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The Two Sheds Mix Tapes - On Spotify

A few months ago something disastrous happened - my external hard drive decided to stop working! The most annoying thing about this was that my entire music collection had been wiped out, over a thousand different artists wiped out in an instant! Okay, about three hundred of them were also stored on my phone, but it was still bloody annoying.

I had two choices - I could go through all of those old websites again and try to find everything that I'd lost, or I could bite the bullet as it were and finally join the rest of you here in the 2020's and sign up for a streaming service. So goodbye slightly dodgy downloads from foreign websites, hello Spotify!

Although if truth be known I had actually signed up for a free account there a couple of years ago, I just never started paying for the service, until now. Back then I toyed with the idea of putting my Two Sheds Mix Tapes on there as well. I did one, but then just couldn't be bothered to do any more. Until now.

If you were one of the few people who bothered to listen to my old Mix Tape series on Mixcloud at https://www.mixcloud.com/julian-radbourne/playlists/the-two-sheds-mix-tapes/ you can now enjoy some of them on Spotify in playlist form. Sadly some of the songs which were on the original mix tapes aren't on Spotify, but the one advantage of putting them on Spotify means I can expand the lists a little.

So here, in all it's glorious Spotifyness (is that an actual word?) and in alphabetical order are some of the Two Sheds Mix Tapes Series. Click on the links below!

80's Medley Mania

Charity Singles 1984-2004 (Expanded Edition)

The Forties Weekender

Halloween Rock (Expanded Edition)

Music From The Years I Was Born

The Music of The Goons 

Music to Grow Up To

Roots & Brances of Audioslave (Expanded Edition)

Tribute to Peter Green (Expanded Edition)

And here's a collection of new Two Sheds Mix Tapes for you.

The Scariest Thing You Will Ever Hear - A selection of truly horrific songs that will make your skin crawl. (Posted October 27th 2022).

The Darkside of Frogleap Studios - A collection of cover versions from Norwegian Youtuber and heavy metal producer Leo Moracchioli. (Posted October 31st 2022)

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