Sunday, 24 September 2000

WWF Unforgiven - TV Review

Greetings, and welcome to another insalment of The Two Sheds Review. Following on from my preview of Unforgiven last week, I will follow up with this review of this past Sunday's events. Readers of my column in The Main Event fanzine will know that in these particular columns, I grade these matches in the order I liked them, starting with the least liked and moving up. However, unlike in The Main Event, mainly because I have more space here, I will also show what my predictions were last week, showing if the old Two Sheds crystal ball was working or not. So here goes.....

8) THE DUDLEYS & THE ACOLYTES V THE RIGHT TO CENSOR Winners; The Right To Censor. Two Sheds Prediction; The Right To Censor. It says it all about this match when the brawl afterwards was much better.
7) EDDY GUERRERO V RIKISHI Intercontinental Title Winner; Eddy Guerrero. Two Sheds Prediction; Eddy Guerrero. Here comes the bride - squashed like a fly! Good job she did the Playboy shoot a while back!
6) JERRY "THE KING LAWLER' V TAZZ Strap Match Winner; Tazz. Two Sheds Prediction; Tazz. Quote the Raven, nevermore.
5) X-PAC V CHRIS JERICHO Winner; Chris Jericho. Two Sheds Prediction; Chris Jericho. I had my doubts, but to quote the real JR, this was a slobberknocker!
4) THE ROCK V THE UNDERTAKER V CHRIS BENOIT V KANE WWF Championship/Fatal Four Way Winner; The Rock. Two Sheds Prediction; The Rock. Although this proved to be better than expected, it was no surprise who won. So how about Rocky v Benoit at No Mercy?
3) HARDCORE INVITATIONAL MATCH Winner; Steve Blackman. Two Sheds Prediction; Steve Blackman. Although not as good as it's Wrestlemania counterpart, this was still one of the highlights of the night.

2) TRIPLE H V KURT ANGLE Winner; Triple H. Two Sheds Prediction; Kurt Angle. Crowd reaction (or lack thereof) disappointing at times, but didn't stop this from being a good match.
1) EDGE & CHRISTIAN V THE HARDY BOYZ Tag-Team Title/Steel Cage Match Winners; The Hardy Boyz. Two Sheds Prediction; Edge & Christian. Once again these four pulled out all the stops for some action. Again, the match of the
evening. Congrats to The Hardyz, and well done all around. 

In conclusion - quite good. The Two Sheds crystal ball got six out of eight right, so again, not bad. However, the Stone Cold angle was a little disappointing. Great to see the Rattlesnake back. I'd love to get a good listen to his new music. Until next time....

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  1. In the weeks leading up to HHH vs. Angle, conventional booking said that Steph should finally turn on HHH and join up with Angle to make him a top flight heel and turn HHH into a sympathetic babyface, which the fans seemed to be clamoring for.

    One problem arose however, and that was that HHH had no interest in turning face and wanted to remain a top heel. Perhaps with Austin coming back and Rock at the top of the mountain, HHH saw that he would be positioned as the third highest face on the ladder, sort of like Bret Hart in late 1997, so HHH balked.

    Well, with that wrench in the plans, the obvious ending quickly became impossible. Instead, Steph reluctantly low blows Angle to keep on her husband's good side and give him the win.