Friday, 25 November 1994

The New Age - Chapter One

    Never before had the east end of London seen a sight like this. The sight in question was the four remaining members of the Black Squadron, Mother Nature, the Grim Reaper, Vampira and Trull, trying to get away with their ill-gotten gains. They would, however, have to outrun their chasers, four members of Anglo-Force, James Watt. White Knight, Star Man and Red Sun. It seemed that on this day they would finally be able to capture their arch enemies. It was while their car was speeding through the streets that it was hit by a nova burst from Star Man. The burst caused the engine to explode and sent it skidding across the road, narrowly missing several innocent bystanders and then turning over four times until it came to a rest on it’s edge. A few seconds later an angry Mother Nature began to crawl out of what was left of the doorway. She was soon followed by the Grim Reaper.

    “We should never have attempted to escape with the money in this fashion.” said the Reaper. “My powers were at optimum levels. We could have escaped without anyone following us.”
    There was no time for Mother Nature to reply as another burst, this time from Red Sun, hit the ground near them. It was then that they could see three figures in the sky above them, one of them on a winged horse. The three in question were Red Sun, White Knight and Star Man. As Mother Nature saw them she raised her hands and giant roots broke through the concrete on the ground and moved upwards into the air and grabbed hold of Star Man, pulling him to the ground. She was about to attack again when Red Sun fired another burst at her feet, forcing her to break off her attack.
    Then the wreckage of the car began to rise slowly as the powerful Trull began to lift it above his hand. Then using all of his might he hurled it into the air, and Red Sun and White Knight had to hurry as the car just missed them. It continued to fly for a number of seconds until it stopped in midair. There was then a sound of crunching metal as the car was compacted by none other than James Watt. The Captain had arrived on the scene. Taking the new compacted car in his hands he hurled it back towards the ground at top speed, and it soon hit Trull and the Grim Reaper, sending both of them flying.
    Again Mother Nature raised her hands, and once again the giant roots began to rise. This time they moved towards Watt, but the Captain used his speed powers to dodge the roots. He then grabbed them and tore them to shreds. This act of aggression angered Mother Nature, and she was about to attack again when Red Sun swooped down and fired a barrage of sun bursts at her, making her seek cover. As this happened Vampira moved towards Red Sun, and the two of them made eye to eye contact. It was then that Red Sun stopped in her tracks, hypnotised by the female vampire’s powers. When White Knight saw this he charged Red Sun, knocking off her feet and breaking the eye contact between her and Red Sun. He then took Excalibur in his hand and struck down Vampira with the side of the blade.
    Meanwhile Star Man began to get to his feet, free of the roots Mother Nature had captured him in. As he got to his feet he came face to face with death - the Grim Reaper.
    “Look deep into my eyes.” said the Reaper. “Look upon your destiny!”
    Star Man could not avert his gaze. In the eyes of the Reaper he saw himself flying among the stars, possibly through out space, and a second later the image changed, to an image of what seemed like his lifeless form floating among the stars. Could this be Star Man’s destiny? He did not wish to think about such things as he unleashed a nova blast of such intensity that it sent the Grim Reaper flying backwards through three buildings. He then slumped to the ground, drained of his energy.
    The battle between White Knight and Trull then began. White Knight used all of his swordsman skills against the mutate, but even Excalibur could not penetrate through the skin of Trull. Trull then grabbed White Knight across the neck and held him aloft high in the air. He was choking the life out of him until a blow to his back forced him to release his grip and drop White Knight. Trull looked around to see Watt hovering above him. Never before had Trull faced someone who could match him for power. Now was the time.
    Watt landed on the ground only a foot away from Trull. The mutate raised his fist and unleashed a haymaker on Watt’s jaw. Trull was surprised when Watt looked back and just smiled at him.
    “Would you care to try that again?” asked Watt.
    Trull seemed somewhat angered by this remark and unleashed a blow, followed by another, and another, Trull was even more surprised when one of these blows had any effect. His limited intelligence could not handle it. He had no idea what he should do next. Then Watt reared back, and with just one blow sent Trull flying.
    It was then that the Grim Reaper returned to the scene of the battle. He was soon joined by Mother Nature.
