Tuesday, 22 September 2015

TV Review: BAMMA 22 Duquesnoy vs Loughnane

It was British MMA with an Irish flavour as BAMMA travelled to Dublin for their 22nd event, shown live this past Saturday night on Spike here in Britain.

The broadcast began in the middleweight division with Chris Fields taking on Christopher Jacquelin.

This was a great example of how a fight can turn in an instant. Fields did a brilliant job of controlling the action for the majority of the fight. His ground work looked top notch throughout, especially during the second round.

But just when it looked as if the Irishman was going to take his dominance into the final round it happened. After eating a series of hard elbows Jacquelin brought his legs up and locked in a triangle choke. Fields had no choice but to tap with just five seconds of the round remaining as the Frenchman took the submission win.

The main event saw Brendan Loughnane challenge Tom Duquesnoy for the Featherweight title.

There was a lot of hype surrounding this fight, and rightfully so, because this proved to be a highly entertaining three round affair, especially if you were an English fighter with some Irish blood in you. That being said, the outcome was somewhat perplexing.

Loughnane controlled the action beautifully for the majority of the fight. His striking looked far superior to that of his much-heralded opponent, and he caused the Frenchman no end of trouble, especially in the first when a big right put him on the canvas.

Duquesnoy had some good moments, but there just weren't that many of them. He scored with a takedown early in the second and connected with a nice high kick a few moments later, but as the fight entered it's final seconds it looked as if a shock was on the cards.

Except it wasn't. With the fight going the distance the judges came into the equation as Duquesnoy took the split decision, much to the annoyance of Loughnane.

With some time to spare it was on to a fight from earlier in the show and the bantamweight encounter between Regis Sugden and Alan Phillpott.

This was another really enjoyable fight. For three rounds these two put on a great display of kickboxing with occasional forays to the ground. Sugden looked in top form throughout. For someone who's had so few fights he performed like a veteran. He caused Phillpott quite a few problems, so much so that he put him on his backside twice.

Phillpott managed to hang with him though, and although he ate some heavy leather on more than once occasion he often gave as good as he got and more when he took the fight to the ground.

But three rounds of closely fought action meant that the judges were called upon as Phillpott took the split decision.

In conclusion - BAMMA's penultimate event of the year proved to be a very entertaining affair. The three fights shown here certainly delivered, even if the decision in one of them left me scratching my bald head a little.

As for my fight of the night no-prize I'm going for the main event between Brendan Loughnane and Tom Duquesnoy, despite those crazy judges. But with only three fights to choose from it would have been nice if BAMMA and Spike gave us a little bit more.

So with all of that out of the way there's just one more thing left to do, and that's to give BAMMA 22 the thumbs up.

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