the titles thanks to outside interference, as Johnny kicked Rory while he was standing on the ring apron, and Mikey scored the pin after a face buster, with a little extra leverage coming from the Scotsman’s beard. This is a match I’d like to see again in the future.

Surprisingly, just four matches into the show, it’s time for the Hell in a Cell match, as D-Generation X face the McMahons and ECW champion the Big Show. This was a hell of an encounter. Tons of brutality from both sides combined with great performances from all concerned added to the drama, making this a truly great spectacle. Over twenty minutes of brutality came to an end after Vince joined the Big Show’s kiss my ass club, before getting sweet chin music and a sledgehammer to the back before Triple H ended his misery with the pin. Moments later both Shane and Vince were carted away on stretchers, both trussed up like a couple of Christmas turkeys.

From the most brutal to the most emotional match, as Lita defends her Woman’s title against Trish Stratus, in Trish’s retirement match. It’s a shame that WWE’s best female wrestler has called it a day, because this was a great match. The fact that it was Trish’s last added even more to the underlying tension. Lita must also be given her dues for her part in this bout, helping to send Trish off with a victory as she tapped to Trish’s version of the sharp-shooter to win the title. Farewell Trish, and thanks for all the great memories.

After we get another shot of Teddy in his private box, Todd Grisham chats to Randy Orton about his upcoming match with Carlito. Not much from Orton here, just the usual bashing of the Canadian fans, before we get to the match itself. Carlito’s really improved in the past few months, and it showed in this one as he and Orton put on a great little match. My only criticism is that it lasted under ten minutes. The end came when Orton caught Carlito with the RKO as he tried a high-risk move off the top rope. Hopefully we’ll see these two against each other again soon.

Main event time, as Edge defends his WWE title against John Cena in his speciality TLC match. This one delivered in every way. A great build-up, great spots from both men, timely interference from Lita, fuelled by the feud that has been built up all year. Both Edge and Cena should be commended for their efforts, because it was a great match, with Cena able to grab the title belt after FU-ing Edge off the top of the ladder and through two tables. Well done guys for a great effort.

In conclusion - a great show from the Raw crew here. From the great wrestling in the opener to Trish’s emotional farewell to the sheer brutality of the Hell in a Cell and TLC matches, Unforgiven delivered. Well done, and let’s hope that the Smackdown guys can do the same with No Mercy in a few weeks.

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