Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Rest in peace Lemmy

I still have vivid memories of that day in the summer of 1981. My brother Jon called me into his bedroom so he could play some his records for me. He was really starting to become a metal head, thanks to his countless trips to the West Runton Pavillion.. Up until then I'd been a solid pop music fan. Adam and the Ants were my faveourite band at the time. I couldn't be doing with that heavy metal stuff.

All that was about to change. The first record Jon played was a garish picture disc of Budgie's "Keeping a Rendezvous". That didn't sound too bad. A few songs in he played "Ace of Spades" by a band called Motorhead.

It's fair to say that from that day I was hooked on heavy metal. I still listened to pop music, but heavy metal quickly took the front seat, and although I adopted the gods of Purple, Sabbath & Zeppelin as my favourites over the years Motorhead and their front man Lemmy became a staple part of my music diet.

It seemed as if Lemmy was going to live forever. The poor bastard only found out he had cancer on Boxing Day. Two days later he was dead.

It's a sad fact that as we get older we lose the people we grew up watching and listening to. Now the great rock band in the sky has one of the best bass players and front men ever to grace a stage.

Rest in peace Lemmy. Thanks for the music.

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