Monday, 14 February 2011

Timeline: The History of WWE 2001 - DVD Review

The year was 2001. ECW and WCW went out of business, and the biggest rivalry in the history of wrestling landed right in the lap of Vince McMahon. This, and more, form part of the latest in Kayfabe Commentaries’ series Timeline: The History of WWE.

With Sean Oliver once again posing the questions this time it’s none other then three-time Women’s Champion Lisa “Ivory” Moretti looking back through the annals of history in what could possibly be the best in this series so far.

You can’t help but like Moretti here. She’s open and candid about the subjects that are discussed, and she also comes across as a very charming and intelligent woman.

The subjects discussed here are many and varied, beginning with her storyline feud with China, who never really wanted to be Women’s Champion anyway, through to the influx of the “boob and bikini girls” such as Stacey Kiebler and Torrie Wilson, to her first appearance on Tough Enough, and more.

There’s also quite a few stories that take place before and after 2001, such as the time she acted as “defence attorney” during a wrestler’s court in which Triple H, rather than the Undertaker, was sitting as judge. I wish I’d been there when she put Jonathan Coachman down, and when she tried to bribe the judge with a gift certificate for a budget hotel chain when she knew that he was more used to staying in certain class of hotel. Needless to say that the Game wasn’t that impressed.

Although this DVD lasts 135 minutes, it really doesn‘t feel that long, Moretti’s storytelling is that good, and it makes you realise how devoid of actual female wrestlers the Divas division is right now.

So the only way I can end this is by coming out with that line again. Kayfabe Commentaries have done it again, and this release gets the hearty big thumbs up. So what more can I say?

With thanks to the powers that be for supplying a copy of this release. Timeline: The History of WWE 2001 is available to buy online at

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