Sunday, 27 August 2000

WWF Summerslam 2000 - TV Review

Welcome to another edition of "Sheds". As promised, I am following up last Saturday's Two Sheds Preview with my Two Sheds Review. Readers of my column in The Main Event fanzine will know that in these columns, I give a review of a WWF pay-per-view, giving a couple of lines opinion of each match. Recently I changed the style to where I started to grade each match, starting with the match I liked least to the one I liked the best. However, here in TWA I will be offering a little more. I will be showing my prediction for that match, to see if the old Two Sheds crystal ball was working or not. So here goes....
10) TOO COOL & RIKISHI V RTC Two Sheds prediction; RTC. Winner; RTC. Could have done better. Good to see Steven in the ring though.
9) THE UNDERTAKER V KANE Two Sheds prediction; Who cares? Winner; Unsure. So Kane was unmasked - & he looked just like my dentist! But does this officially count as a match?
8) X-PAC V ROAD DOGG Two Sheds prediction; X-Pac. Winner; X-Pac. Entertaining. Lots of good moves. With Bad Ass coming back, could this be the end of their team?
7) VAL VENIS & TRISH STRATUS V EDDY GUERRERO & CHYNA Intercontinental Title Match Two Sheds prediction; Chyna pins Trish. Winner; Chyna pins Trish. No surprise here that Trish got pinned and lost the title for Val. Will Chyna as champ be too much for Eddy to handle?

6) TERRI V THE KAT Thong Stink Face Match Two Sheds prediction; I don't care! Winner; The Kat. Hubba hubba!
5) JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER V TAZZ Two Sheds prediction; Tazz. Winner; Jerry Lawler. Great to see The King in action. Good on good ol' JR for getting his own back on Tazz.
4) SHANE McMAHON V STEVE BLACKMAN Hardcore title match Two Sheds prediction; Steve Blackman. Winner; Steve Blackman. A good match again showing that Blackman has finally found his niche in hardcore battles.
3) THE ROCK V TRIPLE H V KURT ANGLE WWF title match Two Sheds prediction; The Rock. Winner; The Rock. Kurt and Steph sitting up a tree.....but who out of the Game and King Kurt will turn babyface here?
2) CHRIS JERICHO V CHRIS BENOIT Best of 3 falls match Two Sheds prediction; Time limit draw - one fall each. Winner; Chris Benoit 2-1. This still has the makings of the feud of the year. Not their best encounter but still very good.
1) EDGE & CHRISTIAN V THE DUDLEY BOYZ V THE HARDY BOYZ Tag-Team Title TLC match Two Sheds prediction; Hardy Boyz. Winner; Edge & Christian. They say the first time is the best - but not on this occassion. This was the show stealer.
So, looking back, if you take out the Terri/Kat and Undertaker/Kane matches, because I didn't actually predict the outcomes for these two, the Two Sheds crystal ball got 5 out of 8 matches correct. A pretty good score in my opinion, but as my teachers always told me - could do better. In conclusion - a highly enjoyable romp. A good time was had by all. Until next time.....

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