Sunday, 12 July 2009

Wrestlerock 15 - CPC Movies DVD Review

When you’ve seen every show a wrestling promotion has held, and you’ve been impressed all the way, you forget that sometimes they’re allowed to have an off day.

Wrestlerock 15: End of Year Bash 2 sees our favourite Aussie promotion ending 2008 with a five match card, documenting the rise of Julian James’ new faction, The Establishment. But right from the off you know that, since James is no longer at the commentary table, things aren’t the same anymore. James excels as the evil promotion boss/wrestling manager, but his replacement with the microphone, Rohan Herbstreit, just doesn’t seem to have the same intensity as he did. He was okay, but he was no Julian James.

Of the five matches here, only three deliver. The boring midget match is thankfully interrupted when The Establishment cleans house, and the battle between the ultimate underdog Cletus and the returning Trikki D is really let down by Trikki’s really poor performance.

Thankfully, things pick up with the debuts of Matt Silva and “Pitbull” Craig Cole, and continues with the mixed tag-team match which sees the break-up of the WTC faction. The main event really delivers, with Wrestlerock Champion Krackerjak and Australia’s weapon of mass destruction Chris Knight facing The Establishment team of Jag, Slex and Lazer in a handicap match. It’s a really crazy kind of match, with James changing the rules as he goes along, proving that he may be the most evil boss of a wrestling promotion since that guy in Stanford, Connecticut. You know, that grey haired guy with the big muscles.

In the past I’ve seen Wrestlerock show where five of the five matches were great, which sadly isn’t the case here. End of Year Bash 2 has it’s good points, but prepare to be disappointed a little.

DVD Extras: Footage of The Establishment’s appearance at the Wrestleclash show, recap and aftermath videos, and a set from heavy rock band Mammoth.

Rating: 3 Stars
Extras: 3 Stars

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