Friday, 14 September 2007

Jonny Storm Shoot Interview - DVD Review

“The Wonderkid” Jonny Storm is one of the best wrestlers in Britain at the moment. Jonny has been everywhere, from Hammerlock and the FWA in Britain to XPW and CZW in America to Zero-One in Japan, and in January 2005 he sat down with the FWA Academy production team to record his first ever shoot interview.
Jonny talks openly about the beginning of his career. He speaks of his time at the Hammerlock training school, under the tutelage of Andre Baker, and how he became so disenchanted with the Hammerlock way of doing things that he almost quit the wrestling business completely. If he had, then it would have been a sad loss.

Jonny also goes into great detail about his involvement in the failed UCW and Wrestlexpress ventures, two promotions that promised much but ultimately delivered little or nothing.

Of course, a great deal of the interview focuses on his time with the FWA, a company he’s been with since the beginning. Although there have been some difficult times, he thinks of the FWA as his home promotion.

Jonny also talks about his time overseas, of his experiences at the infamous ECW Arena, and his 2004 tour of Thailand, which seemed like a disaster waiting to happen.

While the interview is enjoyable, my main criticisms are that other aspects of his career in Britain weren’t discussed, such as his titles wins in All-Star and WAW. Indeed, although the FWA is discussed a great deal, nothing is mentioned of his All-England title reign.

Some of the editing is also a bit shoddy, making it obvious that the interview was actually conducted by two different people, with one voice being dubbed over the other. It’s little things like this that detract from the overall product.

But despite the omissions and the editing problems, Jonny comes across as a great storyteller and as a man passionate about the British wrestling business. This interview is certainly worth watching.

Extras come in the form of one of Jonny’s great bouts against perennial foe Jody Fleisch from the UCW Explosion show, held at the Coventry Skydome, and a Jonny Storm v Jerry Lynn music video which is PC-compatible.

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