Friday, 25 November 1994

The New Age - Chapter Eight

    It had been a hard day for all of those summoned by the Istari to take part in this crusade. Indeed, the following day was very quiet compared to the previous ones. It was because of this quietness that the members of Anglo-Force decided to take time to rest before the forthcoming endeavours. Needless to say they did not expect any visitors.
    In his study James Watt was taking this time to try and catch up with some of the other duties that the leader of Anglo-Force had to undertake, such as the monthly reports to the Home Office. It was while he was trying to write his latest report that Yetta entered.
    “I’m sorry to bother you, Captain Watt, but there is a woman here to see you. She says she’s an old friend of yours.”
    “I wasn’t expecting anyone today, Yetta. Alright, show her in.”
    Yetta showed the woman in. When she entered a huge smile appeared on Watt’s face. It was an old school friend of his, Samantha Hetrick.
    “Sam!” he said, getting up from his seat. “What are you doing here?”
    The two old friends hugged. Then Watt led Samantha to the sofa.
    “I wish I could have come here under better circumstances.” she said. “I haven’t got much to say, so I’ll say it and be on my way.”
    The expression on Samantha’s face changed to one of evil intent.
    “Your world is in our hands, James Watt. No man, be they gifted or not, will escape the will of Darkmagus!”
    Needless to say Watt could not believe what he had just heard.

    Two robed men flew high in the sky across the Pacific Ocean. Gandalf and Merlin were on their way to the Australian outback, on their way to contact the first of the Acolytes.
    “We must act quickly.” said Gandalf. “Already we have made a mistake in choosing Charles Jeavons.”
    “A mistake which will soon be rectified my friend.” Merlin replied. “For look, we approach land.”
    It took mere seconds for the wizards to reach the outback. When they did they saw a young Aboriginal man standing in a clearing, looking upwards at them, as if he were waiting for them.
    “There he stands.” said Merlin. “Jonathan Clawman!”
    Merlin and Gandalf landed near to Clawman.
    “We have chosen six people on Earth to advance the human race, and one of them is you.” sand Gandalf.
    “The heroes and heroines of this world join us in asking you to leave this life and enter the future!” continued Merlin.
    “I dreamt of you two.” said Clawman. “I knew this day would come. I am ready to go with you now.”
    The two wizards smiled at each other.
    “It is a pity that not all of this world are so enlightened.” said Merlin.
    “There is no need for you to leave now.” said Gandalf. “Our friends will return here shortly. Until then I suggest you commune with your land.”
    Clawman extended his hand and shook hands with the two wizards.
    “Journey well.” he said.
    A few seconds later Merlin and Gandalf took to the skies.
    “I still say we are making a mistake underestimating Darkmagus and his forces.” said Merlin. “We should have the heroes take the Acolytes immediately!”
    “The only way it would be feasible is if they were all as willing as Jonathan.” said Gandalf. “The others will need time to close their everyday lives, to put their affairs in order. It would be unwise to just pluck them away.”
    A journey that would take a normal aircraft some eleven hours look Merlin and Gandalf less than eleven minutes as they approached the country of Japan. They were soon flying over it’s capital, Tokyo. Then, using their magic, they teleported themselves into a plush-looking office. Near the window was a large desk, and a man seated behind that desk. He looked most startled when Gandalf and Merlin suddenly ‘popped up’ out of thin air.
    “Fuji Yamanda?” asked Gandalf.
    “I am.” he replied. “How did you get into my office?”
    “We have chosen six people on Earth to advance the human race, and one of the six is you.” said Gandalf.
    “The heroes and heroines of Earth join us in asking you to leave this life and enter the future!” continued Merlin.
    “You will, I am certain, pardon me if I do not believe you.”
    “Then we shall convince you!” said Merlin.
    Then, with a wave of his hand, the plush office surroundings changed until they were replaced by the surroundings of an ornamental Japanese rock garden.
    “My office!” exclaimed Yamanda. “Where is it?”
    The wizards smiled at him. Yamanda then made his way to the door and entered the reception.
    “Miss Takeo, please cancel my appointments for this week. I shall be away for a while.”

    Scotland Yard was once the working place of Paul Solo, but even though he no longer served as a police officer he still had friends and contacts in the force. On this day he was visiting one of those contacts, an old friend of his, Inspector Kevin Lewis. He was telling Lewis about the various happenings.
    “It’s getting pretty bad out there, and all over the world.” Solo started. “People who can make a difference are being betrayed left, right and centre. Doctor Magus was almost killed by some of his oldest friends when their minds were taken over, and I’ve just heard that James Watt has just been hit by one of his oldest friends.”
    “But there’s something I don’t understand.” said Lewis. “Mind controls one thing, but how do they know where to infiltrate in other areas?”
    “I’m getting a picture on that from various things the infiltrators have said.” said Solo. “It appears that they have some sort of file, a file that carries some of the heroes darkest secrets.”
    “I heard that to.” said Lewis. “In fact, my snouts have come up with a name they’ve heard that may have something to do with all of this. Rhiannon!”
    “Rhiannon? I’ve never heard that name before.”
    “Well it appears that this Rhiannon woman knows all there is to know about you heroes, masked or otherwise. All of you heroes have something to hide, secret identity, friends and loved ones that live, people who could get hurt.”
    “Yes, some of my fellow Anglo-Force members would stand to lose a great deal if their secrets were revealed. So would the other heroes. And yet most of us, hopefully all of us, would refuse to give in to blackmail.”
    Slowly Solo walked over to the window and looked out over the streets of London. As he stood in silent thought he suddenly felt a blow to the base of his skull. Before he could do anything he found himself falling out of the window.

