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Friday, 22 April 2022

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Forty-Eight

The U.S.S. Defiant, accompanied by the U.S.S. Lexington, moved towards the star known as Wolf 359. Sisko was not happy that the rendezvous with the Romulans would take place here, the spot where his wife Jennifer had been killed in the battle with the Borg. But orders were orders, and if the Federation were to avoid war with the Dominion then he would have to follow them.

En-route Sisko took time out to rest in his quarters. Compared to a normal starship quarters aboard the Defiant were very cramped. Many of the luxuries Sisko had come to know during his Federation life were not on this ship. This ship was built for only one purpose – to fight.

Sisko lay on his bunk looking over the crew manifest. One name seemed to draw his attention, the name of Lieutenant-Commander Michael Eddington of Starfleet Security. Sisko began to wonder why General Hague had wanted Eddington aboard on this trip. Sisko’s question was about to be answered when his door buzzer sounded and Hague himself entered.

“Ah, Ben, I see you’re trying to settle into your new quarters!”

“If you can call these quarters. I was just on my way to see you on the Lexington. I want to ask you about this.”

Sisko handed the manifest to Hague.

“Is there anything wrong with the crew assigned to the Defiant and D.S.9?”

“Nothing wrong, except that I’d like to know what Michael Eddington is doing on this mission.”

“Ah, Commander Eddington.”

Hague pulled up a chair and seated himself before Sisko.

“Commander Eddington is here at the request of Starfleet Security. They’re not happy with your current security chief.”

“Odo? I know he can be a bit unorthodox at times, but he gets results!”

“That’s what Starfleet is worried about. He’s not a team player Ben. He always does things his way. He never files reports on time, and he always seems annoyed at any kind of authority figure. It is Starfleet’s hope that Commander Eddington will replace Chief Odo.”

“You can’t be serious! Odo has his bad points but he gets the job done!”

“I know what you mean Ben. Odo is good at his job, but some think that he isn’t good enough!”

“Surely I have the final say on my own crew.”

“I agree. That is why I made them agree to one condition. See Eddington in action first, then assess whether he’s the right man to replace Odo.”

“And what if I think he does not need replacing?”

“Then that is your choice Ben. Believe me, I think Chief Odo is doing a good job, but Starfleet Security doesn’t think that job is good enough!”

Hague then got to his feet and moved towards the door.

“I’ve got to get back to the Lexington. I’ll see you again when we rendezvous with the Romulans.”

Hague then left Sisko alone in his quarters, leaving him with more and more problems.

Captain Kathryn Janeway sat nervously in the office of Admiral Albert Calevicchi, nervously awaiting his arrival. Other duties had kept the Admiral away from Janeway until now, and this was the first, and probably only chance she had to speak with him.

Then Calevicchi entered, several data pads under his arm. Quickly he sat down in his chair and placed the pads on this desk.

“Sorry to keep you Kathryn. You said you had an urgent matter to see me about.”

“Yes.” Janeway started. “Do you remember that you authorise a mission for my chief of security, Lieutenant Tuvok?”

“I’ve got it round here somewhere.” the Admiral replied, retrieving a data pad. “Ah, yes. The undercover mission to Onara, and the Maquis.”

A solemn look suddenly appeared on the Admiral’s face.

“This report says he hasn’t called in in six days.”

“That’s true.” Said Janeway. “I want your permission to go after him. If you look at the report it says the last know whereabouts of the Maquis ship was in the Badlands.”

“This report also says that Gul Evek claims to have destroyed the ship.”

“When did you ever know a Cardassian to tell the truth?”

Calevicchi put the pad down on the table.

“Permission is granted Captain. But on one condition.”

Calevicchi pressed a button on his view screen and turned it around so it faced Janeway.

“Do you know this man?”

“Tom Paris? I served as his father’s science officer five years ago.”

“When he left Starfleet after his court martial he joined the Maquis, basically because he was looking for a fight. Well, he got that fight. On his first mission with them he was captured. After his trial he was sent to the penal colony in New Zealand.”

“New Zealand? I was meaning to go there in the next few days.”

“Well, Starfleet Command wants you to take him along on this one, as an observer. Although he was only with the Maquis a short time he could provide some useful information on them, especially on Chakotay.”

Calevicchi then got to his feet and walked around to the other side of the table.

“There is one other thing Kathryn. Is Voyager ready? Because after this little mission I have an important job for you at the Kabreigny Object.”

“The Kabreigny Object? What job?”

“I can’t explain now. All I can say is that I have to be there within the next month. One day, or even one hour late could be most critical.”

“I’ll try Admiral, but I can’t guarantee anything.”

“I know. But at the moment, with things the way they are, there aren’t many people I can trust around here. Very well Captain, you’re dismissed. Prepare your ship.”

Janeway left the room, realising that she now had her excuse to go to New Zealand.

Five Centauri warships arrived in orbit at the Narn colony along their border. As soon as they arrived they began a scan of the planet’s surface. This scan told them one thing. The captain of the lead Centauri ship could not believe his eyes.

“Is this scan correct?” he asked the young ensign.

“Yes sir. All life on the surface has been destroyed, and we are detecting remains of their orbiting tracking stations as well.”

“What kind of weapon could have done this?”

“Captain!” called another. “I am detecting four Narn cruisers coming out of warp!”

The Narn cruisers were soon in visual range. The Narn commander came to an immediate conclusion – that the Centauri warships had come up with some new kind of super-weapon and had completely destroyed all of their forces here.

The battle soon began, a type of battle that had not been seen since the Centauri occupation of the Narn homeworld nearly a century before. Hostility between the two old enemies had never been like this before as they tore into each other.

Admiral Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart sat in his office aboard the King’s Cross station in orbit of Gamma-Omacron IV. At his desk he sighed at the workload that had recently been placed upon him. An Explorer-class starship was due to dock with King’s Cross in thirty-six hours, and he had to find supplies for them for their five year voyage on the rim of the Delta Quadrant. Then, suddenly, his view-screen came to life. The words “incoming transmission” appeared before him. They vanished soon afterwards to be replaced by more words, a sort of message.

“For the attention of Admiral Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, commanding officer, King’s Cross VII, Gamma-Omacron system – Urgent – Must gain passage to Nimbus II – Is vital you attend talks there – Is vital you tell no one of this transmission – Transmission ends.”

The screen went blank. The Admiral leaned back in his chair and smiled.

“Talks eh? Those sort of words sound familiar, but it couldn’t be from him! Ah well! Guess I’ll have to give up my holiday in Cromer!”

The Admiral then continued with his work, making a mental note to book passage to the former Planet of Galactic Peace.

With Starfleet One in orbit around the Norpin colony Servalan walked around a reception thrown in her honour. Minutes earlier she had finished her speech, the same speech she had given on Titan. Once again she had been well received and had seemingly gained even more support. However, as she mingled with her newfound well-wishers she failed to notice a dark figure standing in the corner of the room watching her. Then Servalan felt a chill run down her spine, as if someone had walked over her grave. She looked around and caught sight of the dark figure. She then turned to Sleer.

“Commander, who is that man?”

Sleer looked up and then gazed around the room.

“What man Madame President?”

Servalan looked around and could see no trace of this stranger.

“He’s gone.”

Putting it to the back of her mind Servalan continued with her “work”, but still had a nagging feeling in her mind about something.

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