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Thursday, 16 December 2021

Renegades - Civil War Chapter Forty

    For what had seemed like hours Jake and Nog had wandered around the forest, trying to find the location of Sisko and Quark. Jake moved the tri-corder in front of him, trying to look as if he knew how to operate it. Nog, however, had his doubts.
    “Are you sure you know how to use that thing?” he asked.
    “I think so.” Jake replied. “But so far I haven’t managed to pick up anything!”
    Nog finally lost his cool.
    “This is useless!” he snapped. “We’ve been wandering about all night and we still haven’t found them! Let’s go back to the runabout!”
    Then a smile appeared on Jake’s face.
    “I think I’ve found something! Two hundred metres ahead of us!”
    Excited, the two of them moved forward until they came to the edge of a clearing. Jake had to hold Nog back when he saw movement.
    “What are they?” Nog whispered.
    “I don’t know, and I’m not going down there to ask! They’ve probably got Dad and Quark, which means there’s nothing we can do!”
    “Which means we’ve got to get back to the runabout!”
    For once Jake agreed with his Ferengi friend. Getting to their feet they moved backwards until they were out of earshot of the aliens. Jake then activated his communicator.
    “Computer, this is Jake Sisko. Two to beam up.”
    Seconds later they were back aboard the runabout. Now, so they thought, came the easy part. Jake seated himself in the seat normally occupied by the pilot. He looked around, trying to work out what button did what. It wasn’t as easy as it looked.
    “Don’t you know how to work this thing?” Nog asked impatiently.
    “Computer, set a course for the wormhole!”
    “Course laid in. Please enter the command codes.”
    The slight smiled that had appeared on Jake’s face vanished as quickly as it had appeared.
    “Wait a minute!” he said, the smile re-appearing. “The relays! Chief O’Brien showed me how to dismantle them! If we can disable the command codes we can fly the runabout manually!”
    Getting to his feet Jake walked over to the main relay box. He kneeled down and took off the box’s cover. Nog soon joined him and looked confused when he saw all of the relay chips.
    “Which one is it?” he asked.
    Jake reached forward, going to grab hold of one of the chips.
    “This one, I think!”
    Jake pulled the chip out, and suddenly the alarm sounded.
    “Warning! Warp core containment field failure! Collapse in ten seconds…”
    “Put it back!” Nog screamed. “Put it back!”
    Panic set in the younger Sisko until Nog grabbed the chip and put it back in it’s rightful place.
    “I thought you said you knew how to work these things!” Nog screamed.
    “I didn’t say that!” Jake replied. “But the chip to disable the command codes must be in here somewhere!”

    Night had fallen on the town of Cromer, home to the late James Watt the Elder. In Ferns Park no one noticed when an ageing Klingon slowly approached the three hundred and seventy year old statue of Watt. Then the Klingon came to a halt and looked up and gazed at the face of the youthful-looking Watt.
    “You were indeed a great warrior!” he shouted. “I know of this after having fought against you and beside you! Eighty years ago six of us took a blood oath after the death of Kang’s first born. Now I, Koloth the Great, release you from your duty!”
    Koloth looked into the eyes of the statue, and then looked up to the skies, and let out a huge, blood-curdling scream.
    The scream brought the attention of the local security officials. Suddenly three of them were around Koloth.
    “What the hell is going on?” one asked.
    “I was calling to the gods!” Koloth replied. “I was telling them that a warrior had died and that they had better beware!”
    “Warrior? What warrior?”
    Koloth stared at the officer and then pointed to the statue.
    “It is over.” Koloth continued. “I have released him from his oath. He may now rest in eternal sleep!”
    Koloth then strode off, proud Klingon warrior that he was, leaving three puzzled security officials behind him.

    Captain Spalding strode into the Operations Room of Deep Space Nine. Spalding had been in contact with Starfleet Command, and the senior station officers waited to hear what they had told Spalding.
    “Our job is simple.” he said. “The Pinafore is to travel to the Gamma Quadrant, locate Commander Sisko, and rescue him.”
    “If you’re going into the Gamma Quadrant then we’re coming with you!” said Dax.
    “With all due respect Lieutenant.” said Spalding. “Only Major Kira and Chief O’Brien have any sort of combat experience! I have a feeling we’re going to be in for a fight!”
    “I agree with Dax.” said Kira. “We’ve got to go along! Besides, if you get into a fight you might need the extra fire power of the runabouts!”
    Spalding was silent for a moment as he considered his options.
    “Very well. You have your wish. Prepare your ships. We launch in one hour!”

    The observation lounge of the Lohengrin was full with senior officers as they awaited Xon’s entrance. The Vulcan had spent the last few hours studying the transmission Magus had sent them. Now, as he entered the room, he gave his report.
    “I have studied the transmission in depth.” he started. “And what I have found you would consider most shocking.”
    “What is this all about?” asked Riker. “We destroyed both ships, didn’t we?”
    “That was just a ruse I devised Lieutenant.” Sinclair replied. “The Flying Scotsman and the Liberator are very much intact. Please, continue Mister Xon.”
    “Thank you Captain. The evidence that has been gathered by Commander Blake and Doctor Magus shows that the corruption of President Servalan stretches back years, to when she first entered the Federation senate. The election that got her into the Senate was fixed. It is also clear that Servalan gave the Galactic Empire the technical plans of station Deep Space Nine while on a visit to Sontarr, and also aided Captain Tarak Queeg, the Eldar and the Orks when they took control of Babylon 5. But the most shocking thing came from the evidence that Doctor Magus uncovered. Thomas Leacock, it would seem, is innocent, and was framed for the murder of Jakes Watt the Elder.”
    There was a pause as the senior officers took in the shocking news.
    “And it still continues.” Xon said. “Circumstances have recently forced Admiral Duncan McCloud to resign as Commander-in-Chief, and Captain Watt and the entire crew of the Valkyrie have been arrested for aiding in the escape of Commander Blake and his allies.”
    What are you saying?” asked Shelby.
    “It’s simple.” said Xon. “Servalan is getting rid of everyone she perceives as a threat to her! Who knows who will be next.”
    “It could be us if she knows what we know about her!” said Riker.
    “Which is why our next move must be a careful one.” said Sinclair.
    “What are you proposing?” asked Alexander.
    “That we make this report, and all it’s details, available to the entire crew. Then, if the crew is willing, we set a course for the safe zone - the Time of Legends.”
    “You mean betray the Federation?” said Riker.
    “If this goes on the Federation will betray it’s citizens!” said Sinclair. “We have to try and find a way to stop this. Mister Xon, please make this report available to the crew. Then tell them I will make a ship-wide transmission in four hours. Meeting adjourned.”
    The senior officers then returned to their stations, while Sinclair sat alone, pondering his next thought.

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