Friday, 25 November 1994

The New Age - Chapter Twenty-Seven

    To say that Watt, Mighty Man and Red Star were tired would be an understatement. They had just undergone two gruelling battles in quick succession. They needed a rest but knew they still had a task to carry out.
    “How much longer do we have to do this?” asked Mighty Man
    “Until we find the command centre.” Watt replied. “Until then we carry on and try to rest along the way.”
    Suddenly a bright light appeared in front of them. They had to shield their eyes momentarily but they could soon tell that the light had died down. When it had they removed their hands from their eyes, and in front of them now stood a man. Although he had never met this man Watt recognised him from his files at the Anglo-Force mansion.
    “You are a fool James Watt!” he boomed, a light forming behind him. “Turn back now or face your deaths!”
    “You wanted some action.” said Watt. “Well Mighty Man, it looks like you’ve got your wish!”
    The glow behind Darkmagus got brighter and brighter and he was about to unleash it on Watt when suddenly he grasped his head. He seemed in some pain for a few seconds and the glow died down. Then the pain passed and once again he stared at Watt and the others.
    “Now feel the wrath of Darkmagus!”
    Again, just as he was about to attack them, he clutched his head and this time let out a huge cry of pain.

    Darkmagus’ cry of pain was heard down the corridor by Magus and his group.
    “What was that?” asked Star Man.
    “The voice of my brother.” said Magus. “And it came from down that corridor.”
    Magus raced on ahead of the others, but they soon followed him. They soon found where the cry of pain had come from, and they soon saw Darkmagus, who still appeared to be in some pain.
    “Come on.” said Star Man. “We’ve got to do something!”
    “No, wait!” said Magus. “I sense something very wrong with Darkmagus!”
    Star Man did not listen to Magus. Instead he took to the air and was about to attack Darkmagus when the wizard suddenly turned to face him. There was no look of anguish on his face, just a look of complete hatred. Darkmagus raised his hand and aimed it at Star Man. Then he unleashed a burst of energy which struck Star Man, catching him with it’s full force. The force sent Star Man flying back against the wall, and he soon slumped to the ground. His costume had been completely destroyer, and most of his body had been burned. Magus rushed over to him and checked his pulse. He then looked up solemnly at the others.
    “He’s dead!”
    The news hit his comrades like a ton of bricks. Darkmagus had killed Star Man. After this Darkmagus once again clasped his head.
    “You bastard!” cried Watt.
    Watt took to the air and flew towards Darkmagus. He soon unleashed a flurry of blows, all of which seemed to stun the evil wizard. He was soon joined in his attack by Supercop and Mighty Man, who unleashed with blows of their own. Red Sun and Red Star then fired nova blasts at Darkmagus. The battle seemed to go well for the heroes until, suddenly, Darkmagus extended his arms either side of him and unleashed a powerful burst of energy. This sent all of those who attacked him flying. Only one man, however, had no joined in with this attack. During this battle all Magus had done was watch. He could tell that all was not right. Using his telepathic powers he could tell that something was wrong with his mind, as if he was trying to fight something with his mind. Magus began to think. Perhaps they could use this to their advantage.

    The battle had not gone well in Voltania. Because of the reinforcements Tiger, Tigress and the Lion were now heavily outmatched. They were having great difficulty. Tigress had been knocked unconscious, and one of the androids had hold of Lion around his throat. Tiger tried to stop this by attack the android from behind, but this only resulted in the Voltanian being swatted away like a fly. Then the android threw Lion to the ground. All three had been utterly defeated. The androids looks around them. They could see their work was done. They had defeated Tiger, Tigress and the Lion. They thought their work was done. Suddenly, however, another sky-jet appeared in the air above them. The bottom hatchway opened and two men flew out - Stingray and Techno-Man. As soon as they left the jet they began to fire their energy blasts at the androids, destroying several of them. They were soon joined in this attack by the sky-jet itself, which was being piloted by Daniel Reid. A few minutes later and all the androids were destroyed. They had not expected anyone to attack them. Reid soon landed the jet, and together with Stingray and Techno-Man they went to aid the others.
    Tiger was just beginning to come round. The first thing he saw was Reid looking up at him.
    “Are you okay?” Reid asked.
    Tiger groaned slightly.
    “I feel like my head is being used for a football.” Tiger replied. “What about the others?”
    “From what I can tell the Lion laddie is okay.” said Stingray. “But Tigress doesn’t look so good.”
    Reid walked over to her. She was still unconscious.
    “She’s got some broken ribs.” he said. “And a concussion. We’d better get her to a hospital.”

    The battle between Darkmagus and the heroes was not going well for the heroes. Blast after blast of energy was fired at Darkmagus by Red Sun, Red Star, Johangas Khan, Nuclear Man and Fire-Master. They were soon joined by Cosmic Kid and Rhiannon, whose tremendous power didn’t seem to have any effect on him at all. Then Watt, Supercop and Mighty Man unleashed with a flurry of blows. These had no effect also. While all this went on Magus just stood, his eyes closed and his finger placed on his temple as he tried to probe Darkmagus’ mind. Suddenly his eyes opened. He had found what he had been looking for, and what he found surprised him. He knew where Darkmagus was getting his great power from. He knew that Darkmagus had stolen his power from Q himself. Again Darkmagus closed his eyes. There was something more inside Darkmagus’ mind, something more than Q’s power, something very much more.
    The battle continued. Many of the heroes now lay unconscious, only a few remained standing. Darkmagus soon brushed them aside with an energy burst. When they had been defeated he turned to his brother. He had wondered why Magus had not attacked him. He was even more surprised when Magus just stared at him.
    “You were wise not to join in this battle brother!” Darkmagus boomed. “And you would be even wiser if you left now!”
    Then, using his power, he started to grow and grow until he reached at least twenty feet in height. This was an attempt to get Magus in awe of his new power. The plot did not work.
    “I am Darkmagus! I am all powerful!”
    “You could have come up with something more original!” said Magus.
    Magus once again placed his fingers on his temple. He then began to speak aloud.
    “Q! Q! I know you can hear me! I know you are in Darkmagus’ mind. I urge you to try and regain your power! Try to regain that which was stolen from you!”
    Darkmagus was surprised by this. He had expected Magus to attack him.
    “You are a fool Phineas. Q is not here. His power is now mine!”
    “Fight it Q! With all of your might fight it!”
    Darkmagus laughed at Magus. He thought his brother was playing a joke on him. Then, suddenly, Darkmagus clutched his head. He began to cry out in pain. He began to hear a voice in his head, the voice of Q.
    “Return that which you have taken! Return my power to me!”
    Darkmagus slumped to his knees.
    “No! No! This power is mine now! Mine!”
    “The power was stolen!” said Magus. “You are not it’s rightful owner!”
    Darkmagus then let out a huge cry, a cry of pain and a cry of anger. A glow then appeared around him and he began to increase in size again, more than trebling in size.
    “You will never defeat me brother! The power of the Q is now mine to command!”
    And with that Darkmagus got to his feet. Again he clasped his head as Q tried to regain his power. Then suddenly the very ground beneath them began to rumble as Darkmagus began to smash through the ceiling. He was soon flying through the empty void of space, flying away from his base on Mars with Q still trying to regain his power. It seemed that Darkmagus still had two battles to fight

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