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What is "Civil War"? (Originally written January 25th, 1996)

      You are holding in your hand Book One of the saga that is known as “Civil War”, although the war doesn’t actually start until Book Two...

Monday, 7 February 2022

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Forty-Five

The Narn colony in the disputed region of space knew nothing of the attack until it happened.

The Narn cruisers were the first to be hit by the strange shimmering vessel. This ship and race were clearly no match for the Narns.

The defence satellites orbiting the colony soon followed. No matter what tactic they tried they were nothing against this giant monster.

Then the colony and it’s population were attacked. Piece by piece the planet’s crust was carved up like a jigsaw. Earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions followed as every form of life on the colony was destroyed. Over one million Narn citizens lost their lives. They never stood a chance. Less than ten minutes later it was all over, and the strange lurking vessel was gone again, vanishing without a trace.

Servalan, with Commodore Queeg and Commander Sleer close behind, walked towards the airlock of MacKinley Station, in orbit around Earth. Hordes of journalists surrounded the airlock, eager to hear why Servalan was going on a trip.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I do not have much time, so I will be brief. In my short reign as President of the United Federation of Planets I have spent all of my time here on Earth. Now, as James Watt had done before his tragic death, I am making a goodwill tour of our colonies. My exact schedule will be made available to you shortly.”

Taking no questions, Servalan entered the airlock and soon boarded the new Starfleet One. Ince inside her quarters she sat down, trying to put the recent Spock incident behind her.

Just as Starfleet One left the station the U.S.S. Lexington arrived in orbit around Earth carrying two important passengers, Commander Benjamin Sisko and his son Jake. Upon arrival in orbit the two Siskos beamed directly to the office of General Hague at Starfleet Command in San Francisco. Hague was pleased to see Sisko.

“It’s good to see you again Ben.” Hague said, shaking Sisko’s hand. “And you too, Jake.”

Hague motioned to one of the young ensigns nearby.

“Ensign, would you please show young Mister Sisko to his quarters. His father and I have much to discuss.”

The younger Sisko out of the way, Hague showed Sisko into his inner office. Sisko looked around, pleased at being away from his usual Cardassian surroundings.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything like this.” he said. “I should get back to Earth more often!”

“It’s a shame you couldn’t have come back under better circumstances.” said Hague. “Can I get you a drink?”

Sisko declined the offer, and the two of them seated themselves in plush armchairs.

“I’m going to get to the point quickly Ben.” Hague started. “After the recent wars with the Minbauri and the Cardassians the Federation can’t afford another war, in terms of cost and lives. We want to try and negotiate with these ‘Founders’ any way we can, and that’s why we’re going to give you a ship.”

“With all due respect General, although I have had some recent experience in such matters I’m no diplomat!”

“But you have had some recent experiences with the Dominion, and the Jem’Hadar. And I’ve also enlisted the aid of a skilled diplomat who will coach you any way he can.”


“Ambassador Spock. He arrived back from Romulus a few days ago.”

“And what about this ship?”

“I’ll tell you more later Ben. I’ll just say that it’s the only one of it’s kind…at the moment!”

In the main computer room of the Pegasus station Avon and Plato sat, putting the final touches to their special computer program. Just as they did this Pendragon and Magus entered.

“Ah, Captain, I was just about to call you.” said Plato. “I believe the program is complete. We are ready to begin the procedure.”

“Good.” said Pendragon. “How long will it take?”

“I don’t know.” Avon replied. “It could take a few minutes, or even longer.”

“Then let us begin.” Said Magus. “With all the variables entered we should be able to find allies soon.”

Plato then activated the program.

“Link with Starfleet Command is complete.” he reported.

“Scrambler program in place.” Avon reported. “Everything is fine.”

Magus walked over to the main screen. Within a minute a name appeared before him.

“It would seem we have a winner!” said Pendragon.

“Then I shall begin my work.” said Magus.

