Sunday, 1 April 2001

WWF Wrestlemania X-7 - TV Review

Well, I'm going to say it. After last year's piss poor effort, Wrestlemania X-Seven proved to be one of the finest Wrestlemanias in a long time. From start to finish, there was top notch action. Mind you, your average Raw was better than last year's WM.

I could continue with this instalment by rating the matches one by one, giving an in depth analysis on each one. But there are probably a hundred other Internet hacks who are already in the process of doing this. But I will give my thoughts on some of the matches before addressing the big issue.

Little disappointed that Regal didn't beat Jericho for the IC title. But again, this is my home-town bias showing again. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit put on one hell of a show. The combatants in TLC II are said to be disappointed with their performance. They shouldn't be. Chyna v Ivory - the one low-point on the card. A pity the RTC isn't gone for good, despite the efforts of Taz and the APA. Test v Eddie - could have done better. The gimmick battle royal could have been better, but it was good to see Mean Gene and The Brain there. Heenan showed that although he wouldn't fit in with the WWF of today, he was wasted in WCW. HC match - would have loved to see Raven win.

I was a little disappointed with the street fight. Okay, it was a good match, but it would have been nice if they had actually named the WCW wrestlers in the skybox. The only ones I could tell were Shawn Stasiak, Hugh Morrus, Chavo Guerrero Jr, and Mike Jindrak. These men are all working for the same company now, you know!

Triple H and The Undertaker put on a hell of a match. It reminded me throughout of an ECW-style match. I think I detect the work of Paul E here.

Now, onto the main event. Could anyone see Austin's heel turn coming? The answer - no way. Internet hacks for weeks had been saying that it would be The Rock turning heel. Having Austin turn heel surprised us all - even if those fans present didn't really know what to make of it.

So now that Austin is a complete bastard again, what will we see. I haven't seen Raw yet, but apparently, he has aligned himself with Triple H as well.

Could we see the return of the bastard Austin from 1996, when he smashed the ankle of Brian Pillman in the pre-attitude era. That moment still warms my cockles. When you think back to that storyline, you sometimes forget it was back in the days when Uncle Vince was getting his ass kicked by Cousin Eric. These days, that sort of storyline would have been a perfect addition to any Raw show, and would have gotten the PTC in the states and Sky in Britain crapping themselves.

So am I pleased with Austin's heel turn? I'm reserving judgement on this for a few weeks. All I've actually seen so far is what happened at WMX-7. If they return Austin to the bastard he was five years ago, then we fans could be in for a great ride, and I'm pretty sure that some of you, like me, will be cheering him all the way.

Before I go, a question - until they recorded Triple H's music, did any of you Americans actually aware of who Motorhead were? You have to admit, Lemmy is one ugly SOB. Having seen Lemmy recently on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Jo Whiley's late-night Channel 4 show, you would have to wonder what the old bugger thought of the entire Wrestlemania experience.

And the thing is, that is probably the biggest live audience in years that Motorhead have ever had! Keep on rockin'!

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