    Merlin and Gandalf now flew across the vast expanse of water known as the Atlantic Ocean.
    “In the distance, I see the land known as South Africa.” said Gandalf.
    Before Merlin could reply a vast stream of light shot across the sky in front of them. After a few seconds it suddenly blazed to a halt, and where the light once was there was now a human, a woman, Rhiannon. Merlin and Gandalf looked surprised.
    “I am Rhiannon!”
    “The Istari knows of you.” said Gandalf.
    “It is a pleasure to meet you.” said Gandalf. “It has been over a thousand years since we have encountered an Over-Seer.”
    “I have an offer to make you.” said Rhiannon. “As this world’s Over-Seer my tasks can be very tedious. I wish to serve you. I can contact the rest of the Acolytes for you.”
    “We are well aware of your tasks, Rhiannon.” said Merlin. “But I am sad to say that you are the cause of the peril we now face.”
    “What do you mean?” asked Rhiannon. “Are you referring to my records, my files?”
    “Your lack of security has meant that the forces of Darkmagus now hold the secrets of the Earth’s heroes.” said Gandalf. “Secrets with which they can blackmail them with.”
    “But there was no way I could know of this attempt.”
    “Your role as Over-Seer does not just cover this world, Rhiannon.” said Merlin. “From what I know you were assigned to watch over this entire star system, were you not? You should have known of Darkmagus’ dwelling among the stars.”
    A look of shock appeared on Rhiannon’s face.
    “I have neglected my duties.” she said. “I must find out where that signal went!”
    With a tear in her eye Rhiannon flew off high into the sky, towards the stars.
    “Are you sure that was the right thing to do?” asked Merlin.
    It was less than a minute later when Merlin and Gandalf arrived in the office of the South African Civil Service. Seated at the table was a man in his mid-forties with greying hair.
    “Well, well, well.” he said. “Not five minutes ago my security chief was telling me about your appearance in Tokyo. I would never have guessed that you would come here next.”
    “Alan Sear.” said Gandalf. “We have chosen six people of Earth to advance the human race, and one of those six is you.”
    “The heroes and heroines of Earth join us in asking you to leave this life and join the future.”
    “The present suits me perfectly well, old man.” said Sear. “But I will come. The world needs a demonstration that any group of people needs the white man to run them.”
    Merlin turned to Gandalf. The two wizards began to communicate telepathically.
    “And Magus told us this country had changed in the past ten years.” said Gandalf.
    “There are still those who hold the old views, Gandalf.”

    The Ministry of Defence building was in a slight form of chaos as Jock Muir stormed through the corridors towards a certain office. A young receptionist was trying to come after him, surprised that she could not keep up with a man of his age.
    “Mr. Muir! Mr. Muir!” she called. “You can’t just come charging through here like a bull in a china shop!”
    Seconds later Muir arrived at the office of a certain General Billiar, the man who had ordered the destruction of the giant Iron Man robot some time earlier. Muir opened the door without knocking. He saw Billiar sitting at his desk reading some papers.
    “Billiar!” shouted Muir. “I want to talk to you!”
    The receptionist finally caught up with Muir.
    “I’m sorry General.” she said. “I couldn’t keep up with him. He just came barging in.”
    Billiar put the papers down on his desk.
    “It’s alright.” he said. “Hold all of my calls for the next few minutes.”
    The young woman left the office. Muir closed the door behind her.
    “Now, Mr. Muir, what can I do for you?”
    Muir leaned over the desk and grabbed Billiar by his lapels.
    “You’ve had it!” cursed Muir. “You and all of your friends. You’re not going to cause anyone any trouble again.”
    “Take your hands off me Muir. If you don’t you’ll have to pay me some of your firm’s sizeable profits I’ve just heard about through the courts. And then you can tell me what the hell you’re talking about!”
    “Have you been living in a cave for the past week? Are you telling me you don’t know about Darkmagus’ cronies blackmailing the heroes? Everyone I know has been given a demand. I thought I would take the chance to stop you from blackmailing me. After all, you do have access to the old Anglo-Force files. You are one of the few who does.”
    “You seem very nervous.” said Billiar. “All I’ve heard about these blackmail threats is the rumours. I have no intention of blackmailing you.”
    “Don’t talk rubbish. You’ve never liked the Anglo-Force projects. Your father was just the same during the war.”
    Billiar reached into his desk and pulled out a gun. He pointed it straight in Muir’s face.
    “I’m warning you Muir. I wonder what your shareholders would say if they found out the chairman was a freak?”
    Muir raised his hand and knocked the gun out of Billiar’s grasp. He then threw the General to the ground.
    “I don’t believe you. And if I find out you are lying I’ll be back!”
    And with that Muir marched out of the building as quickly as he marched in. He walked down the street for a few minutes until he heard something.
    “Hey, Muir!”
    Muir turned around to see a woman standing nearby with a sword by her side.
    “Felicia Martins!”
    “I believe you are looking for me!”

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