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Wednesday, 10 May 2023

How Was I "Dealt With" Exactly?

I was going through the files on my flash drive the other day. You know how it is, you save things on there for later and then you forget it’s on there until you see it months or even years later.

The image you can see with this post comes from a Facebook post about four or five years ago. It was around the time I instigated legal proceedings against my former boss in an attempt to get back the wages and holiday pay she owed me (she never actually paid up, so that’s money I’ll never see.)

This image comes from one of her Facebook posts in which she basically bitched about what I’d done. A few people replied, including a chap I knew very well from my days in the wrestling business. I’ve blocked out his profile picture and name to protect his identity, although some of you will probably guess who it is.

I found what he had to say very interesting, mainly because it’s another example of just how inflated some of the things that were said about me in the wrestling business really were.

You see, looking at that post, and the way it was put, you’d think that he and his friends verbally and physically intimidated me, as if some sort of physical altercation took place, that I was “dealt with”. In fact nothing could be further from the truth.

In the years after I left the wrestling business this man and those close to him hardly ever spoke to me. When I encountered him on a train station he turned his head and pretended he hadn’t seen me. Whenever I saw his older brother in a local supermarket he would stop and quickly turn around, walking off in the opposite direction, while his elderly parents stared at me from their car when I walked past them.

If this is the way I was “dealt with” then I must say I’m quite disappointed, because I’m still here, more or less in one piece, and more than happy that I made that decision to leave him and his friends behind me all those years ago.


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