Monday, 31 December 2007

WWE Are We There Yet - Book Review

One of the things I really enjoy about being in the wrestling business is the stories I hear.I’ve lost count of the number of stories wrestlers have told me about embarrassing moments from their time on the road. Indeed, when I interview someone in the business,I always ask he/she if they have a particular story they’d like to share with me, even if the story doesn’t make the final cut.

Writer Robert Caprio spent a great deal of time asking WWE wrestlers the exact same
thing when compiling WWE: Are We There Yet? Millions of fans around the world often wonder just what it’s like on the road, just what happens while a wrestler is on the road, what sort of situations they get into.

With contributions from stars such as Booker T, Al Snow, Teddy Long, Jim Ross, and many more, this is an entertaining read, and while there is no constant narrative in this book, no timeline of events, the tales told here are certainly entertaining.

But what I did find most interesting about this book was the number of stars who contributed that are no longer associated with the company - Shannon Moore, Molly Holly, Tom Prichard, Dave Hebner, Rico, Ivory, Bill Goldberg, and others. While their stories are certainly entertaining, you have to wonder how they feel knowing this book was released just a short time before many of them lost their jobs.

So what was the highlight of the book? The story about three WWE divas in a bed? Don’t ask, although many of you red blooded males have probably had this kind of fantasy for years. Vince McMahon getting Coach arrested was a gem. Mind you, how many have wanted to arrange this for years as well? Or Big Show totally demolishing a bathroom in Japan? I guess not all toilets are built for five hundred pound wrestlers, are they?

While it won’t go down as the best book the WWE have ever released, it is still a good read, and recommended, if you can borrow a copy from one of your mates. Which reminds me….

With gracious thanks to Carl Ford for lending me this book.

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