Friday, 25 November 1994

The New Age - Chapter Fifteen

    The Anglo-Force sky-jet circled in the air high above Dentonville Prison, waiting for permission to land. They received the clearance after a number of minutes. When they landed the first thing they saw was the chaos. Only once before had someone escaped from this prison, and that was the powerful Supremus. But never before had someone just walked out of the prison like Mother Nature.
    When the hatchway opened Governor Corkindale was surprised when only four members of Anglo-Force, Red Sun, Fire-Master, Colossus One and Marvel Boy stepped out.
    “Where are the others?” Corkindale shouted. “I would have expected at least six or seven of you here.”
    “Our forces are tied up elsewhere.” said Red Sun. “At the moment we are stretched to the limit.”
    “Very well. I suppose you’ll have to do.”
    They walked into the main building.
    “How did she escape?” asked Red Sun.
    “Didn’t Solo tell you?” asked Corkindale.
    “Paul is still recovering from his battle with that thing.” replied Red Sun. “He said Mother Nature just walked out.”
    “It was that bloody policeman who took her out.” said Corkindale.
    “You mean Kevin Lewis?” asked Fire-Master.
    “That’s the one alright.” Corkindale replied.
    “Then it seems that Inspector Lewis is working for Darkmagus.” said Colossus.
    “Dark who?” asked Corkindale.
    “It would take too long to explain.” said Red Sun. “Tell me, how wide is your search?”
    “At the moment we are searching within a ten mile radius of the prison. So far we’ve found nothing.”
    “We may be able to cover more ground.” said Red Sun. “Fire-Master, Marvel Boy, I want you to join me in the sky for an aerial search. Colossus, I want you to stay in the sky-jet. Try to find some way of boosting the tracker signal.”
    “Will four of you be enough?” asked Corkindale.
    “It will have to be.” said Red Sun.
    As they went to leave the building they saw White Knight upon Galador in the sky above them. He landed nearby.
    “Is anything wrong?” asked Red Sun. “Is there any news from Jim?”
    “I’m afraid not.” replied White Knight. “But we’re getting reports of an attack on Muir Industries’ London plant.”
    “Is there anyone there to deal with it?” asked Red Sun.
    “Stingray was seen in the battle there, and X was seen nearby.” said White Knight. “That’s all the news we have at the moment.”
    “Well we can’t worry about that at the moment.” said Red Sun. “We have to worry about Mother Nature. Now that you’re here you can take over.”
    White Knight looked around and smiled.
    “You seem to have taken the bull by the horns as it were.” he said. “Besides, we may need a third-in-command. The experience will do you good.”
    Red Sun smiled.
    “Very well.” she said. “Will you join us in our aerial search?”
    “A pleasure, dear madam.” said White Knight, bowing his head.
    A few seconds later the four of them took to the sky, each having been assigned an area.
    It was a fruitless search. Ninety minutes later they returned to the prison grounds.
    “It was hopeless.” said Marvel Boy.
    “Same here.” said White Knight. “There wasn’t a sign of them anywhere. If Jim had been here he could have covered the entire area in a matter of minutes.”
    “There will be many times when we will have to do without him.” said Red Sun. “Unfortunately now is one of those times.”
    Then they heard a voice coming from within the sky-jet. It was Colossus One.
    “Have you got something?” asked White Knight.
    “I don’t know.” said Colossus. “I managed to boost the sensor output by thirty per cent. I seem to be picking up something fifteen and a half miles away. I cross-checked it with the computer back at the mansion and the genetic scan matches that of Mother Nature. There is someone else with her but I can’t tell who it is.”
    “Fire up the engines.” said White Knight. “Put us on a heading for those co-ordinates.”
    A few minutes later they were flying over the area fifteen and a half miles away from Dentonville. Colossus began his scans.
    “Is it them?” asked Red Sun.
    “I have a positive identification.” said Colossus.
    “Why can’t you just say yes?” asked White Knight.
    “Isn’t that what I did?”
    “Anyway, take us down low, we’ll leave in mid-flight.”
    As Colossus One took the pilot’s chair the others moved towards the hatchway. A few seconds later and they were airborne. They soon neared towards Mother Nature, who was standing alone in an open clearing. Landing on the ground they soon moved towards here.
    “Mother Nature.” White Knight cried. “Come with us and no harm will befall you.”
    Mother Nature stopped in her tracks and turned around to face them. She stared at them for a few seconds and then smiled. Suddenly from out of the woods came five huge figures, the giants of Darkmagus. Within seconds the members of Anglo-Force were surrounded. A short time later Inspector Lewis appeared.
