Saturday, 29 August 1998

Some Random Thoughts

Whilst walking past Norwich Market today, I saw an elderly lady, possibly in her 70's, handing out leaflets. She was also wearing a bib with the worlds "The End is Near". Should this woman be wearing these words, because for her, the end very probably is near!

Remember Gary Coleman? He was the short, annoying one on that classic(?) American sit-com Diff'rent Strokes. This man, now 30 and under five foot in height, was given a job as a security guard in a shopping mall, and has been arrested for headbutting someone who asked for his autograph. This situation presents two questions - how is he, Gary Coleman, a man much smaller that your average Sicilian, meant to catch crooks much larger than him? And secondly - did he use a step-ladder when he head-butted this person?

An astute observation - could Glenn Hoddle be turning into David Icke?

Deep Space Nine is ending next year. Is the T.V. watching world ready for the Valkyrie Chronicles?

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