Friday, 25 November 1994

The New Age - Chapter Ten

Watt had been physically shocked by what Samantha had told him. So shocked, in fact, that he had not followed her. How long had she been one of Darkmagus’ sleeper agents? He knew he had to act.
    For over an hour he had been flying over London, checking out hotel and guest house after hotel and guest house, trying to find out where she was staying. The last hotel he tried was the Hilton. Those walking past the hotel were taken aback by the sudden gust of wind which blew past them. Those inside were shocked when Watt seemingly appeared out of nowhere at the reception desk. The smartly-dressed man behind the desk was very shocked indeed.
    “I wonder if you can help me.” said Watt. “I’m looking for a woman by the name of Samantha Hetrick? Is she staying here?”
    The still-shocked young man checked the register, looking for the name of Hetrick. A few minutes passed.
    “She was here sir.” said the man, only now being able to speak. “She checked out an hour ago, said she was going back to her hometown.”
    “Back to Cromer?” said Watt. “Thank you very much.”
    Watt reached into his pocket and tossed a pound coin as a tip onto the counter.
    “Why thank you sir.”
    The man picked up the coin and looked up. He was again shocked to see that Watt had seemingly vanished into thin air.

    Flying at top speed Watt was on the outskirts of London within a matter of minutes. As he flew along his thoughts were about his old friend. He was so deep in thought that he did not notice a large rock flying towards him. When he did it was too late. The rock hit him and he plummeted towards the ground. Dust flew everywhere  as there was a resounding thud. Watt was stunned for a few seconds. When he looked up a few seconds later he could see two tall men looking over him.
    “He’s starting to come around.” said one.
    “We had better hurry. He is very powerful.”
    Reaching down, one of the men pulled Watt to his feet. It was then that Watt saw how huge these two were. They must have been at least ten feet tall. He had never seen anyone apart from Supremus this large before. Watt was about to thank the giant when the one who had helped him placed his huge hand around his neck and tossed him into the air as if he were nothing. A few seconds later he again hit the ground with a resounding thud.
    “I thought you said he was powerful Grunt.”
    “Perhaps the master was wrong Rankle.”
    Slowly Watt got to his feet.
    “How much longer should we make this last?”
    “Not much longer. I’m getting very hungry. I could do with a snack.”
    “Alright, you can finish him off then.”
    The giant called Rankle then started to move towards Watt. Watt was still dazed from his attack. The huge giant lunged forward, towards Watt, trying to grab hold of him. But this time the giants were not successful. Watt used his speed power to evade the crude lunge of the giant. The giant did not know what was happening.
    “I thought you said this would be easy.”
    “I thought it would.” Grunt replied.
    Grunt stopped speaking when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked around to see Watt hovering in the air behind him. Before he could do anything he unleashed a haymaker on the giant. This stunned the giant greatly, but it also did something to Watt that had not happened to him before. He hurt his hand. The giant was sent flying.
    “Grunt!” Rankle shouted.
    Rankle looked over at Watt to see him holding his right hand. After seeing to his friend the giant approached Watt, who was still hovering in mid-air. Rankle then reared back his right hand and was about to hit Watt when he found his blow stopped. Watt had managed to grab hold of Rankle’s hand. Then, with all of his might, he managed to swing Rankle around, gradually building up speed until he let go of him a few minutes later. When he did let go of him he sent him flying into Grunt, who was just beginning to get to his feet. The force of his comrade flying into him at high speed knocked the giant off his feet again. They were now very stunned. Watt saw that they were both down and flew over to where they lay.
    “Darkmagus is not going to stop me from going home.”