    “You heroes will never learn, will you?” he said. “You’ll never recognise a trap if it comes right up to you and kicks you in the backside. Now, if you know what’s best for you you’ll give up now. It will be a lot easier on you.”
    White Knight stared at Lewis.
    “I think you know what the answer to that one is.”
    “Very well then.” said Lewis. “Giants, attack!”
    The battle began. The giants of Darkmagus, Grunt, Rankle, Krank, Thudd and Gripe moved towards the five members of Anglo-Force. White Knight drew Excalibur and held it out in front of him, preparing himself for the impending attack. As the giants neared them Red Sun and Fire-Master took to the sky, flew above the giants, and then each of them fired their energy bursts, the flames coming from Fire-Master’s hands and hitting the head of Grunt, who cried out in pain. Red Sun followed up with a nova blast on Rankle as the giant swung his arms about wildly in an attempt to catch hold of the Russian. Krank bent down low and tried to lunge out at Colossus, but was surprised when the android just moved out of the way. From a position on the ground Marvel Boy fired telekinetic blasts at Thudd, each blast catching him off guard. Finally White Knight used his sword to attack the last of the giants, Gripe.
    Fire-Master and Red Sun continued their attack from the air. The battle seemed to be going the way of Anglo-Force until Rankle managed to grab one of Fire-Master’s legs. He then swung the Traxxon around and threw him into the oncoming Red Sun. Both of them fell to the ground.
    White Knight was having some success against Gripe. He had managed to cut the giant several times with his sword. But he soon found himself dodging out of the way of the oncoming Marvel Boy, who had been tossed around by Thudd.
    The battle then seemed to reach a stalemate. It seemed that without the power of the Captain the members of Anglo-Force could not defeat the giants. As the battle continued White Knight noticed Inspector Lewis in the distance, walking towards Mother Nature. It appeared they were walking away from the battle. White Knight knew he had to do something. So, raising Excalibur high above his head, he brought the blade down upon Gripe’s shoulder, severely wounding him. The giant grabbed his should as the blood poured out. He let out a huge cry of pain. He slumped to the ground. Seeing that his battle was done White Knight began to move towards Lewis and Mother Nature. Lewis heard this and turned around to face White Knight. Lewis alerted Mother Nature. She too turned round to face White Knight. She then pointed her hand at the ground and the plants began to move up from the ground and grab hold of White Knight’s arms and legs. White Knight could not move. He could not use his sword to cut himself free. Red Sun saw this from the distance, and after disabling Rankle she flew off towards Mother Nature. When she was near her she extended her arms out in from of her and aimed a nova blast at Mother Nature. To the surprise of the Russian the blast was repelled by some sort of energy shield which now covered Mother Nature. Red Sun fired again, and again the blast was repelled. Red Sun was soon joined by Marvel Boy who tried to attack Mother Nature with a telekinetic blast. He got the same results as Red Sun. Then, the two of them started to move towards Mother Nature, but they soon found their path blocked….by Merlin. They were surprised when the wizard suddenly popped up out of nowhere.
    “Do not attack her.” he said.
    “Are you mad?” asked Red Sun. “She attacked us!”
    Merlin looked down at the trapped White Knight. He then cast a spell which released him.
    “Why are you doing this?” White Knight shouted.
    Merlin then looked out into the distance and saw Fire-Master and Colossus One still engaged in battle with the giants. Merlin then cast another spell, and a few moments afterwards the giants were in a deep sleep.
    The wizard then turned his attention towards Inspector Lewis. After seeing everything turn against him he ran away as fast as he could. Red Sun went to fly after him.
    “Let him go!” said Merlin.
    “You still haven’t explained.” said White Knight. “Why have you stopped us?”
    “The reason for my intervention is simple.” said Merlin.
    The wizard then landed on the ground and approached Mother Mature.
    “You will take her back to the mansion.”
    “Are you mad?” asked Red Sun. “She’s going back to the prison!”
    “A prison ins no place for one of the Acolytes young lady!” said Merlin.
    The jaws of both White Knight and Red Sun dropped. Did they hear Merlin properly? They both wondered. Was Mother Nature in fact chosen to join the Istari? It would appear so.

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