Friday, 15 May 2009

Wrestlerock 13 - CPC Movies DVD Review

When one thinks of Australia, you think of Paul Hogan, Shane Warne, our cricket team losing The Ashes, and shrimps being put on a barbecue. You hardly ever think of professional wrestling, and if you do, you think of Outback Jack.

 The Wrestlerock promotion, based in Melbourne, has been going for a couple of years now. They use the old combination of professional wrestling and rock music, but if you’re thinking about Roddy Piper’s “Bodyslam” movie, you’re still way off. Wrestlerock is strictly for adults only, and although this would stop them from gaining many young fans, they have a strong following.

Wrestlerock 13 : Spooktacular is their latest DVD release. Held at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel in September 2008, it continues the tradition of solid, no nonsense action that they began with their very first show, with mainstays such as Slex, The Bastard Brothers, Temo and more once again providing a great night of action.

The main event features the hard as nails Wrestlerock Champion Jag taking on the ultimate underdog Cletus. Jag really epitomises what Wrestlerock is all about. His gimmick is that he’s a tough son of a bitch who doesn’t care about anyone and enjoys beating the hell out of people, which is why he chose Cletus as his latest challenger, because despite putting in some strong performances,  Cletus has never actually won in his three previous Wrestlerock appearances.

Although the production values will never compare with the bigger American companies, the Wrestlerock shows are still good entertainment, and this release is a good example of that. If you like good quality wrestling with an adult twist then you might just enjoy Wrestlerock.

DVD Extras:
Music from hard rock band Catwitch.
Wrestlerock 13 highlight video.

Rating: 5 Stars
Extras: 3 Stars.

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