    “It would seem all is lost.” said the Reaper. “My energies are now sufficient for us to transport away.”
    “Then do it you bone-faced fool.” hissed Mother Nature. “Before even more of our number are taken!”
    Using his powers the Grim Reaper moved Trull and Vampira nearer, and then the familiar mist began to form, the mist that had transported the Black Squadron away time after time.
    “Jim!” cried White Knight. “They’re getting away again!”
    “Not if I have anything to do with it!”
    And with that Watt leapt forward and grabbed hold of Mother Nature just as she was about to step into the mist. But the mist seemed to be trying to pull Mother Nature in, as if it were tugging at her. Watt had never felt anything like this before. Then, despite all of his power, the mist began to drag Watt in also.
    “Quickly!” shouted Red Sun. “Before we lose him!”
    It was then that White Knight mounted his steed Galador and rode over to the mist. Reaching out White Knight grabbed hold of Watt’s leg, and using his force as well as that of Galador he pulled both Watt and Mother Nature out of the strange mist. A second later and the mist had dispersed, taking the Grim Reaper, Vampira and Trull with it.
    “At least!” said Star Man. “We’ve captured the ring leader!”
    Then, just as Steven Solo finished speaking the very ground beneath them began to shake, as if a massive earthquake suddenly hit the east end. Never before had an earthquake hit this part of the world, but the force of this tremor was so strong that buildings began to topple.
    “What’s happening?” shouted White Knight.
    “Earthquake!” screamed Watt. “And it’s not being caused by Mother Nature!”
    The tremor was not just felt in the east end of London but all over the world, in every country, on every island, and in every sea and ocean. The cause of the earthquake could be traced to a point in the galaxy over one hundred million miles away. Indeed, this was not just an earthquake. This was something disrupting the entire fabric of space and time.
    The disturbance itself was happening in a place where no mortal, or immortal man for that matter, had set foot. In this strange domain lurked the group of beings known as the Q, a race of omnipotent beings, some of whom watched the happenings of the universe, and some of whom interfered in those happenings. But never before had their domain been invaded by someone from the ‘other side’. In his own private section of the domain the one known as Q tried to find out what was going on, but not even his tremendous power could prepare him for what was about to happen. Q was more than surprised when a form of dimensional portal appeared in his own private domain, and he was surprised when what appeared to be a mortal man, with dark black and hair and wearing black robes appeared in the portal.
    “Who are you to invade the domain of the Q?”
    The man just smiled at Q. He then raised his hand, which was holding some sort of device. He pointed it at Q.
    “Never before has anyone attempted to do to you what I am about to.”
    The man activated the device, and energy began to form around him. Before Q could do anything the energy engulfed him, and he appeared to be paralysed by the energy. The man then adjusted the controls of the device, and a different form of energy appeared around Q. Q’s body began to write around, as if he was in pain. The energy then began to move away from Q and towards the man. Then, after entering the device, it began to enter his body, entering every pore, every cell, every fibre of his being. His already great power began to increase tenfold, the power of the Q combining with the mystical power that was his to command. Then, after a number of minutes, the limp and now lifeless form of Q began to slowly vanish as his power was gone completely. The strange energy continued to swirl around the man, entering his body through the device. Then, after a few seconds, the energy vanished, every last part of it having entered his body. The man then slumped onto what could be termed the floor. As he crouched there for a few seconds another man entered. This man was dressed in the clothes of an 18th century nobleman. He had come to investigate the proceedings. When he entered the man looked up.
    “I say, dear fellow, what have you done?”
    The man looked up at him, his newfound power could be clearly seen in his eyes.
    “Impudent fool!” he boomed. “You think the power of the Q concerns me anymore?”
    “Why, my dear man, I merely wanted to know what was going on.”
    The man got to his feet.
    “What is your name?”
    “Brigadier General Trelane, retired.”
    “Then know this Trelane. From this day forth, the power of Darkmagus us second to none. Warn those of your order. Warn whoever you see fit, warn them that the New Age will not stop Darkmagus from claiming this universe!”
    And with that Darkmagus raised his hands and vanished. Trelane allowed himself a slight smile.
    “Why, my dear fellow, it will be interesting to watch your efforts!”

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