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It's finally here! As mentioned in both my podcast and here on the blog I'll be compiling a series of mix tapes you can listen to during the long, restless, coronavirus lockdown hours. You can listen to them here on my blog or by heading over to my Mixcloud page at
Twenty-four songs, split into two volumes, from 1971, the year I was born, featuring the likes of Rod Stewart, Elton John, George Harrison, Deep Purple, Slade, Free, T-Rex and many more.

Mix Tape #2: Roots & Branches of Audioslave
Two volumes looking at the work of Chris Cornell, Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk, the supergroup Audioslave, featuring songs from Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, Temple of the Dog, Prophets of Rage, as well as Cornell's solo career and from his collaboration with legendary guitarist Carlos Santana. 

Mix Tape #3: 80's Medley Mania
Three volumes looking back at the medley craze created by Starsound in the early 1980's, which returned with a vengeance with Jive Bunny at the end of the decade. 

Mix Tape #4: The Music of The Goons
The fourth in the mix tape series is a lot different than the different volumes. This particular compilations focuses on one of the greatest acts in the history of British comedy.

Mix Tape #5: Charity Singles 1984-2004
In 1984 Boomtown Rats singer Bob Geldof, upset at the images of the Ethiopian famine he’s seen on a BBC news report, gathered together the good and the great of the British pop music industry to record the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” under the Band Aid moniker. The rest, as the old saying goes, is history.

Mix Tape #6: Deep Purple: The Evans/Simper Years
It was inevitable really, wasn’t it? Deep Purple have been my favourite band for nearly forty years now, so I couldn’t really leave them out of this series.

Mix Tape #7: Deep Purple: The Gillan/Glover Years
Following on from my previous Deep Purple mix tape we’re now going to take a look at the next stage in the band’s development. In 1969 the band wanted to move into a new direction and replaced singer Rod Evans and bass player Nick Simper with Ian Gillan and Roger Glover, formerly of Episode Six.

Mix Tape #8: Deep Purple: The Coverdale/Hughes Years
It’s the third part of the series looking back at the work of rock’s greatest ever group, and this time around we’re looking back at the period from 1974 until the band’s demise in 1976.

 Mix Tape #9: Sport's Coming Home
With life slowly returning to normal and sport returning to action, here's a collection of sport-related songs to get those pulses racing. There's some songs about sport, songs that sports fans have adopted, as well as a few classic theme tunes from British television shows.

Mix Tape #10: More Music From the Year I Was Born - Soundalike Style!
It's time to revisit the music of 1971 again, but this time around we're doing it with the help of the hugely successful Top of the Pops budget album series.

Mix Tape #11: 2001 - The Year I Turned 30
The 11th part of my Mix Tape series sees us getting a bit more modern, if you can call the year 2001 modern that is.

Mix Tape #12: Summertime
It’s one of the most recognisable songs in history, and it’s been recorded over 60,000 times, by jazz musicians, soul icons, prog rock legends, psychedelic masters, and even a Beatle! One version even “inspired” an iconic heavy metal song!

Mix Tape #13: Songs From The 1920's
Those of you who listen to my podcast will know that during the early days of the lockdown I felt the need to listen to a different kind of music, so I began listening to a few songs from the 1920’s.

Mix Tape #14: Tribute to Peter Green
Following on from my recent blog about the sad passing of blues legend Peter Green I’ve put together this small Mix Tape featuring some of the tracks he appeared on in the 1960’s.

The story of how a father influenced his youngest son's musical tastes, with the help of a cafe owner in Cromer.

Mix Tape #16: 80's Purple
Having achieved a great deal of success with the likes of Gillan, Whitesnake and Rainbow Deep Purple's classic Mark II line-up returned with a bang in 1984.

Mix Tape #17: Roots & Branches of The Power Station
It’s 1985, and I’m sitting in my living room watching breakfast television trying to get ready for school. Then I see something that piques my interest, an item about how two guys from Duran Duran and a guy from disco giants Chic had joined up with a well-dressed bloke to form what would be one of the 80’s greatest super groups.
Mix Tape #18: Silly Songs
The Now 70's music channel has been broadcasting a list of "Silly Songs" over the past few months. The trouble is that most of them aren't actually silly, and the ones they think are silly are just really awful. So here's a collection of songs that are actually silly.

Mix Tape #19: Silly Songs From The 70's
My last Mix Tape, looking back at Silly Songs from the 1950’s and 1960’s proved to be very popular and brought back quite a few memories for you all. So with that in mind I’m bringing you a second Mix Tape filled with daft numbers, this time from the glorious 70’s!
Mix Tape #20: Silly Songs From The 80's and 90's
It's the last (for now) in the Silly Songs series. So enjoy a few cuts from alternative comedians, singing sheep from Norfolk, a bunch of ageing British heavy metal stars, a yellow-skinned family from Springfield, and a big furry rat!

 Mix Tape #21: The Forties Weekender
The annual 1940's weekend was due to take place in the Norfolk coastal town of Sheringham next week, but sadly it was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. So to make up for that loss here's a collection of classic songs from that decade, although some of you may not associate these particular songs with Sheringham's celebrations.

Please note: some of the songs included in these mix tapes may contain language that some people may find offensive.

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