The Starfleet Medical facility in Aberdeen was considered one of the finest in the Alpha Quadrant, and it was because of this that Admiral Sherman Potter, the head of Starfleet Medical, decided to have his main offices here. A skilled doctor, Potter had taught at the Medical Academy for many years, one of his most famous pupils being Kate Pulaski. Now, near retirement after almost fifty years in the service, Potter longed for a quiet life. A quiet life, however, was something that he was not going to get.

Having just completed a heart replacement operation Potter returned to his quarters, poured himself a drink, and sat down in his favourite chair. Then suddenly his computer screen sprang to life.

“What the blazes…?” he cursed.

Rushing over to the screen he could tell that he was receiving a transmission from somewhere.

“Computer, locate the source of the transmission.”

“Unable to comply. Transmission is being scrambled.”

Then words appeared on the screen before him. It read as follows:

“For the attention of Admiral Sherman Potter, M.D., head of Starfleet Medical – Urgent – Must gain passage to Nimbus III – Is vital that you attend talks there – Is vital that you tell no one of this transmission – Transmission ends.”

“Talks? What talks? I’ve never heard of any talks!”

Still, something seemed odd about the transmission. Something compelled by the transmission to do something. Putting his glass down he walked over to his wardrobe and began to pack.

“Pegasus station, this is the U.S.S. Lohengrin, do you copy?”

The voice echoed eerily around Ops. Pendragon looked warily at Magus, who sat totally unconcerned beside him.

“Raise shields but do not arm weapons. We don’t want to spark a conflict.”

Greenleaf tapped a few buttons on his console.

“They are not arming weapons but are hold a strategic position one thousand kilometres away.”

Pendragon now became pensive.

“Open failing frequencies.”

Soon contact had been made.

“This if Captain Arthur Pendragon of the Free Federation space station Pegasus. Please state your business.”

A smiling face appeared on the screen. In the meantime Magus sat beside Pendragon, smiling to himself.

“Free Federation? I like it!” Sinclair’s image broke into a broad grin. “If you’re going to take on Servalan and her Federation you had better get a few more starships. Perhaps you would like the Lohengrin?”

Pendragon broke into a broad grin.

“Permission to dock! See you in a few minutes Jeff!”

Those few minutes soon passed. Magus, Pendragon and Blake went to greet their new ally.

“What plans do you have so far?” asked Sinclair.

“My intention is to contact key Federation personnel and those who may serve us well as allies. Together we will build an alternative to the growing tyranny of Servalan and those who would serve her. She is President illegally. I can not prove it but I know James is still alive.”

“What makes you think that?” asked Blake.

“Two things. The information we have so far tells us that the Soul Hunter came for James’ soul but went away empty handed. Soul Hunters have an impressive record of getting that they go after. The Istari have tried to dissuade them from their practices for thousands of years but to little avail. I cannot believe that so thorough a race would not have captured as important a soul as that of James Watt!”

“All very well and good Doctor.” said Blake. “But what about your second point?”

“My second point is one that will certainly seem illogical to Mr. Xon when we met, and may well appear so to you. My instinct tells me that he is not dead!”

Blake looked at the wizard indulgently. He was sure the death of his oldest friend must have affected him badly.

“Intuition can be a valuable thing, but perhaps we should…”

Magus rounded on Blake angrily.

“The Istari have served the galaxy faithfully for millennia. We have abilities and knowledge beyond your wildest dreams. Even the Q fear us for we know their weakness. I do not believe James Watt to be dead. There is a good possibility therefore that he is not.”

Pendragon once more looked thoughtful.

“Then where is he?”

“That I do not know, and logic tells us that his current whereabouts are not our first priority. In my times I have seen tyrannies and dictators rise and fall, from Genghis Khan to Khan Noonien Singh. For the most part I have let history take it’s course or played a minor role. Servalan has made this personal. I intend to rip her empire down around her ears.”

Sinclair, Pendragon and Blake looked at each other and smiled.

“In that case.” said Sinclair. “My crew and I are with you.”

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