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Monday, 31 December 2001

Stop Arguing and Start Writing!

Some of you who are reading this probably know me from my work on several wrestling fanzines and email newsletters. I know that I'm not a regular columnist for DSD, but I'd like to thank David for giving me the time to air my views here. Ever since David came back to edit DSD, I, and everyone else, have seen something rather disturbing take place here. It's not David's fault this thing is happening, but I am starting to find this whole thing rather distasteful.

    Recently, some columnists here have spent more time slagging each other off than give their views on the wrestling world. To these people, I've got two words for you - GROW UP. I subscribed to this newsletter originally to get up to the minute news on wrestling, a sport I have been following for most of my life. I don't want to keep on reading about how writer A thinks writer B sucks dick or anything like that. I want to hear the views of people about wrestling.

    I know people who read my work are probably going to say something like "but you always send a greeting to some of your friends in your column." This, my friends, is true, but I don't go around insulting them. The people who write for DSD are a really talented bunch, and really know their wrestling stuff, but if all they are going to do is spend their time whining and bitching, then I'd like to say this to them - get off my screen - I'm fed up with the lot of you. You want to write that sort of shit all the time then get a job writing for The Sun or the Daily Sport.

    I do not blame David for this. I'm all for editors who don't restrict what their writers say. I've had experience of fanzine editors who have heavily cut my work. David is a fine editor and doing a very good job, but when people start to leave this newsletter because one of two of the coumnists can't stop bitching about them I say fine, enough is enough, and I'll cancel my subscription. So to all of you column writers out there - stop your whinging, bitching, back-stabbing, insulting. Give the wrestling fans what they want - views on wrestling. Either that or settle your disagreements in a Barb Wire/Fire/Steel Spike Through The Bollocks match.

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