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ROH Hate Chapter II - DVD Review

It was time for old rivals to square off once again as Kevin Steen faced El Generico at Ring of Honor’s Hate Chapter II, held in Collinsville, Illinois this past July.

The show began with tag-team action as the Bravado Brothers faced the House of Truth, accompanied by Truth Martini.

I think you can tell how I’m going to start this part of my review. It’s the usual quick opener. Once again Josh Raymond and Christian Abel put in some good teamwork, although Able still had those damn awful fishnet tights on.

The Bravados did their part, but it wasn’t enough as Raymond got the pin after their spiked flapjack finisher thing, whatever the hell it’s called.

Singles action followed as Erick Stevens, accompanied by Prince Nana, faced off against Grizzly Redwood.

You know, Redwood is starting to grow on me a little. The littlest lumberjack really is good at playing the part of the plucky underdog, as was the case in this match.

But at the end of the day it wasn’t enough, not because of Stevens’ skill, but because of the outside interference from the Embassy’s latest recruit, the Necro Butcher, who clobbered Redwood with a chair as he was about to launch himself onto Nana and Stevens on the outside.

The ensuing brawl brought Rasche Brown down to the ring, and not even a horde of wrestlers could separate them as he brawled with the Butcher in and around the ring, with this particular segment ending with Brown press slamming Redwood onto their foes as they made their way back up the aisle.

Well, the match was okay, and that final spot was great, but once again the Butcher’s offence looked as weak as hell, although he did bump well. Yes, you saw it here first. I actually complimented the Necro Butcher on something.

The Pick 6 series continued next as number one seed Roderick Strong, accompanied by his new manager Truth Martini, went up against Colt Cabana.

While I’ve enjoyed Cabana’s work in the Steen/Generico feud it was great to see him go back to his comedy roots as it were. Some of the exchanges with Martini early on certainly had me laughing.

As for the match it was just what I was expecting from these two, an encounter filled with tons of great back and forth action between two of the best wrestlers in the business today. It was an absolute joy to watch.

Strong took the win after a little help  from his manager, who clobbered Cabana in the back with his massive book. Strong then sealed the deal with the gut buster and the big boot, unaware that Martini had helped him secure the win.

What was billed as a must see tag-team match was next, as the American Wolves took on TNA’s Generation Me.

Before the match began Max and Jeremy voiced their displeasure when they were introduced as the Young Bucks. The crowd roared their approval when Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards shot them down with a few choice words.

As with the Motor City Machine Guns before them Generation Me showed that they’re far more than a few flashy double team moves in the Impact Zone.

Max and Jeremy were able to hang with Richards and Edwards, and if anything it was a lot better than their recent TNA encounters with the Guns.

But as good as Generation Me were, the Wolves were better. Richards and Edwards are the best at what they do, and once again put in a tremendous show stealing performance.

After over twenty minutes of great action the Wolves came out on top, countering the more bang for your buck finisher, with Jeremy tapping out to Edwards’ Achilles lock.

The tag-team action continued as Austin Aries and the All Night Express, the new name for Kenny King and Rhett Titus, faced Tyler Black, Jerry Lynn and Delirious, accompanied by Daizee Haze.

This was a really enjoyable match. The baby faces put in some good teamwork early on, but it wasn’t a patch on the work of King and Titus, who were more than ably backed up by their mentor.

But it wasn’t enough to get the win. As Aries was about to put Delirious away he was distracted by Haze. This gave the masked man time to recover so he could get the win with a roll-up.

The action continued as King and Titus provided the distraction to Aries could sneak up on Haze. After throwing her out of the ring he carted her away over his shoulder.

But that wasn’t all, because seconds later Kevin Steen appeared on the scene and attacked his upcoming foe Black, and as he applied the cross face to the World Champion his opponent in the big grudge match El Generico ran in for the save. Which, of course, led to the match between them.

As good a team as these two were they’re even better as hated opponents in what proved to be an outstanding back and forth encounter.

It was one of those matches that looked like it could go either way, and this time it went in favour of Generico, who took the disqualification win as Steen threw a chair at him as he attempted a dive from one side of the ring to the other.

But as is the custom with these two the action didn’t stop there. Steen managed to find a chain and clobbered Colt Cabana as he tried to make the save. He the proceeded to choke out a referee.

Moments later Steen and Generico began brawling through the crowd, with Generico putting his man through a table with a big splash from the camera scaffolding. I have to wonder if this feud can get any better.

The final match of the show saw the Kings of Wrestling and Sara Del Ray, accompanied by Shane Hagadorn, taking on the Briscoe Brothers and Amazing Kong.

No PG-rated inter-gender stuff here, this was full fat action as the women competed with the men, and they proved to be just as tough, although there were times with Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli refused to get into the ring with Kong.

In short this was another of those highly entertaining back and forth encounters, and there were times when you could forget that Kong and Del Ray were meant to be of the fairer sex as they took it to their opponents.

In the end the Briscoes and Kong took the win. As the Kings were about to put Mark away with their finisher Jay came in and broke up the move so Mark could get the pin on Hero with a roll-up.

Two bonus features on this disc. As well as the usual ROH Video Wire there’s a bonus match from ROH’s 100th show, with the Briscoe Brothers taking on A.J. Styles and Matt Sydal.

In conclusion - well, I enjoyed every match on this release, so I think you can tell how I’m going to conclude this review, can’t you?

Although this show didn’t include any big title matches each match delivered what it set out to do, and that’s the least you can expect from a wrestling show, so this release definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

With thanks to the powers that be for supplying a copy of this release. Hate Chapter II can be purchased online at

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