Monday, 6 January 2014

The Old Website Has Had a Bit of An Update.....

With so many DVD and show reviews on this website I thought it was time to re-arrange things a little, to put the house in order as it were.

If you look at the menu section on the right you'll see that the Wrestling Reviews section has been split into two parts. Here's how it works.

Wrestling Reviews #1: By Promotion is where you'll find the review for wrestling promotions only. From now on these lists will include all live show, television, DVD and book reviews for that promotion. For instance the book Are We There Yet? and Kayfabe Commentaries' Timeline: The History of WWE series can now be found on this page in the WWE list.

Wrestling Reviews #2: Other Reviews is pretty much what it says on the tin, and works in a similiar way to the By Promotion section. The are four different lists here. By Wrestler is where you'll find reviews dedicated to particular wrestlers. For instance, under Mick Foley's name you'll find links to two of his DVD compilations and two of his biographies.

The other lists here include links to reviews that don't fit anywhere else, IE books and compilations that don't focus on a particular wrestler or promotion.

Hopefully this will make looking for a particular review much easier for you, the reader.