Thursday, 12 July 2007

FWA MyTV Episodes 1 & 2

Episode 1

A few weeks ago I reviewed the first episode of the UWA's Wrestling Rampage show, which was broadcast on Live TV here in Britain in 1999. Two years later, the Frontier Wrestling Alliance made their debut on cable television, appearing on MyTV in Portsmouth. So, having reviewed the UWA's first effort to get British wrestling back on television, now it's time to look at the FWA's efforts.
The show begins with announcer Mark Priest introducing Ross Gordon in the ring, as Gordan tells us the format for the next few shows, and who will be in the FWA title tournament. Ross is then interrupted by the arrival of Alex Shane. The Showstealer cuts a promo saying how great he is, and how he's going to win the tournament.

Cut to backstage. FWA commish Victoria Demontfort is informed of Shane's wish for his bout with Jack Xavier to begin immediately.

Back in the arena, the Showstealer gets his wish as a pensive and cautious Xavier arrives in the ring. Shane offers Xavier a chance to leave, but young Jack rejects the offer. The match itself is okay, with Shane more or less dominating Xavier and finishing him off after a One Night Stand.

Next up, Guy Thunder promo, where he talks about his tournament match with Scott Parker, Usual hype stuff here about how Thunder will win the tournament.

Parker v Thunder is next. Parker brings his manager Angel with him. Thunder makes the mistake of pulling Parker up from a pin after he flattened him with a power bomb, and Parker rallies before finishing off Thunder with his Golden Arrow finisher. As Parker celebrates, he's attacked by Doug Williams, as the Anarchist hammers him with a piece of a lighting rig. Good match here.

Overall conclusion - if the FWA were to put on another classics series on The Wrestling Channel, I really can't see any reason why they can't use this series. Production wise it's well put together, and Mark Priest is an able announcer. It's certainly on a par with some of the stuff on TWC at the moment.

Match of the show goes to the Parker/Thunder bout, although it's a little difficult to choose a match of the show with only two bouts on the show!

Episode 2

Once again we go back in time for a retro review, this time to 2001 and Portsmouth cable channel MyTV, for a look at the second episode of the Frontier Wrestling Alliance’s first television series.

We begin with a look at what happened the previous week, as Doug Williams attacked Scott Parker after Solid Gold defeated Guy Thunder to progress in the FWA title tournament.

Next, Mo Chatra, aka Kappo Khan, comes to the ring and grabs the microphone, and calls out James Tighe and Mark Sloan, introducing them as his new killer tag-team, as they attempt to get the FWA tag titles from Ashe and Curve of the New Breed. What we get here is a pretty average bout, with blown spots and missed moves aplenty, not a pretty match to watch. The Breed retained the titles after pinning Tighe, having taken him down with a double Ace Crusher. Afterwards, having argued with Chatra/Khan, Sloan and Tighe leave him in the ring, and he’s taken out by a double Van Daminator from Ashe and Curve.

Hype for the upcoming Doug Williams v Jody Fleisch tournament match afterwards, with the Anarchist giving us a few choice words about the Phoenix.

Tournament action follows as All-England champion Scottie Rock takes on a pre-hardcore Paul Travell. Just seconds into the bout, the lights go out, only to come back on a few moments later as we get a bout that was a whole lot better than the first bout, with Rock and Travell really going at it. But the match ends when the lights go out again, and the Dominator and his crew send Rock and Travell flying, and claim the ring as the show ends. A shame this match ended like this. I was really enjoying this one.

In conclusion, a fifty-fifty attempt from the FWA here. I didn’t realise at first that these shows were only thirty minutes long. A shame MyTV didn’t give them a longer slot, because thirty minutes and two matches just doesn’t do it for me.

Episode 3 of FWA on MyTV features Doug Williams v Jody Fleisch in the FWA title tournament. For a review of this show, watch this space!

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