Thursday, 15 April 2010

2FC Controverse Dans La Ville Rose - DVD Review

It’s time to step into the world of European wrestling once again as we take our second look at French promotion 2FC, and their Controverse Dans La Ville Rose DVD release from last November.

The DVD began with the battle between French stars Black Angel and Trivaldo. Well it was an okay match, but these two were definitely in the early stages of their careers here, with both guys looking a bit rough around the edges at times, although I must say that I could see a great deal of potential. Trivaldo came out on top, getting the pin after a swanton from the top rope. A good example of a work in progress.

Next up, Goliath against Stixx. This confrontation began when Stixx attacked Trivaldo in the ring while he was celebrating his win. The Brit then issued an open challenged before attacking his original opponent Mark Haskins with his trusty chain. It was then that Goliath appeared, and I must say I was a little disappointed, not by Goliath’s performance, but by his size. His name is slightly misleading because he’s more of a high flying cruiserweight than a man mountain who performed some crisp high flying moves. Stixx dominated for the most part, getting the submission win with his variation of the full nelson, which saw him stretching out Goliath over his knee. An enjoyable match, and another example of how Stixx is one of the most underrated wrestlers in Britain at the moment.

The third match saw White Storm go up against the always watchable Jody Fleisch in a falls count anywhere match. It started out with some solid wrestling action, before the inevitable happened and both guys brought out the high flying moves, reminding this particular writer of Fleisch’s series with a certain other Storm almost a decade ago. Fleisch would have got the pin here after his 720 DDT, had the referee not been taking a snooze after an accident in the corner. He woke up just in time to see Storm pinning Fleisch with a roll-up, failing to see that Storm had a handful of tights. A very impressive outing from both guys here.

Stixx then made his second appearance of the evening, taking on the now recovered Mark Haskins. This was a far more even battle than Stixx’s previous appearance, and a highly charged on as Haskins attacked Stixx as he made his way to the ring. It was a great power versus speed battle, with Haskins impressing the hell out of me here. Haskins came out on top here, although I got a little confused about the ending. At first it seemed that the referee had disqualified both men as they fought over Stixx’s chain, but then the match re-started, they fought over the chain again, and Haskins won after taking Stixx down with his version of the RKO, right onto the chain. It was a good ending to a good match, but as I don’t speak much French I had no idea what was happening.

Then it was on to the Pukka One himself, Darren Burridge, as he faced Matt Vaughn. Lots of stalling at the beginning of this one, with Vaughn none too happy at Burridge’s fan friendly demeanour, before the action really got going. Burridge showed a lot of the traits of his former tag team partner Colt Cabana, as he mixed some nice comedy moments with some solid action. The surly Vaughn was a great foil for his antics, and that’s what made this match so good. In the end though it was Burridge’s relationship with the crowd that cost him the match. As he chatted to a pretty blonde at ringside, preparing to finish Vaughn off, Vaughn kicked the middle rope into a certain part of his anatomy, sealing the deal with an ace crusher. It was then revealed that the woman had been working with Vaughn all along.

Finally, highlights from the battle royal involving all those who had appeared before. You should know, by now, after nearly ten years of doing these reviews, how I feel about reviewing these kind of matches. Darren Burridge came out on top, eliminating Jody Fleisch with some accidental help from Matt Vaughn. Fleisch then threw Vaughn to the wolves as it were, with Burridge getting a measure of revenge for his earlier defeat.

In conclusion - apart from the slightly disappointing opening match this was a very enjoyable DVD. The Brits really impressed me here.

Production-wise it was okay, although some of the camera work as a bit dodgy times, especially when they tried to follow some of the out of the ring action. Unlike the other 2FC DVD there was no pre-recorded commentary. Instead there was a guy at ringside with a microphone who described the action over the venue’s PA system, and I have to admit it was a tad distracting and annoying at times.

But in all this release isn’t too bad, and I’d definitely recommend it to you, on the proviso that some aspects may disappoint you.

With thanks to the 2FC powers that be for supplying a copy of this release. Controverse Dans La Ville Rose is available to buy online at

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