    Ayers Rock in Australia is considered one of the most wonderful places in the world, and when there are no tourists around that is certainly so. On this day Jonathon Clawman sat near the huge rock, quietly waiting for someone to collect him.
    On an old dusty road some fifty miles away two powerful beings sat in the back seat of a chauffer-driven limousine, wondering why there were there. As always Beatrice was complaining.
    “I still don’t know why Darkmagus could have sent someone else to this backward little country.” she moaned. “Why couldn’t he send his dwarves of giants here?”
    “Because I asked for the assignment.” said Zachary.
    “There was a time not long ago when you were the one giving out the orders.”
    “Things change Beatrice. So far Adam hasn’t been able to lead me to my grave. Darkmagus may be able to, and once I find my burial site I will be the one giving the orders, and Darkmagus will be the one carrying them out!”
    At Ayers Rock Clawman looked up as a light appeared nearby. The light was blinding, and Clawman had to shield his eyes. What he could see however was three forms emerging from the light. One of them carried a sword, one a crossbow, and the third was dressed in a white and black costume. Clawman did not recognise them. They were Adam, Godbold and X.
    “So this is Australia.” said Adam. “This place seems familiar somehow, but I can’t remember ever coming here, not in this or my other life. Why do you think Merlin and Gandalf asked us to come here?”
    “I don’t know.” said X. “But this teleportation device he gave us could become a threat if the common criminal were to use it.”
    “I hardly think your average cat burglar would be able to get his hands on it.” said Godbold.
    As the three of them spoke Jonathon Clawman approached them.
    “You must be the ones Merlin has sent to collect me.” he said. “My dream said there would be three of you, and that one of you would be carrying a sword.”
    “Have you settled all of your affairs?” asked Godbold. “The Istari don’t want you to leave anything hanging in the air.”
    “I have said my goodbyes to my family and friends. I am ready to leave.”
    “Then let’s hurry.” said X.
    X once again took the teleporter in his hand and was about to activate it when Godbold stopped him.
    “Wait!” he said. “I hear something!”
    “I don’t.” said X.
    “I do.” said Adam. “There’s a car approaching.”
    Then Adam began to get a vision in his mind’s eye. It was one of his brother Zachary.
    “They’re coming.” he said.
    “Zachary and Beatrice?” asked Godbold.
    Before Adam could answer a limousine appeared on the horizon.
    “That’s their car alright.” said Godbold. “Quickly lad, activate the teleporter.”
    X began to power up the device, but suddenly something went wrong.
    “It’s losing power! Something’s wrong!”
    Before they could do anything the car was very near them. It soon stopped and Zachary and Beatrice stepped out.
    “Ah, my dear brother!” said Zachary. “It’s good to see you.”
    Adam held his sword aloft, readying himself for battle.
    “Come now.” said Zachary. “There’s no need for us to fight, just hand over Mister Clawman and we’ll be on our way.”
    “Evil.” replied Godbold. “There’s no way he’s going with you.”
    “Then I guess we’ll just have to battle this thing out.” said Zachary.
    And with that Beatrice raised her hand and sent X flying against the rock.
    “This battle has nothing to do with him.” she said. “It’s just between us four.”
    It was then that Zachary drew his sword. The sword battle between twin brothers than began. Move was matched by move. It was obvious they were the equal of each other. Godbold could do nothing but watch as they battled. However, he was not left standing for very much longer as Beatrice once again used her magic, and she dealt with Godbold in the same way she had dealt with X.
    The battle between Adam and Zachary continued. Thrust and parry was met by thrust and parry. With Godbold and X down Adam did not notice Beatrice move towards Clawman. The Australian did not know what to do. She was about to cast another of her spells when she was suddenly shot by a crossbow bolt. She looked around and soon saw Godbold, still lying on the ground but still with his crossbow in his hand. She then started to move towards Godbold when she suddenly felt a kick in her back. She turned around to see X standing behind her, poised for battle. But it seemed that he was not prepared for Beatrice’s magic. Raising her hands she unleashed the full force of her magic upon X, sending him flying back with a huge burst of mystical energy. The blast also caught the nearby Clawman, and he too was sent flying back against the rock, and as he made impact his head banged against the rock. From his viewpoint on the ground Godbold could tell that something was very wrong with Clawman.
    “No!” he whispered.
    A huge smiled appeared on Beatrice’s face as she soon realised what she had done. While all of this had been happening Adam had continued to battle Zachary. Adam broke off his attack when he saw Clawman lying against the rock, blood coming from the back of his head. This was just what Zachary needed. With one lunge he planted the blade of his sword into Adam’s stomach, and pulled it out two seconds later. The sword was covered by Adam’s blood. Injured, he slumped to the ground. He then walked over to Clawman and checked his pulse. He smiled.
    “We did it! He’s dead!”
    “Then there is no more left for us to do here.” said Beatrice. “We must leave.”
    “No!” said Zachary. “There is one more thing I must do!”
    Zachary held his sword aloft and moved towards Adam, who was still lying on the ground.
    “Leave him!” said Beatrice. “We can deal with him later!”
    Zachary held his sword aloft and was about to bring it down upon his twin when he suddenly paused. Another smile appeared on his face.
    “You’re right. This can wait!”
    Zachary lowered his sword, and together with Beatrice they soon left in the car. As they sped off into the distance Godbold crawled over to the fallen Adam. Showing his great recuperative powers Adam slowly pulled himself to a sitting position.
    “Where have they gone?” asked Adam.
    “Back to their lair.” Godbold replied. “But that doesn’t matter. We..”
    Godbold did not have to finish his sentence as Adam soon saw the body of Clawman lying against the rock.
    “He’s dead!” said Godbold.
    Adam slowly pulled himself to his feet. He then looked off into the distance and watched as his brother’s car speeded away.
    “So help me you’ll pay for this brother!”

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