Sunday, 24 September 2000

WWF Unforgiven - TV Review

Greetings, and welcome to another insalment of The Two Sheds Review. Following on from my preview of Unforgiven last week, I will follow up with this review of this past Sunday's events. Readers of my column in The Main Event fanzine will know that in these particular columns, I grade these matches in the order I liked them, starting with the least liked and moving up. However, unlike in The Main Event, mainly because I have more space here, I will also show what my predictions were last week, showing if the old Two Sheds crystal ball was working or not. So here goes.....

8) THE DUDLEYS & THE ACOLYTES V THE RIGHT TO CENSOR Winners; The Right To Censor. Two Sheds Prediction; The Right To Censor. It says it all about this match when the brawl afterwards was much better.
7) EDDY GUERRERO V RIKISHI Intercontinental Title Winner; Eddy Guerrero. Two Sheds Prediction; Eddy Guerrero. Here comes the bride - squashed like a fly! Good job she did the Playboy shoot a while back!
6) JERRY "THE KING LAWLER' V TAZZ Strap Match Winner; Tazz. Two Sheds Prediction; Tazz. Quote the Raven, nevermore.
5) X-PAC V CHRIS JERICHO Winner; Chris Jericho. Two Sheds Prediction; Chris Jericho. I had my doubts, but to quote the real JR, this was a slobberknocker!
4) THE ROCK V THE UNDERTAKER V CHRIS BENOIT V KANE WWF Championship/Fatal Four Way Winner; The Rock. Two Sheds Prediction; The Rock. Although this proved to be better than expected, it was no surprise who won. So how about Rocky v Benoit at No Mercy?
3) HARDCORE INVITATIONAL MATCH Winner; Steve Blackman. Two Sheds Prediction; Steve Blackman. Although not as good as it's Wrestlemania counterpart, this was still one of the highlights of the night.

2) TRIPLE H V KURT ANGLE Winner; Triple H. Two Sheds Prediction; Kurt Angle. Crowd reaction (or lack thereof) disappointing at times, but didn't stop this from being a good match.
1) EDGE & CHRISTIAN V THE HARDY BOYZ Tag-Team Title/Steel Cage Match Winners; The Hardy Boyz. Two Sheds Prediction; Edge & Christian. Once again these four pulled out all the stops for some action. Again, the match of the
evening. Congrats to The Hardyz, and well done all around. 

In conclusion - quite good. The Two Sheds crystal ball got six out of eight right, so again, not bad. However, the Stone Cold angle was a little disappointing. Great to see the Rattlesnake back. I'd love to get a good listen to his new music. Until next time....