Sunday, 14 February 2021

New Fiction Addition: The Journeys of Magus

As the planet Gallifrey tries to forge links with the United Federation of Planets a young Time Lord named Drathro expresses a desire to travel with the Doctor. But when the Doctor refuses his request he suggests that Drathro travels with another doctor, a certain immortal wizard by the name of Phineas Magus.

Orignally written in 1995 and intended as a second spin-off from The Valkyrie Chronicles, The Journeys of Magus sees the wizard putting together a crew, including the legendary engineer Montgomery Scott and former Enterprise crew member Sonya Gomez, as they take on an old starship so Drathro can learn the ways of the universe before becoming Gallifrey's first ambassador to the Federation.

It was also the end of an era in a way as it was the last story I wrote on battered old typewriters before I got a brand spanking new Casio electronic typewriter!

(Oh, in case you're wondering why David Tennant's is pictured here when the story was written nine years before he played the Doctor you'll have to read the story!)

You can read this short story by clicking on the links below:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

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