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DWOW St. Patty's Day T & A Fiasco - DVD Review

Having recently reviewed the 2002 Dangerous Women of Wrestling “Hovember” release, I have to admit that I was somewhat reluctant to give the other DVD the promotion sent me, “St. Patty’s Day T&A Fiasco”, held in March 2004, a chance. But I’m always willing to give wrestling promotions a second chance to impress me. So here goes.

We start off with our ring announcer, Joey James, introducing DWOW’s resident medical technician, Nurse T. T then shows that she obviously paid her university fees by working at a strip club. Joey then interviews T, who introduces her new partner, Nurse A (get it?). Looks like Nurse A earned that same sort of living that Nurse T did while she was at university. After greeting the crowd, the nurses take up their seats at ringside. Then it seems to take an age for the show to actually begin as the cameraman seems fixated with the nurses.

Then the show finally begins, as Joey introduces head referee Isis. But Isis doesn’t appear, as Candie comes to the ring. But just as Joey is about to announce the first match, Isis finally comes to the ring, and is about to throw Candie out when Sound Guy and Commissioner Smoke attacker her from behind and take her out. Looks like Candie will be the ref after all.

Then, finally, we get out first bout, as Navaho takes on Summer. To say this match was average would be over-stating things. There were a couple of good moves, but Navaho was pinned after Summer knocked herself out when she moved a moonsault. Then the nurses did their thing, giving Summer the kiss of life. She made a miraculous recovery. Amazing stuff that.

Then it’s time for the hillbillies as Dawn Mae takes on Cristal. Needless to say her fellow Maes are with her, while Cristal as her manager Hoberto with her. I didn’t think it was possible, but this bout was worst than the opener. There was the usual interference from the other hillbillies before Mae got the pin after a neck breaker. Poor, really poor stuff here.

Then Isis returns to the ring, showing no signs of the previous attack, and after a few choice words Candie decides to leave. Isis then proceeds to dance for the fans, something that you definitely won’t see Nick Patrick doing every week.

Next, Smoke and Sound Guy return to the ring. After the usual insulting of various crowd members, Smoke and Sound Guy announce that their war on ho’s is far from over. They then introduce the latest mamber of their army, DWOW champ Amy Lee. The Sound Guy then announces that he will eliminate the spy in their camp later that night. Then Brittney, the corporate owner, comes down to the ring and disputes Smoke’s claim to the commissionership. This segment was nearly fifteen minutes long, which was fourteen minutes and fifty eight seconds too long in my opinion.

Finally, we get back to some wrestling action, as the Sound Guy takes on Jenna Talia in a doggy style-dog collar match, with the loser having to walk around the ring like a chained dog. A short while into the bout, Sound Guy injures his knee, and Smoke takes his place in the match, although you have to wonder if Sound Guy left because the match was so damn bad. Talia just seemed totally out of her depth, and the ending was as confusing as hell. Although she never pinned Smoke, Talia made him walk around the ring like a dog, before he choked Talia with a chain. So this match wasn’t just poor, it was confusing as well.

We then go on to the last ho standing/handicap match, “truly a handicap match” as Joey Says, as Amy Lee goes up against Tai “Killer” Weed and Lucky “the Cripple Guy”. Yep, you guessed it, it’s called a handicap match because of the cripple guy. Amy Lee cuts another of those overlong promos, before Larry invokes the spirit of the Godfather by announcing “limpin’ ain’t easy!”, probably the best thing on this entire DVD. Tai comes down to the ring totally plastered and begins to sing a song or two. When the match eventually starts, Amy spends what seems like an eternity beating the crap out of Tai before pinioned her with a DDT. Once again poor, very poor indeed.

Following this it’s the Beer Free for All match. It’s basically a wet t-shirt contest, involving the nurses and Brittney as special referee, and lots of dancing. But before the ladies can reveal their assets, Smoke and Sound Guy, who looks like he’s made a full recovery from his knee injury, along with Amy Lee, come to the ring, and not even the intervention of everyone else on the show can stop them. Eventually Tai manages to take care of Sound Guy and Smoke, even in her drunken state.

The final bout of the evening sees the Nurses take on Tai and Brittney in a four way oil wrestling match. Before the bout began the fans made bids so they can oil up the girls. I think you can guess how this one unfolds.

Extras on this DVD contain promo clips for various other DWOW release.

In conclusion - I didn’t think it was possible, but this DVD was actually worse than Hovember. No commentary, poor camera work, poor production qualities put together with a poor excuse for a wrestling show makes this a very poor effort from the DWOW team, and it says something about this DVD that the best thing on it was a wet t-shirt contest. Recommended? Well, if you’re woman’s way and you’re feeling frisky, then yes. But if you’re a true wrestling fan looking for some entertainment, then don’t bother!

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