Sunday, 12 July 2009

TNA Second to None - CPC Movies DVD Review

When you compare the WWE to TNA, there are some areas where WWE are on top, but others where TNA do so much better. One example of this is TNA’s tag-team division. This is why they’ve recently released a two-disc set entitled “Second 2 None: World’s Toughest Tag-Teams”. But as far as tag-teams go, are TNA really “second 2 none”?

This collection focuses on four teams, Team 3D, Beer Money Inc, The Latin American Xchange, and The Motor City Machine Guns. As with other TNA releases, interviews with those concerned are mixed in with match action. As far as the interviews are concerned, with the exception of the Team 3D segments, they’re carried out with the team members separately. I found this a little disappointing, because it made you feel that they didn’t actually have anything to do with each other away from the Impact Zone.

Match-wise, while there are no five star classics here, there’s plenty of good, solid action, so it really can’t be faulted here.

But what disappointed me the most was that TNA ignored their rich tag-team history. There’s no mention of America’s Most Wanted, Triple X in the various incarnations, A.J. Styles and…..well…..any of his partners. There’s also very little mention of other “modern day” teams such as Lethal Consequences. Mind you, I suppose that, because of this, we can be thankful that there’s no mention of The Johnsons.

So in all, it’s a good collection, but it’s clearly lacking in certain areas.

Rating: 3 stars.
Extras: N/A

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