Saturday, 5 November 2011

Timeline: The History of ECW 1994 - DVD Review

Earlier this year I reviewed the first release in a new series from Kayfabe Commentaries, Timeline: The History of ECW 1997, featuring none other than Sabu giving his thoughts on the events of that year.

Now it’s back, and this time Sean Oliver and his crew have gone back to ECW in 1994, and who better to take that journey with than the company’s Franchise, Shane Douglas.

I have to admit that when this DVD came through my letterbox I was eager to see this, one because Douglas is such a great talker, and two because of certain events that happened that year.

With the esteemed Mr. Oliver as our guide and question master Douglas takes us on a journey that sees Eastern Championship Wrestling, an affiliate of the National Wrestling Alliance, trying to make their mark on the business.

Wrestlers like Sabu, Terry Funk and the Tazmaniac would grace the famed Arena, while the likes of the Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Douglas himself would undergo drastic changes to their in-ring personas as Paul Heyman and Todd Gordon adopted a more edgy approach to their product.

Although there are quite a few good talking points that Oliver and Douglas go through there is, for obvious reasons, a great deal of time spent discussing the events surrounding Dennis Coraluzo and the infamous NWA World Title tournament. Douglas is more than happy to discuss his involvement in the event, how it was planned and how it was executed. It certainly makes for interesting viewing as Douglas explains how Eastern Championship Wrestling became Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Douglas is also quite forthright in his views about his relationship with Ric Flair and the current state of the wrestling business, and in that respect he makes a great deal of sense.

In conclusion - I think you can guess how this review is going to end, can’t you?

Sean Oliver and his crew have done it again. This is another tremendous piece of wrestling history. The stories from 1994 really couldn’t have been told by anyone other than Shane Douglas, a man who was right there at the forefront of the events as they took place.

So in all this release gets a big and hearty thumbs up from this particular writer.

With thanks to the powers that be for supplying a copy of this release. Timeline: The History of ECW 1994 is available to buy online at

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