Friday, 28 August 2009

Spotland Scrappers: Tune in to Brit Pro - DVD Review

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from an un-named chap asking me if I wanted to review his promotion's latest DVD release. He also sent me a website link.
The link took me to a site called Spotland Scrappers, who as I found out are a group of 18-26 year old men who meet in a private gym in the Manchester area, and they sell DVDs of their wrestling matches to help with their running costs. Their trainer is one Brad Flash. So, having viewed the site, I decided to accept their offer, and the DVD, "Tune in to Brit Pro" fell onto my door mat a few days later.

The DVD, which lasts about seventy minutes, features ten bouts, with wrestlers such as the aforementioned Flash, who spends most of the time looking directly into the camera as if to say "look at how great I am", Young Ady, who competed in his socks, and Pudsey Giant, a fat guy who wrestled in trainers, and who seemed to have a permanent case of builder's bottom. There's no fans in attendance, just those milling around the gym.

I reached my conclusion about this DVD just three matches in. To be brutally honest, it was bloody awful. The matches were poorly put together, and had little, if any, psychology. Those involved in the matches, including the man who had apparently trained them, were rubbish. Their selling was awful, their submission holds looked weak, their bumps were dire, and as for their blows, well, my dear old granny could hit harder than these boys, and she died in 1984! And let's not forget about that most basic of wrestling moves, running the ropes. One guy pulled off this move by running into the ropes chest first, and then turning around so he could run to the other side of the ring. Oh, and the ring looked tiny as well, like something a father would build for his child.

It was so bad that I actually considered turning it off halfway through, but I decided to stick with it, hoping that it would get better. It didn't.

I'm left to wonder just who their target audience is. It certainly isn't me, because this is without doubt the worst DVD I've ever reviewed, and I've reviewed some absolute stinkers in my time. Maybe they film these for their own enjoyment, so they can try and impress their friends and trick themselves into believing that they really are professional wrestlers.

These guys have been seriously undertrained, and seem more like a bunch of backyard wrestlers, and that really speaks volumes for their trainer, the aforementioned Brad Flash. I'd be interested to know who actually trained this guy, just so I can tell him what a bad job they've done.

So avoid the Spotland Scrappers DVDs like the plague. Spend your money on something worthwhile.

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