Wednesday 26 April 2023

The Two Sheds Review is Dead

You may have noticed a slight difference to this blog in recent days, most notably the banner at the top of the page has changed. You may be wondering what's happened to "The Two Sheds Review" statement.

It's simple really. When it first launched twenty-three years ago The Two Sheds Review was really only about professional wrestling, with MMA thrown into the mix after the UFC paid their first trip to these shores a few years later.

I wrote about and reviewed wrestling and MMA on a regular basis until the latter stages of 2016. The reason I was able to do this was that for a large part of that period I was either unemployed or in poor health and had a hell of a lot of time on my hands, and although I'd had a few part-time jobs during that time that all changed when I began working full-time in August 2016.

I more-or-less gave up watching wrestling and MMA because I simply didn't have the time, and my income meant that I could pursue other forms of entertainment which, to be completely honest, have earned my attention far more than wrestling or MMA has. In fact I've only watched one wrestling show during that time.

Wrestling and MMA just doesn't interest me any more. I have some fond memories of my time working in the British wrestling business (along with some painful ones), and some even better memories watching stars from all over the world.

But those days are far behind me now. I wasn't even tempted to jump back in during the three Covid lockdowns we had here in the UK.

I couldn't tell you who the WWE Champion is these days, or who holds the UFC Heavyweight title because I'm just not interested.

Which is why I made the decision to "kill off" The Two Sheds Review and re-brand this website as

The wrestling and MMA content will remain here because I know there's still some people out there who enjoy taking a journey back down memory lane. Who knows, maybe one day a certain wrestling promoter will actually acknowledge what The Two Sheds Review did for his company after reading some of those old articles and reviews. Mind you, pigs might develop wings first. Wink wink.

So even though The Two Sheds Review is dead, lives on, and new content will continue (hopefully) to appear.....if I can get over this bloody work-related RSI that is.

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