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WSU Tag Team Title Tournament - DVD Review

This past December I took a first look at the all-women’s Women Superstars Uncensored promotion. So, as I thought I hadn’t seen any of their stuff in a while, I thought I’d take a gander at the second DVD they’ve sent to me to review, WSU Tag-Team Title Tournament, held this past September in Boonton, New Jersey.
The show begins with the first round matches. First up are Amy Lee and Missy Sampson, accompanied by Alere Little Feather, against Little Jeanne and Lea Morrison. If I could describe Lee and Sampson, it would be as a couple of lady wrestlers who aren’t exactly WWE Diva material, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Time to be completely honest here - this match wasn’t that good. There wasn’t any sort of intensity, the moves looked awful, and the end came when Sampson pinned Jeanne after a….well, I can’t tell you what it is, because it looked so damn awful. Thankfully this match only lasted a few minutes. Any more and I’ve have had to plead in the style of Kevin Pietersen to get compassionate leave.

Next up, The Soul Sisters taking on Malia Hosaka and Miss April. Now this was a lot better. No long-winded promos, and wrestling that actually meant something. Both teams were well suited to each other style wise, and April and Hosaka looking slightly more polished than the Sisters. The Soulsters made a couple of mistakes, but not as many as Sampson made in the first match. Hosaka got the pin for her team, reversing a cross body block and rolling into a pin.

Then it was on to The Beatdown Betties and the team of Melissa Coates and Trixxie Lynn. Now this one had it’s moments, but as with the other matches it also had it’s fair share of dodgy moments. Nevertheless, some of the action was good, and the more scantily-clad Betty got the pin on Lynn with what could only be described as a split-legged ace crusher, although I’m sure that someone from WSU will correct me on this later.

The final match of the first round saw the feuding Mercedes Martinez and Angel Orsini face Bobcat and Gorgeous George. You know, when this match started, I was already to start typing “this is the best match of the show so far, but as the match went on, it got worse. Orsini and Martinez made a good team, but that’s definitely something I can’t say about Bobcat and George, who looked completely lost at times. As for the ending, well, that was pretty screwy as well. After Martinez took out Bobcat with a fisherman’s suplex, Orsini attacked her and threw her out of the ring, only for Little Jeanne to come into the ring and get the winning pin. So let me get this straight - someone who wasn’t actually involved in the match can get the winning pin?

After Missy Hyatt’s “Missy’s Manor” interview segment with Molly Holly and Cindy Rogers, it was on to the semi-finals, with The Beatdown Betties taking on Miss April and Malia Hosaka. Now this was the best match of the show so far. Hosaka and April once again proved to be a good team, and the Betties put in a much better showing than they had in their first match, and what made it better was the fact that the girls were given a lot more time to showcase their skills. The Betties progressed here, with the skirt-wearing Betty taking April out with her version of the crossface.

The second semi-final saw Amy Lee and Missy Sampson, again accompanied by Little Feather, face Angel Orsini and Little Jeanne. This was just a wild brawl around the hall, and not a very good one at that. In fact, it took them so long to actually get to the ring they really should have been counted out. But then again, that’s professional wrestling logic for you. When they did eventually get to the ring, Mercedes Martinez came out and attacked Jeanne, and after what seemed like an eternity, Lee took Orsini out with a DDT. This one went on so long in fact that my beard grew an extra couple of inches.

Then it was straight on to the final, Amy Lee and Missy Sampson against The Beatdown Betties. This wasn’t the best women’s match I’ve ever seen. At times it was slow and plodding, and although most of the execution was okay, it just didn’t excite me. Lee and Sampson spent a great deal of time beating down their smaller opponents, but in the end the tournament favourites were upset when the scantily-clad Betty countered a suplex attempt with a small package to get the title winning pin.

In conclusion - okay, let’s not gloss over things here. This is the worst DVD I’ve reviewed this year. There was only one match that I really enjoyed, while everything else ranged from average to dire. Aside from the matches, production wise it was almost as bad. There was no commentary, and the ring looked awful. The bottom rope was so broken that some of the wrestlers could roll into the ring over it. The ring mat looked like it had clearly seen better days, and the entire structure looked like it could collapse every time someone took a bump.

This isn’t a good example of women’s wrestling folks. If you want to see an all-female wrestling promotion, look elsewhere. If you want to see low production standards and foul-mouthed women who clearly need more wrestling lessons, then WSU is the promotion for you.

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