Sunday, 22 October 2000

WWF No Mercy - TV Review

It's 3:53am Monday morning here in Britain. I've been up since 7:40am yesterday morning. I've done full days work. My old knee injury is starting to hurt again, and I am utterly knackered! But here I am. No Mercy finished about five minutes ago, and with it still fresh in my mind, here is my review. I will be showing my prediction for the matches, so we can all see if the old crystal ball was working or not. So here goes.
THE DUDLEYS INVITATIONAL TABLE MATCH. Prediction; The Dudleys Winners; The Dudleys Lo-Down - probably where they'll stay in the rankings. Too Cool - still a couple of fools. Tazz & Raven - did Tazz actually throw a couple of suplexes? RTC - Not this time! The Dudleys - you got screwed (almost).
THE ACOLYTES & LITA V T&A & TRISH STRATUS. Prediction; The Acolytes and Lita. Winner;? Could have been good if it actually happened.
CHRIS JERICHO V X-PAC Steel Cage Match. Prediction; Jericho. Winner; Jericho. Not a bad match. Some good bumps on both sides, but I agree with Y2J - this feud should end.
CHYNA & MR. ASS V VAL VENIS & STEVEN RICHARDS. Prediction; Venis & Richards. Winners; Venis & Richards Good to see Billy Gunn back. A pity he couldn't face Eddie for IC gold.
"STONE COLD" STEVE AUSTIN V RIKISHI. No Holds Barred. Prediction; Austin. Winner;? Like a raging bull, the returning rattlesnake kicked Rikishi's fat ass. This is far, far from over.
WILLIAM REGAL V NAKED MIDEON European Title Match. Prediction; Regal. Winner; Regal. Regal is realy starting to impress me. But please, Mideon, put some clothes on!
THE HARDY BOYS V LOS CONQUISTADORES Tag-Team Title. Predicton; Los Conquistadores. Winners; Los Conquistadores. Bono estente to the new champions. Donda esta Edge and Christian (please forgive the spelling here.)

TRIPLE H V CHRIS BENOIT. Prediction; Benoit. Winner; Triple H. A lesson in technical wrestling here. H3 showed he still has his skill. Would like to see these two go at it again.

THE ROCK V KURT ANGLE. WWF title. Prediction; The Rock. Winner; Angle. All hail King Kurt, Olympic and now WWF champion. I just hope he's ready to kiss Rikishi's huge ass for helping him out.
In conclusion, a top notch card. Again, WCW could learn something here. The crowd reaction, especially towards the more technically-sided matches, was disappointing. At times it was so quiet it looked like a funeral could break out at any moment. But all in all a job well done by everyone.
The crystal ball worked very well this time. If you discount The Acolytes/Lita v T&A/Trish and Austin v Rikishi, because no winners were actually declared in these two matches, I got five out of seven matches right. So far this year, since I started predicting the matches, I seem to average two wrongs per PPV. Not bad in my opinion. It's now coming up to 4:13am. I am really tired. Luckily, I don't have to go to work today. My bed is looking rather inviting right now. Until next time.....

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