Sunday, 22 May 2005

WWE Judgement Day - TV Review

A little later than everyone else, Smackdown's recent pay-per-offering, Judgment Day, promised us a mixed bag.

As always, the show began with a good video package, chronicling the events leading up to the various matches.

First up, new tag champs MNM take on makeshift combo 579, Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas, and this match was surprisingly good, with both teams putting in good showings. The bout ends with Mercury pinning Haas after MNM's snapshot finisher.

Next up, the Big Show takes on the man who poisoned him, Carlito, who brings along the Jesus replacement, Matt Morgan. Carlito has brief attacks, but the big man dominates until Jesus II comes in and F5's Show. Michael Cole and Tazz comment on Morgan's power, forgetting that he isn't the first guy to F5 Show. This, of course, helps Carlito get the win. Nothing special here, but the match did what it set out to do.

Promo for ECW's One Night Stand next. Boy, am I looking forward to this one!

A brief history of the Angle/Booker situation follows. So now our Kurt's a stark raving sex maniac. So what's next for the Olympic hero?

Backstage, Mrs. T gives a pep talk to her husband before receiving gifts from her stalker, including sexy undies and a pair of handcuffs. Oh well, at least Kurt didn't sent her a pair of apple catchers.

Cruiserweight title time as Chavo junior takes on Paul London. Seems tassles are back in fashion again. Another example of how good the cruisers can be, as Junior and London put on a great bout, with good action throughout, with London retaining the title after a 450 splash.

Booker then goes a-hunting for Kurt Angle, because of the prezzies. But while Booker is stalking the corridors, old Kurt pounces on Mrs. T. Thankfully, Kurt's entrance music saves her.

Then it's time for the match itself, as Booker brings the handcuffs to the ring. People keep saying that Kurt's career is on it's last legs because of his nagging injuries. Given his recent performances, it's obvious there's life in the old dog yet. This match was great, great drama, great action, and Booker winning after a roll-up. Even Mrs. T got in on the action, as she slapped Angle after Booker handcuffed him to the ropes. Good stuff all round.

Promo for the Wrestlemania 21 DVD set follows, and as we return to the arena, Kurt is still handcuffed to the topes. When then see a shot of boxing legend Roberto Duran, sitting in the front row.

Next up, Hideyourbike goes for the US title against the Chief of Staff, and I'm left to wonder what the hell's happened to big Jon, as he seems to have become Smackdown's answer to Eugene. After reading a poem to a brat at ringside, the man who was portrayed as an unstoppable monster last year goes down to an Orlando Jordan DDT in a dud match. The brat then gets Hideyourbike to do that stupid match he's adopted. Where's Paul Heyman when you need him?

Promo for the current Divas pay-per-view next. Don't worry folks, those that can actually wrestle will be shown the door by this time next year, so make sure you catch them doing what they do best at an indy show near you, or on TNA, if they're still around then.

Backstage, Josh Matthews talks to JBL about the I quit match. Usual hype stuff from the former champion, although you can't deny how successful he's been since the gimmick change.

We then see a great video package documenting the Guerrero/Mysterio feud, followed by the match itself. I really can't speak too highly of this match, some great action from both men here, with some timely interference from Junior, and Mysterio picking up the disqualification victory after Eddie clobbers him with a steel chair during a West Coast Pop attempt. Guerrero hammers Mysterio with the chair after the bell as well. Good stuff here.

Promo for ECW One Night Stand again. Need I say more?

Main event time next, as first we see the video highlights of the feud between the two Johns. One word describes this match - bloodbath. Cena and Bradshaw spend what seems like an eternity knocking seven sorts of you know what out of each other, and both men bleed buckets. It's wrestling brutality at it's best, as neither man holds anything back. Even JBL's limo and Cena's truck are fair game in this bout. The end comes when JBL quits in an attempt to save himself when Cena grabs one of the smoke stacks from his truck. But the tactic doesn't work, because Cena clobbers him with it anyway. A hell of a match here.

In conclusion - a good showing from the Smackdown crew here, and apart from the odd dud or two, a good show. Production wise, well, it's a WWE show, so you can't fault that, and Michael Cole and Tazz are proving to be one of the top commentary teams on the circuit at the moment.

Match of the night goes to the bloodbath between Cena & Bradshaw, although a couple of other matches came extremely close to this.

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