Thursday, 20 September 2018

Here's a Stat For You

In the eight weeks before the shop went under I applied for tons of jobs through Indeed. I didn't keep a written record because I was still employed at the time and didn't need to keep one for the DWP.

My Indeed account does keep a track of things I do though. I checked it yesterday and found out I'd actually made a whopping 70 applications.

Out of those 70 applications I was offered 2 interviews. I actually pulled out of one of them because I was so pissed off and upset at my situation it wouldn't have been a good idea to attend.

To me that just shows that the jobs market really hasn't changed during my two years of employment, and it shows what I'm up against this time around.

PS - if anyone wants to work out the percentage of the above figures then feel free to do so.

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